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Recipe for Z' decaying into 4 leptons at 8 TeV


This twiki contains all the procedure of Z' decaying into 4 leptons at 8 TeV (EXO-14-006) including technical details, performed by Hwidong Yoo ( All based machineries are available at All recipes start from this working directory.



CADI: EXO-14-006

AN note: 2014/060

Pre-approval talk: link


Physics motivation

Non-typical Z' search: A baryonic Z' resonance model in SUSY framework

B. Barger and H.S. Lee, Phys. Rev. D 85, 055030 (2012)



8 TeV Full dataset: Jan22 rereco

JSON: /afs/


Benchmark signal MC generation

LHE production

Use CalcHep 3.4.1

cd calchep_3.4.1/newProd
# directories Calchep750 to Calchep3000 (10 mass bins)
# in each directory, calchep_batch is the macro to run the batch input card (calchep is for single interactive calculation)
# batch_file_* is input card for each channel (ex. batch_file_4m is input card for 4 muon channel)
# in models, there are model files: vars4.mdl and vars9.mdl contain the detailed parameter sets
# phiMass0p*ZpM directory contains the LHE output for different M(phi) scenario (* = 05 - 45 => 5% to 45% of Z' mass)
./run.csh # run each channel in 10 mass bins
# change the channel in the script if wanted
# 10 interactive jobs with 12k events take approximately < 1 hour in lxplus machine (easy to produce interactively)
# other scripts are only for the convenience of organization of output. 

Produce LHE file using the CalcHep and the LHE file will be input for your signal MC production.

MC production

# current signal sample, M(phi) = 50 GeV, is done by Suneel
Under investigation 


Ntuple production

Event selection

Background estimation

Mass resolution

Systematic uncertainties

Limit calculation

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