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Ron Yekutiel

Year Active:


Type of Web2.0:

Internet Broadcasting Site



49 Havemeyer Street Ste 1 Brooklyn, NY USA 11211 Suite 204



Development of Kaltura

Kaltura was developed in the fall of 2006 by a team based in Israel. The team consisted of Ron Yekutiel (CEO/Founder), Dr. Shay David, Dr. Michael Tsur, and Eran Etam. At the time of development they had 20 employees. #5

They launched the company at the tech crunch 40 event on September 18, 2007 in San Fransisco. #6
On December 21, 2007 they won the people’s choice award in the video sharing category at the mashable open web awards. #4
In 2008 they were selected as one of the 10 most exciting Israel business startups, as well as one of the “Global 250 winners.”  #7
In January 2008 they announced they were collaborating with Wikipedia and other wiki websites to bring up videos in rich media. 
Also in 2008 they sponsored a Wikimedia event announcing their support for Michael Dale (an open source video developer) and to support the development of 100% open source video editing source.  #8

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Purpose of Kaltura


Kaltura is the fastest growing platform on the web and is used by over 39,000 sites! Kaltura enables any site to add advanced video and rich media capabilities including video management, searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, sharing, and advertising. #3 
It has a video solution to fit each publisher and industries needs. Its open source technology allows it to be affordable and flexible while proving everything you need to design, develop, and carry out cost-effective video application to any site. The Kaltura platform allows you to collect and ingest content, publish content, manage content and application, and make your own applications. #3
Overall Kaltura is revolutionizing the industry by providing the first and only open source video solution that allows publishers to enhance their website without a hefty cost (it's free!).

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How Does Kaltura Work?


Kaltura works in a three step process that starts with collecting / creating, publishing, and managing the content that you created.  Outlined below is a more in depth explanation of this process:
Collecting / Creating Content
·         Allows the user to important content, or upload original video content.
·         Upload multiple files at once
·         Have access to the Kaltura Network of content
·         Convert media into different resolutions, including High Definition (HD)
·         Record directly from a webcam
·         Upload directly from digital cameras
Publishing Content
·         Create unique players that display your content.
·         Create custom playlists
·         Distribute content via the web
·         Annotations & subtitles
Managing Content
·         Manage, administer and analyze all content on site
·         Get statistics and analytics of video
By first creating / importing various content  through Kaltura, users will then be able to edit the content, and integrate it with other content (if they choose to), or just use their own original content.  Once the user is satisfied with the quality of their content, they will be able to create a media player that will display the content.  Kaltura works with any code, and on any website, and because of this the content and media player that the user creates can be hosted anywhere on the web.  When publishing content Kaltura allows the user to add annotations or subtitles to the video, and create playlists if they have several videos that are related.  Kaltura also allows the user to manage all of their creations, gives statistics on the videos, and allows the user to go back and edit previous works. #9

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How to Start Using It?


To begin using Kaltura, the only open sourse online video platform, you must first sign up. You must provide a running website name with complete url available and a brief description of your site, along with other information about yourself and how you will be using Kaltura.
After signing up, you will be directed to the Kaltura Management Console(KMC). You will be emailed a password that you will use to enter this site. This password can be changed if you like. According to the Kaltura website, after entering KMC, you can then use the Absolute Beginners page to #3:
Upload videos, images and audio filesManage your content and create playlistsEmbed video players and playlists with your content on any siteDesign and customize your players and playlistsManage your accountand much more. #10 

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Relationship to Other Applications

    Kaltura with AthletixNationKaltura is partnered with AthletixNation. With this partnership they try to deliver first rate Division I college video highlights. They integrated Kaltura’s video capabilities and AthletixNation’s online syndicator to serve content to AthletixNation’s publishers. The application is used to allow different publishers to display and manage their video’s by using their own personal ideas. #1
Kaltura and Facebook 
Kaltura developed the Friend’s Video Card application for Facebook. This application allows you to start a group video card, invite friends to add photos, sounds, videos and more and then lets you mix together the results.  You can then send it to your friends to see what you made. #2
 Kaltura and Library 
Kaltura has joined forces with the New York Public Library, now making 600,000 digital images available to Kaltura users. #11
 Kaltura and Metacafe 
MetaCafe and Kaltura partnered to edit different parts of Heroes Season 2. They made a place where Heros fans can remix preloaded videos, photos and audio from the show's second season. #12

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How to Use Kaltura in the Classroom 


The use of 'Kaltura: Open Source Video' within the classroom:  

Elementary setting: 

The use of Kaltura in an Elementary setting can primarily be beneficial when presenting PowerPoint instructional activities to students in order for them to take a hands-on approach to learning about a particular project or to present them with a video pertaining to a specific lesson plan similar to a lecture.
Teachers can present videos to their students in order to present a lesson plan in the classroom while a student is at a computer. The benefit of this is so that each student can be at their own computer and will have a variety of lesson plans to choose from so that various students can be learning multiple, different lessons at one time.  
If a student is sick, the use a Kaltura video can be implemented on an internet source in or for a student to access a lesson plan or simply receive information from that day.   

Elementry Lesson Plans:

Plantlife Lesson Plan

Money Lesson Plan

Fire Safety.docx

Secondary setting

Teachers can provide online lectures and assignments for students to access at home in order for them to receieve the teacher experience outside of the classroom. 
It is efficient for posting courses and school work on the internet.
For a social environment Kaltura is great for advertising clubs and social extracurricular activites.
If a student is sick, the use a Kaltura video can be implemented on an internet source in or for a student to access a lesson plan or simply receive information from that day.

Secondary Lesson Plans:

Foreign Language Lesson Plan

Final Photo Portfolio.docx
Digital/Interactive Yearbook

Post-Secondary setting:

For distance learning Kaltura is a highly necessary tool for teachers and students to interact with one another synchronically.
For online courses Kaltura can work in an asynchronic nature allowing student/teacher interaction to complete a course at a different location and a different time.
Kaltura is beneficial for teachers to present lectures from the video/PowerPoint standpoint.
On college campus’s Kaltura is efficient for implementing virtual tours around college’s to aid in a prospective student’s decision making.
It is efficient for posting courses and school work on the internet.
For a social environment Kaltura is great for advertising clubs and social extracurricular activites.
Community tools allow for a more student-centered environment. Interaction can occur with “rich-media upload, recording and importing video, commenting and review and collaboration with others in creating, remixing and annotating.”
If a student is sick, the use a Kaltura video can be implemented on an internet source in or for a student to access a lesson plan or simply receive information from that day.

Post Secondary Lesson Plans: 

Video Lesson Plan
Final Photo Portfolio.docx

Online Math Lesson Plan
Kaltura for Distance Learning

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Business & Industry

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Kaltura has two types of solutions for its business model. It has an affordable SaaS solution, or a self-hosted, on-premise installation.  They both liberate users from vendor lock-in by giving users access to hundreds of flexible APIs and reference applications in PHP, Ruby, .Net, and Java, and off-the-shelf pre-integrated extensions to leading web platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, MediaWiki, MindTouch, Moodle, and ELGG.  Kaltura also provides commercial services which include professional services, support packages, streaming, hosting, backup and other digital services.#13

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