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I. Overview                                                                                            creators, brothers Haroon, Zeki and Idris Mokhtarzada.

If you have an idea and 10 minutes, you can create your own interactive Web site, thanks to You don't need money, design skills or a contract with a webmaster. is a website that helps people create a website of their own.  It was formerly called "Free Webs." is free and easy to use. It is a way for people to create a website for personal, group, or small business purposes. Users of can often times make websites that display educational value. For example there is a website called This website was created through and is a new innovative learning center with a focus on learning the quickest way possible. World English has a goal for people to learn english throughtout the world, but especially in Mexico. The website offers courses for people to learn english in Mexico. They even offer a cooking course that integrates food, fun, and english! The website also offers students a way to obtain a visa, so they can go to Mexico to live and study. To go along with your studies you can go siteseeing throughout Mexico, which makes it like a vacation on top of your studies. World English even offers a study abroad program to Vancouver, Canada, where someone can learn English in Canada. This website offers a lot of educational opportunites for people who cannot speak english, and cannot come to the United States to learn english. To go along with its educational opportunities there is an article by Dr. Zoltan Rona. Dr. Rona used the created website to inform people of the current H1N1 and swine flu epidemic. The article persuades people to avoid the swine flu vaccine. The website contains educational value by giving people information about the the and reasons to avoid the vaccine. The article gives many tips on how to stay healthy and other facts about nutrition and vitamins. The article even contains a blog with questions and answers about the influenza. If someone wanted to learn more about how to study english, or to learn more about the current nationwide swine flu crisis, I would definitely recomment this created webpage.


from The NEXT WEB, "Webs CEO: Facebook Connect Is The Future, Data Portability No Big Deal"
By Alex Wilhelm, April 16th, 2010.

How is Webs working to meet the myriad of demands?

Answered by Haroon Mokhtarzada, the company’s CEO: "It all comes down to our platform and App Store, which enables us as well as third parties to continue growing our functionality. These apps serve as true solutions to the plethora of different use cases we see. For example, Bookfresh launched an Appointments app that lets service businesses schedule appointments and take payments for them right on the website. Meebo launched an IM bar so site owners can enable chat and instant messaging. We even have a Prayer Request app coming online that will let churches and religious communities track requests and prayers on their websites. Much like other platforms like Facebook our iPhone, as the market presents opportunities, our App developers fill them."

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II. Purpose                                                                                                      


 One unique way you may use this website is for personal use. You can use it to display your hobbies, show your wedding plans, or display your most resent trip. This site can be used to show off your wedding photos, your new baby, or your favorite sports team. can be used to create your own family website where you can discuss and post with your family members. You can keep up to date with your family members by putting up recent events or displaying the family reunion on the calendar application. Another interesting use of this website is it can be used to raise money for your favorite cause or showcase a fundraiser event that you are hosting. Contributers can even donate online using the PayPal gadget provided by Google. Below is a pre-made website for personal use.


 Another unique way to use Webs is for group or club use. You can use this site to organize club meetings, communicate easily with members, and discuss club or group achievements. Webs is also a great way to recruite or attract people to your cub or group. By making your Webs site open to the public someone interested in the same activities or hobbies as you and your group can search for you and join your group. This site is great for organizing a fan site or sports team schedule. Webs can be used to dispaly your little league travel schedule and recent wins or losses. With Webs' customizable templates it is easy for this site to cater to you and your group's needs. Below is a pre-made website for group use.


 The third unique way this website can be used is for a small business website. This site can be used to promote your business and what services your company can provide for the public. It can be used to "legitamize" your small business, making your consumers feel comfortable with your small business and safe with their interactions. Webs provides small business tools such as PayPal and GoogleCheckout to allow for online transactions with your business. It also allows your business to track the number of people that visit your website and how many purchased or contacted you. This shows the effectiveness of your website. Webs allows your business to promote as well as sell online. With the special "business templates" your site will look professional and inviting to your consumer. Below is a pre-made website for business use.

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III. How to Use WEBS                                                                                     

To use Webs is very simple and the website takes you step by step through a process to sign up and create your webpage.  First you go to and select “Create a Website.”  This will take you to a new screen called “Create your account.” (  Here you will fill out different fields.  You will need to make a username, password, and a title for what your site will be called.  Then you enter your e-mail address, year of birth, country, and gender.  After you do this you scroll down to “Select a Template for your Site.”  Here you will select from hundreds of different templates that will apply to your website.  After that you will Read the “Terms of Service,” and click a box to verify that you agree to their terms.  Then you click the button at the bottom that says, “Create my Site.” This will take you to a new screen and a box will pop up where you can either choose “Help me Build my site,” or “Start Building on my Own.”  If you are a beginner with making websites, you should choose the first option.  Here the site will take you to a new screen and you can select if your website will be for personal use, club use, or professional and small business use.  You can explore different options and choose what the best settings for your website are.  Then the website will generate your own personal website.  Then you can play around and type or put whatever you want on your website such as images, music, text, etc.  When you are done with your webpage select “Publish,” and your webpage will be published for anyone to see or use.     

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IV. Other Applications Related to WEBS                                             

WEBS can be related to numerous other applications that provide the user with the opportunity to make their webpage as attractive and informative as possible. Whether you are creating the website for your own personal use, or to share with a traget audience, WEBS offers a wide range of applications.

For example, if a company is creating a webpage to promote their business and sell products via WEBS, they are able to use the business tools such as PayPal and GoogleCheckout to allow safe, online transactions. It also alows a business to track how many visitors view the website, showing how effective it is to the target audience.

WEBS can also cater to educational purposes, with the use of uploading lesson plans and powerpoints for the students view. Teachers are able to post and review what was convered in class, or when assignments are due with the use of these applications.

WEBS also allows you to connect to similiar websites using a special application called "Rings". Rings allows users to use their website in conjunction with other interesting websites in the similiar field or category. It allows users to compare and share their own information, which is called group publishing. Users can contribute their own applications such as pictures, information, videos, comments, and more to a corresponding website.

Each of these applications and activities are available through Webs. Webs was truely created to be as simple and helpful as possible. Anyone can use it, and best of all its free! It is a way for people to create a website for their own particualar use.

A comparative look at's 2010 Top 10 BEST WEB HOSTS

..........................................2010 ranking.......................Est. Daily Visits
...................................................................................June 2010
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------,500..............................$5.95,000..............................$3.50,350..............................$4.95,000..............................$3.45,000..............................$1.99,500..............................$3.67,450..............................$4.95,000..............................$6.95,500..............................$6.95,585,000.............................$12.74,463,000...........................F R E E

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V. Uses of WEBS                                                                            


WEBS can be used in multiple ways throughout the class room. Listed below are 3 lesson plans in each major area of education and how WEBS in incorporated.


1) This lesson plan focuses on different vocab words through an already created website by WEBS


 PDF file-Vocab

2) This lesson teaches childen about the different types of clouds and they then have to make a website displaying their findings. (STEM BASED)


 PDF file-Clouds

3) Students will be assigned a book to read and then create a website displaying a report about their book.

Document-Book Report

 PDF file-Clouds

4) Students will choose a Geometry topic from previous learning in math textbook, and then create a website displaying information, ideas, solutions and things learned about that topic.

Webs Math Lesson Plan.docx


1) Students will research a topic about World War 2 and create a website.

 Document-World War 2

 PDF file-World War 2

2) Students will learn about the American War and create a website presenting what they learned.

 Document-American War

 PDF file-American War

3) Students will learn about a type of Web Cam that people are using today and present their product using WEBS. (STEM BASED)

 Document-Web Cam

 PDF file-Web Cam

 -Post Secondary

1) Students will learn about a new type of medicine that is not yet released to the public and weigh the pros and cons of it. They will present their findings in a website.


 PDF file-Medicine

2) Students will research a club on campus that they are apart of and create a website for them that shows memebers, events, and pictures for the group.

 Document-Clubs on Campus

 PDF file-Clubs on Campus

3) Students will examine an analog clock and its mathematical properties and investigate patterns on the clock. (STEM BASED)


 PDF file-Arithmetic


Webs is a fast and easy way to create an attractive website.  The greatest way for a business to succeed is for it to be well known and good promotion.  Everything can be found now on the internet so putting a business promotion on the web is a great idea because many will be able to access it.  Webs is an easy way to create a site that is attractive and easy to navigate.  Business' always need a way to promote their products and posting their information on a nice webpage would attrack a lot of internet users.  Using Webs for other things like instructional training situation is easy to set up as well with applications like blogs and videos to demenstrate proper opperating procedure.  Appling Webs to your business will demonstrate to viewers the value of your company.  Visiting the website will give you step by step instructions to create your own webpage.  It also posts different examples and ideas to help create your own page.

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VI. How WEBS is Used Globally                                                      

The WEBS application can be used in other countries in the same ways as the United States of America would use it.  It can be used to communicate to others inside or even outside their own countries by sharing videos, pictures, and even communicating through blogs. By sharing these videos and images and also using the blogs as a communication source, this serves as an educational purpose for those in all parts of the world. People can “visit” another country without paying for the expenses by visiting people from different countries WEBS page. So much can be learned from using and viewing these websites. An example of the way WEBS connects people from different countries can be seen in this website,  This site in particular, connects people around the world with that one common interest. There is one application specifically that I found that can be more relevant to those outside of the US.  That application is the one that allows access and the ability to add widgets from around the world onto their site. This gives people from other countries more of an ability to use it.  This is a great application to be used globally.

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by an aspiring web designer..."for any aspiring web developers or students looking for a good host this is probably as good as it gets. And on the plus side you can always stay with webs when you choose to pay for a hosting plan
. Great service!"

by a non-profit organization..." is so easy to use I was able to design, setup and have my website
go live all in the same night while I was taking care of my 3 month old daughter. is really a great thing for people like me who need a website but don’t have the money to obtain one. My non-profit has been doing much better since I got a site on"

by a website owner..."It’s very easy to setup a site and get it live. There are plenty of templates to choose from and it’s easy to input text, images and videos to your website. You can also link YouTube videos."

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