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Table of Contents

Getting Started
Educational Value and Uses
Business Value and Uses
Unique Uses
More Information
General Information and Development Team
Delicious Trailer


What is and What are its Features?

The primary purpose for is to serve as a social bookmarking service website that allows users to tag, manage, save, and share webpages from a centralized source. Often at times, we are away from our home computer working in a computer lab or other designated computer. This means that the bookmarks we usually save on our own personal computer cannot be accessed; however, with you can save your bookmarks and access them from any computer via the website eliminating the frustration of trying to remember the web address of your favorite website. In short, it provides a centralized management system for organizing information from anywhere on the web that can be shared with anyone.

The bookmark feature of allows members to view their own personal list of websites, browse popular websites, look for recent additions to, and search for a specific URL to see if it is online. This feature allows you to archive your favorite information from across the web, and to discover new and useful sites. This feature is great to track hot topics and current events on the web, or for starting a new craze by making an addition. 

The Tags feature allows members to easily add new bookmarks or subscribe to a specific tag. All tags are available from the home page and are nothing more than a specific topic, such as music, that contains many websites that pertain to music. This feature makes it easier for researchers to find good websites that pertain to their topic. This feature allows users to find some of the best resources on the internet without having to sift through thousands of hits which makes the site more appealing as an alternative to Google or other search engines.

What makes unique is that you can view bookmarks from other users and communicate with them as well. Using the People bar, you can create a network of your favorite users or search for a new member to show them  your bookmarks. This feature allows users to view each bookmark from all of the people in their network at the same time. Also, if they click on a name, they will just see that user's bookmarks. If you find a website that your friend just has to see, you can send it to them to view the next time they log in.

So whether you are a kid who wants a place to store all of your favorite game websites, or a grandparent who wants to keep up with your family by creating a network, or anyone in between who could use a place to look for cool websites and keep the ones you love, then will greatly improve how you discover, remember, and share on the internet!

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How it All Began


"The precursor to Delicious was Muxway, a link blog that had grown out of a text file that Schachter maintained to keep track of links related to Memepool. In September 2003, Schachter released the first version of Delicious. In March 2005, he left his day job to work on Delicious full-time, and in April 2005 it received approximately $2 million in funding from investors including Union Square Ventures and Yahoo! acquired Delicious on December 9, 2005. Various guesses suggest it was sold from somewhere between US$15 million and US$30 million."

- (


 "Delicious (formerly, pronounced "delicious") is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. The site was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. It has more than five million users and 150 million bookmarked URLs. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California."


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Getting Started

How to join Delicious

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To sart using delicious, one must first register. It is free and easy. Just click on the right hand corner and fill in the required fields and viola! You are a member. Once a member, there are several features to use. The main purpose of this website is to create a collection of personalized bookmarks that can be accessed from any computer. These bookmarks can be shared with friends. So, there is the bookmark feature where you can edit your bookmarks with a description as well as see which ones are popular and were added recently. Another feature allows you to add friends who can see your bookmarks and share them with you. Finally, the last feature has arranged bookmarks by categories which allow your for easy searching.

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Educational Value and Uses

How could the application be used within an educational or learning situation?

One major way this application could be used is in research, or as a supplement to instructional materials. For example, if a teacher desired his students to do a research paper, he could give a list of bookmarked websites that the students could use for sources, or the students could make bookmarks on their own and give them to their friends through the networking feature. In a lesson plan, the teacher could bookmard several websites that he feels could enhance their understanding of the material being taught.

What are some examples of it being used to illustrate its current educational value?

It's very easy to see how you can use Delicious in an educational atmosphere. As stated before, Delicious is used to store users' bookmarks so that they can be later accessed from any computer. It is also used to view other user's bookmarks and to access those bookmarks as well. Teachers can use for bookmarking websites they believe to be relevant to the lesson plan they are teaching during class. Students can then go to the teachers page and open the bookmarks for their benefit.Teachers can also post bookmarks to websites with review games for the students to play and learn from. If need be, students are able communicate with their teacher through Delicious if there are any problems, questions, concerns, etc. This is a quick and easy way for students to navigate the web without the hassle of writing down long URL links or other various reasons. is also beneficial for the parents of students. Parents can access the bookmarks posted on the teacher's page to see what their children are learning in school. Parents can also use if their child is struggling and would like to help their kid play the review games that the teacher bookmarked.

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Business Value and Uses

How could the application be used within an business?

One major way this application could be used is to access other company's websites or to advertise their own company. Another benefit of for businesses is that they can obtain product information from websites of other companies.

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Unique Uses

What are some unique ways of using this application?

Well, besides using this application for bookmarking, you can use this site to contact other users and view their bookmarks as well.

For those teams with international partners, how is the application used in their countries? Are there unique features of the application that maybe more relevant to those outside of the US?

Unfortunately, our team does not have an international partner, but had we been partnered with one, we could have found out how this application is used in their country. Since this is not the case, we can provide suggestions for how it can be used internationally. One way it could be used in another country would be to link many people together. This is accomplished by People bar. This feature allows a user to add friends who they either know or share common interests in. In a country where most people live far away from other people, but still have access to the internet, they could add friends who live in cities to keep up with the rest of the world. They can browse through their bookmarks to see interesting and new features of the internet. This networking feature would be more applicable to people outside of the US simply for the fact that have a more difficult time keeping up with the world. International clientel can use delicious in several differnt ways. Businesses can tag their company's websites to sell their products. They can also research their possible competitors overseas or products they may be interested in buying.
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Deliciously Yummy Information

How is it related to other applications

Other similar applications or web services include: BlinkList (, OYAX (,, Digg ( (Use Summer's link about for reference website.)

This application is related to other applications in the sense that it allows users easy acces to the other applications. One can bookmark all of their favorite applications on this site for easy access on any computer. This application is sort of like a website that allows users to have a wish list or cart. You can put all of your favorite items (websites) into one place where everyone can see them or is recommended to them. Finally, this application is related to any other application that allows you to add users as a friend and view their "profile" because delicious allows users to add their friends and view their favorites.

Ashley C Robbins says:

Hi guys,

I am working with the TeacherTube group, but I also have a delicious account. I found a video that I really liked on TeacherTube and bookmarked it on delicious. If you need another idea as to how it can work with other applications, users can bookmark, share, and recommend their favorite TeacherTube (or YouTube) videos with each other. This also allows them access to those videos so they do not always have to go searching for it within the TeacherTube site. Thought I would mention that in case it helps! Good luck with the project!

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General Information and Development Team

What is the title of the application? Who developed it?

The title of this application is called "Delicious" and can be accessed at  Several people contributed to this website, so credit to one sole person can not be given.  A list of the people who assisted in this website are as follows:

  • Alan Connolly, QA
  • Amit Papnai, engineer (browser integration)
  • Andrew Terng, operations
  • Anurag Gujral, engineer
  • Bernard Kerr, user experience designer
  • Britta Gustafson, community manager intern
  • Chris Draycott, engineer
  • Chris Kim, marketing manager
  • Craig Taylor, engineering manager
  • Dave Dash, engineer
  • Davinder Mahal, engineer
  • Dayong Huang, engineer
  • Jared Elson, product manager
  • Jayanth Mahalingam, engineering
  • Josh Whiting, engineering manager
  • Keshav Kunal, engineer
  • Karthik Radhakrishnan, engineer
  • Mark Zweifel, engineer
  • Nam Nguyen, engineering manager
  • Nathan Arnold, engineer
  • Nitya Kalathuru, automation/performance engineer
  • Rocco Caputo, engineer
  • Sanjay Kumar, engineer (browser integration)
  • Sibil Mohammed, engineer (browser integration)
  • Simon Davison, QA manager
  • Stephen Hood, director of product management
  • Stephen Rodi, public relations
  • Vivekanand Bolajwar, engineer (browser integration)
  • Yogish Baliga, engineering manager  

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Delicious Trailer

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The Team

*Colleen Carey
*Yemin Huang
*John Kostry
*Matt Osborn
*Chris Sanders
*Mitch Wagner
*Summer Wahl

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  1. Unknown User (chsander)


     Welcome to the group.  The fact that you can read this is a VERY good thing. To make sure that I know that you have been here you need to reply with a funny movie quote.


    Sanders, Chris

  2. Unknown User (chsander)

    I added all the questions as pages, was pretty easy


  3. Unknown User (jkostry)

    "Unique, New York" -Ron Burgundy , "Anchorman"

    Alright I can read your comments and I'm not so pumped that this project just got cut short but oh well.  Where should we start with this project?  I understand that I am a researcher and developer, so should I start by researching the site as much as possible, then answering the questions as thoroughly as possible?  I'm sure we'll talk about this when we meet this week.

     John Kostry

  4. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    What's our record Larry? - Coach

    Eight and Sixteen. - Larry

    How did we ever win eight - Coach

    Its a miracle! - Larry

    From Bull Durham

  5. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Lloyd: I'll bet you twenty dollars I can get you gambling before the day is out!
    Harry: No!
    Lloyd: I'll give you three to one odds.
    Harry: No.
    Lloyd: Five to one.
    Harry: No.
    Lloyd: Ten to one?
    Harry: You're on!
    Lloyd: I'm gonna get ya!
    Harry: Nu uh!
    Lloyd: I don't know how but I'm gonna get ya.

     -Dumb and Dumber

    Okay guys, just so you know I'm so confused about what we're doing right now! Hopefully you'll be able to explain this better in person!

     <3 Summer

    1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      From Cruel Intentions:

      Kathryn: My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible.

      Cecile: But that would make me a @#$%, wouldn't it?

      Kathryn: Cecile, everybody does it. It's just that nobody talks about it.

      Cecile: So, it's like a secret society?

      Kathryn: That's one way of looking at it.

      [under breath] #$%^&*@ idiot...

      Mitch Wagner

  6. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Hey Chris, I have completed my questions that were assigned to me (Questions 5-8).  I noticed Mitch did not start his questions yet so if tomorrow I do not see a response on his questions, I will answer them for him.  I'm sure it won't take much time.  I tried to elaborate and explain the questions as well as I could, but some questions were pretty straightforward. 

     Also, remember that we all need to post our contact information on here just in case one of us lost it or can't find it or w/e.  We need to be on this so please everyone post your name, number, and email. 

     Finally, I'd like to suggest that we contact Delicious and ask them for any support they can give us.  I'm sure we already suggested this, but the sooner we get on this the better so that we can get a response back early.  I was thinking you could contact them seeing that you are the leader of our group.  If you don't want to, I understand and I'll do it.  You could just explain to them the project we are working on and ask for assistance in some way.  Okay, I'm done for now LOL.  Let me know what you think.

    John Kostry


    1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      Hey where are your answers? Just wondering.

      oops. never mind. found them. wow, i am stupid sometimes.

  7. Unknown User (chsander)


     Glad to see you have your questions done.  To answer both of your request, if you remember during our group meeting we had decided to send a letter requestion for help, collen is working on that letter as we speak. Also good job on the questions, thats exactly what i was looking for.  Great work bud.

    Chris Sanders

    760 877 8519

  8. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Alright, I'm a little PO'd right now because I just received 0 pts for lecture today and I was clearly there.   Can one of you vouch for me that I was there cuz I need all the points I can get in this class and if she gives me a 0 I'm going to throw a fit, regardless of the fact its 2 pts.

    1. Unknown User (chsander)

      Ill make sure to talk to the TA for you.

  9. Unknown User (chsander)

    This is a check that you guys are checking this site on a regular basis, remember the three times a day thing.  It is currently 8:36pm tuesday night, lets see how long it takes all of you to reply to this comment.  Please reply with a BOILER UP

  10. Unknown User (chsander)

  11. Unknown User (jkostry)

    BOILER UP.....and oh yeah GO OBAMA hahahaha

  12. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    this is a BOILER UP even though Obama won...hooray socialism

  13. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Boiler Up!!!!! (big grin)

  14. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Hey guys I kno this doesn't pertain to the project, but I'm having trouble with my workout 6 and was wondering in lab tmw if one of you would correct where the webpages and stuff go so that it is up and running? I have everything made and hyperlinked, I just think it's not in the right places or something, I dno.   Anyways, I would really appreciate it.

  15. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Summer, i just noticed your an angel and im a devil lol

  16. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    haha yep hopefully, we won't have any conflict!! (big grin)

  17. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    So far i only have schedules from john and colleen...this is pitiful, i don't even have one from chris. So all of you who haven't, send me your schedules so I can maybe plan out some times to meet

  18. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    here is the username for everyone on del.ici.ous







    put everyone in your network and start sharing bookmarks. this will definetly help everyone using the website

  19. Unknown User (huang101)

    Hi guys,

    I think you have already come out the outline of your wiki chapter. I mean the outline (the sections in your chapter), rather than the questions.Put your outline here and share with us. Try to make it coherently and logically.(smile)  

  20. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys! I think we had a productive meeting today. Let's all get really motivated for next week and accomplish a lot! Colleen and I will be meeting next Tuesday @ 10:30. I think we decided everyone else's schedule was full during that time but if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to let us know! We decided for our bookmarks we want to split them up in three categories; teachers/students, business, and parents.

     My two roles for this project are:

    Primary- Showcase Manager
    Secondary- Scheduling

     As showcase manager, I will be in charge of the presentation day and everything put into it. This week I will be thinking of roles to give everyone for the big day! If you have any preferences please let me know.

    Also, since I'm in charge of scheduling, I will take a look at schedules and set dates as needed. Mitch, I still need a schedule from you so if you could let me know ASAP that would be great!

    *Remember, stay positive and keep up the good work! (big grin)  

  21. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey everyone i just wanted to fill you all in. I finished the letter to delicious and i emailed it to chris so he can revise it and make sure it is good. Then we will send it to Yemin so she can get it to itap. Also as summer said we are meeting tuesday in the wiley lobby at 1030 if anyone wants to join if your schedules change. We will be working on the bookmarks then. Chris i was just wondering what you would like me to do to help you out with the research. I am willing to do anything so just let me know. I just didnt know where to start seeing as you have done a lot so far.

  22. Unknown User (chsander)

    Colleen excellent job with the letter. As for research help you need to ask the research manager what he needs done.  Also just to give you guys a heads up, I read in the "team leader only" section in confluence that Mr. Oshea will run a participation scan over confluence and it will pick up who is working on this site and who is not.  Basically I think it saves all the times that you have been on here, so if you guys were visiting and not posting it should pick it up and maybe he can let me know that you when you guys were on the site before this week. 

  23. Unknown User (careyc)

    sorry i didnt mean chris i meant to write johns name there. And thanks about the letter. Is it all set or do you need me to write any corrections?

  24. Unknown User (chsander)

    All set, ill send it out to our TA

  25. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    I'm glad we got the letter done. Great job Colleen! I will see you at our meeting on Tuesday

  26. Unknown User (jkostry)

    whoa sorry guys i havent got on here much cuz i had a LOOOONG weekend lol but anyways colleen as for research i havent thought of anything exactly yet but like i said to u in lab, u can start searching the web for articles about Delicious or mayb go to the library and look up a bunch of stuff.   i havent researched a whole lot but im plannin on it.   like mitch said tho this week is literally hell for me with all my exams and lab reports and what not so im gonna be struggling i guess lol any help would be much appreciated from any of u.  (smile)  Let's dominate this project.

  27. Unknown User (jkostry)

    hey guys just checkin on here b4 i go to bed but uhh after the exam tmw im going to the library and hopefully find some research materials.  anyone have any ideas about the research?? i kno this is my job but extra input always helps

  28. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    i noticed that no one has posted any new bookmarks... delicious is our jam, and using it often is going to improve our understanding of it so that we can give better presentations. So just use it, delicious is a decent resource and we all need to become experts. The bookmarks don't have to be 100% serious, mine sure aren't.

  29. Unknown User (jkostry)

    hey matt i just put some bookmarks up....just ones that i probably visit the most, nothing serious.  im putting more up today.   i like how i have my  bookmarks on the top of my browser now whenever i use this computer.  its the toolbar feature that u download....this should probably be mentioned as well.

  30. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    hey all! I hope you had a great weekend. Btw your food smells great. Just to let you know I am going to add some bookmarks today and send you my schedule matt. If you have any questions on what you can do with computer programs or any ideas for the presentation or the website please let me and summer know asap so we can get started on the design. Thanks guys and I apologize for last week. I realize that being I'll and stressed is no excuse but I promise to do my best from here on out. Later! Boiler up!

  31. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    I will create some bookmarks later today. Mitch, I'm in charge of scheduling now so if you could email your schedule to me that would be great! We also need to find a time where you and I can meet about showcase stuff. Today in lecture, someone mentioned something about a lesson plan? What exactly is this? I don't remember going over this but I might have just missed it if someone could fill me in.

  32. Unknown User (chsander)


     I'm glad to see the conversations on here and I feel like we are all extremely motivated.  Keep this up! Also because I needed to have an evaluator for participation, I have decided that because Matt is the Chapter manager he will be the best to see and give participation points to all of you.  Basically he will update the participation score every three days or so.  If you dont have an average of 8 then you will probably lose points in the final grade.  After seeing all this participation I dont see us having any problems though.  Last thing, Matt and I walked over and met with kevin oshea and he gave us some serious insight and advice.  He will also post the rankings of participation of all the groups on our site.  Lets see if we can be top in participation! 

  33. Unknown User (chsander)

    As for the lesson plan, we did discuss this.  Basically how we could use our site in the classroom. If we need more research about it maybe we should ask the research manager about this. 

  34. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey everyone!!! so so you all no today i sent that paper around saying:
    hey do you have anything you want us (me and summer) to put on the bookmarks that you think would be important? The three sections are teachers/students, businesses and parents.

    Chris replied- Well it depends on the information needed for each group, but basically answer what it is, how it works, what it is used for, and anything else. We need to post this on confluence though. (what i am doing now) Hope that helps!

    John replied- As of right now, i cannot think of anything specifically, but try to include an example for each of the three sections. Teachers for lesson plans, businesses for stocks maybe? parents to check students grades. Just keep thinking of different ways.

    I was thinking so that we incorporate everyones ideas we put on each of them what delicious is, how it works, and what it is used for. For the parents it will have a section on it that discusses the teachers website or websites that the teachers suggest for the kids to look at in order to benefit them in learning. It can also have a bookmark to the childs grades. For the teachers use they can have bookmarks with informational websites related to lesson taught in class. For the businesses bookmark it can have a section talking about having bookmarks for showing possible companies or products that the business could but. If these sounds good just let me know or if you have any other suggestions to improve the bookmarks summer and i will try to include them. Hope you all have a good day and i am sorry for how long this is.

    1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      I think that sounds great! Just start there and show us a draft as soon as you can, so we can tell you what we think and give more suggestions. Also, I am going to create a child on top so that we can put all of our ideas in there.

  35. Unknown User (huang101)

    Hi All,

    I'm glad to see that you are well motivated. It seems that you have done some basic research of "delicious". Now, it is time for you to start writing your wiki chapter. Instead of putting your ideas in comments, go to each child page, make your ideas structured, click "edit" button, and put your ideas there. 

  36. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    Its good to see what every one is doing here, later today I will be posting just your scores for the participation. I will send all of you an email with what I think you need to improve on. It would be great if you could send me an email with just participation in the subject line, BOILER UP!!!!

  37. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    I agree with Yemin in the fact that we need to reply to the children at the top of the page, although I wish there was a way of telling us when someone has posted something new. OK, so here are my ideas. Firstly, I think we really need some help with the lesson plans. John and I are at our wits end with ideas. Chris, you said something about talking to your old school teachers for idea of how they would use this. Could you ask them like ASAP? Thanks. As for the rest of us, please post your ideas in the children. Summer, let's make a child about our presentation. That way we can plan it. Also, don't forget to add what we talked about in class. Everyone else, please post ideas in there too. And finally two questions to think about and respond to. What do you want to put on our website, and what are we going to talk about in our presentation? Please please let me and summer know soon. Thanks! Have a great night. FYI, I will only be able to post once tomorrow during the day and early afternoon, after that, I am out of commission for the rest of the night until late, so if you need any help, please ask by then. Later!

  38. Unknown User (chsander)

    Mitch, if you noticed I have already began the process.  You should jump in and help.  As for the lesson plans, its not hard at all. We have learned how to make lesson plans in one of our workouts and in the book.  Also do NOT post ideas in the children or they will get lost. If you have an Idea post it here in this comment thread.  What I am trying to do is slowly eliminate the children links and form a true webpage.  To answer your two questions.  First question is what we should have been thinking about for the last three weeks, and Matt will take charge of that.  Second question should be lead by summer and you, so come up with examples and post them so the group can see.  Mitch do me a favor and run things by me before giving out orders on the site, communication is key!

    1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      1. Unknown User (chsander)

        1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

          1. Unknown User (chsander)

            1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

              1. Unknown User (chsander)

                Enough mitch, we will talk more in person

                1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

  39. Unknown User (jkostry)

    hey guys i added u to my network on Delicious.  Summer, for some reason I can't find your name on there?  did you type the name right? 

  40. Unknown User (chsander)

    Good job John, love the participation. Lets not loose it!

  41. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    today mitch and i discussed a little about the presentation. we've decided that we only need one table, and we will create a board with information on it so that when we're presenting we have something to point out and explain. mitch, you can add your other ideas. john, i double checked my account and it is sbwahl. i will add you guys tomorrow and start bookmarking. i had a busy day. i will let you guys know tomorrow how our meeting goes and let you know a time for us to meet on thursday!

  42. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Can anyone else share ideas and input on presentation ideas?

  43. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys. Since everyone's schedule seemed to be open on Thursday after 1:30, we will be meeting in Beering between 1:30 and 1:35 downstairs by the vending machines. I am making an agenda and I will assign roles for each of you for presentation day. After Colleen and I meet tomorrow I will update you guys on how everything goes and explain our layout. Thanks everyone for giving us input! It looks like everyone is doing a really good job staying on top of things and we're up to 47 comments! Way to communicate and keep up the good work! I will see you guys Thursday, so come prepared and motivated to get things done! Our wiki page is due Monday so everyone needs to be looking over our questions and creating additional ones. Have a good day and let me know if there are any suggestions or ideas for presentation day! Boiler up!!

  44. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey i have class on thursday at 230 so i will have to leave by like 215 from the meeting. im sorry.

  45. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey everyone! okay so the bookmarks are on they are saved under our login account. The username is: CCarey518 and the password is: flower518. Just go under saved bookmarks after five and you can comment on any changes you would like to on improving them. By twelve tonight they will be finalized and ready to order/send to chris because we need to order them as soon as possible. Thanks and have a great day!!!

  46. Unknown User (jkostry)

    uh i am completely not available thursday i have a 4 hour lab at 130 so i wont be able to make the meeting but plz let me know what i need to do or w/e.  ill check out the bookmarks tonite after my exam. 

  47. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys, I've rescheduled our meeting on Thursday for 8:30 am in Beering by the vending machines. Sorry its early but this has to be done! Keep up the good work everyone!

  48. Unknown User (jkostry)

  49. Unknown User (chsander)

    Guys if I call you, you guys need to call me back ASAP! Mitch when you see this, just in case there is a problem with your phone, call me.  Like Summer said, there will be a meeting at 0830 Thursday morning.  Just to make sure this is good for all of us, I want you guys to leave a comment here letting everyone know you will be there. Thanks.  Keep up the good work SPARTANS! 

  50. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey i can make it on tuesday just remind me in lab. thanks

  51. Unknown User (chsander)


     I was told to post problems with the group on this page.  Feel free to put your input in. I am sorry if you feel embarrased, however the higher ups told me to do this.

    Mitch Alan Wagner says:

    so, it iskind of crunch time now. Can you give us daily reminders of what we need to do yet and ask us what we are doing to get it accomplished? Thanks!

    Matthew D Osborn says:

    you are in college, one of the things you learn in college is time management, he shouldn't have to have someone else babysit what you are supposed to be responsible for

    Mitch Alan Wagner says:

    I'm not asking for that. I just think that he cannot blame us for not getting work done when he hasn't given us specific tasks to do. Yes we have roles, but it is no use to know what you are responsible for if you have nothing to utilize your responsibility with. He is the team leader and it is his job to give us commands like give one idea for the website today, or give two ideas of lesson plans today. Those kind of things.

    Christopher H Sanders says:

    Mitch you are more interested in finding ways out of work than helping this group.  We will talk in person about this problem.  Your negativity has crippled this team and hendered our performance. It is my JOB to make sure that this does not happen.  Either we will fix this between the two of us or we will take this up the chain of command.  The way you spoke to summer about the meeting was extremely childish.  It is not her fault that she has to schedule a time that will work for all of us.  The ONLY reason we are meeting at 830am is because john and you have a lab in the afternoon.  If anyone should complain it should be the four other members who CAN meet in the afternoon.  I expect you to apologize to Summer ASAP.  Do NOT shoot the messenger.  As for my JOB, I am not the commander.  I am suppose to give roles so  you guys can take INITATIVE and do work.  It is not my job to hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.  Even when I tried that approach, you told me you were to busy to do work.  If there are any more questions about my job feel free to ask.  Being rude to your fellow members for doing their jobs will not be tolerated by anyone.  We are a team and will support each other.

    1. Unknown User (mdosborn)

      I agree with what Chris has said however, I do not think that this is the forum for this kind of discussion. Mitch, I think the majority of the people had the same thoughts as you did about not really knowing what to do but the asked instead of creating a child and attempting to force what they wanted to happen. Nowhere is that the best way to handle a situation like that. Even when simple tasks have been given to you, you haven't taken the time to complete them, i.e. when I asked for people's schedules while I was still trying to schedule meetings and when I asked everyone to send me an email so I could send back their participation evaluations. So until you can do the simple things that are being asked of you in completely straight forward and concise terms with no gray area, you are in the worst position to be telling others what and how they should do their jobs.

      If anyone else agrees with what is going on here, post on here as a reply. Also this isn't just pick on Mitch time. If you have a problem with anyone, POST IT!

      1. Unknown User (sbwahl)

        I was put in charge of scheduling and it's my duty to see that a time has been scheduled when everyone can be there. I understand that there are other things going on but everyone is dealing with this and part of group work is being able to compromise and negotiate. Mitch, I think you really need to be putting in more group effort because it will effect the entire team.

        1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

          I know Summer, I started part of it yesterday, and I am going to do a lot more in a few minutes. I'm honestly doing the best I can for these few days. I can't help my exams. I can promise so much more help after thursday, and remember, monday is only a draft due. It's not the end of everything, so don't worry too much ok? As far as your meeting, can you just post what you wanted to say to everyone on here tomorrow morning, and then we can all reply as soon as we can on wednesday? I will post more ideas later tonight, but will that work instead of the meeting? Just a thought we definitely should try. I'm sorry about before. Chris made it seem worse than it really was. It's really hard to read people in text messages. Anyway, I hope all of this helps! Later!

    2. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      1. Unknown User (chsander)

        1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

          1. Unknown User (chsander)

            It is not up to you to decide what we need and do not need. If you do not show then it will affect your grade. The choice is yours, just dont complain when the final grades are out.  Summer and I have talked and she has made an excellent agenda for thursday morning.  You will not be able to present this project over the computer so I suggest you work on your people skills. Thanks

            1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

              1. Unknown User (chsander)

                Mitch I am ending this game we are playing right now. If you continue this we will take this up with Mr. Newby.

  52. Unknown User (chsander)


     The set up day that we were talking about before thanksgiving is from 2-5pm. We just have to stop by some time and do this. Let me know who can make it.

  53. Unknown User (chsander)

    Also the lesson plans are the same thing as we did for work out 1

    1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      1. Unknown User (chsander)

        Mitch I made you in charge of it.

        1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

          1. Unknown User (chsander)

            Mitch this really is your job because you asked me to assign something for you. The teachers and colleen will start talking later this week, their input will be put on the final wiki to accomidate their schedules

            1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

  54. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    I cannot make it to the meeting on thursday at 8:30, I will be working at Hillenbrand from 8-10 and then class from 10:30 till 1:15 like it says on my schedule. Also I can be at the setup day.

  55. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Chris, this is 830 thing is kinda killin me but im gonna try and make it.  i wouldnt mind meeting after 6 tmw evening if that would be better?  i guess i should be saying this to summer but i figured id say it to u being the team leader and all.  friday is a good day to work on things too since all we have to do is a makeup quiz and thats it.   I can be there setup day for part of it due to class.  lemme kno if thats ok?

  56. Unknown User (jkostry)

    ok sry that last comment i guess was meant for summer not really chris since chris is not in charge of the meeting.  summer if u absolutely want it at 830 then thats fine.  i will be flexible. 

    ****Also, I checked out the bookmarks and I think they are somewhat plain.  Maybe a border if that is possible or some different fonts thrown in there would spruce it up.  There also is no distinction on the bookmarks for parents, business, or teachers so it's impossible to tell who each is for?  And Colleen you forgot to tell ppl on here that the login is   I figured it was an aol screenname and tried it and I was right lol.  The password is still the same. 

     Ok, that's my input for the night, I have to start crammin and killin myself now lol.

  57. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    These are the participation evaluations so far:

    Colleen: 4 out of 10

    Summer:  6 out of 10

    John:  6 out of 10

    Mitch:  1 out of 10

    I will be sending everyone an email to tell them what I think they need to work on, tonight.

    1. Unknown User (jkostry)

      dang man, 6 out of 10?  i feel jipped lol

    2. Unknown User (chsander)

      Guys, this is based on the PREVIOUS three weeks of effort. Thursday night Matt will give you guys new scores based on this past week. Don't feel discouraged, if you think this score is unfair dont worry about it now, as long as it is up to an 8 by the end you guys will be good to go!

    3. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      1. Unknown User (chsander)

        Mitch dont feel discouraged, that was your grade from the first three weeks. The bar is set high, work hard to achieve it.

  58. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Chris, I can be there on the 25th.

    I can reschedule the meeting again so everyone post a reply saying whether or not they are available after 6 on Thursday. If this is more convenient for everyone it's important that I change it. We all need to be able to attend the meetings since this is a group effort!

    Please reply ASAP so we can get this figured out!


  59. Unknown User (jkostry)

    AHH! that's a worse time for me cuz its rite before the exam lol ill just be there at 830 alrite.  sorry for all this rearranging.

  60. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    So Is this the wiki page? John, or Chris or whoever is in charge of knowing what this page is about, what is the wiki page and how does it need to work?

    1. Unknown User (chsander)

      Mitch I am slightly discouraged with finding out that you just found out that this is the wiki page.  The wiki page is HALF of the project and as the computer expert you should of already known the ins and outs of this site (which I have told you multiple times). 

      1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

        1. Unknown User (chsander)

          Mitch I am not being rude, again please dont make this personal, this is strictly for this project. I have told you multiple times to know about this site and what needs to be done. If you had questions you should of asked them well before the week before it is due.  But to answer your question, I do not want you to delete any children and start putting all of the information on this site. Thanks.

          1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

            Just to be sure, can you or anyone else give me a list of all the information that needs to be on this site? I would really appreciate it so I can get started. I know the lesson plans need to be on here, and I know that you have already answered the questions. Should we post the stuff on the bookmarks on here as well, and the power point for the presentation? If so, colleen, could you send me the information that you put on the bookmarks? Just like a word file or something like that. And finally Chris, is the wiki that's due on Tuesday the final draft in the sense that I can't edit it anymore after Tuesday and that it is going to be graded on Tuesday, or is it just a draft that's due? Either way, I will make sure that everything is on there, but it will take a lot more work to edit everything and be completely thorough if it is the final draft. I was planning on doing the editing next week if I can but just let me know either way. Thanks.

  61. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    Oh yeah, I added all of you in my network on delicious on monday and added a few bookmarks. I feel that they are very useful, so feel free to look at them. Also, Chris, other than the wiki and stuff for the showcase, what would you like me to do with the computer position?

    1. Unknown User (chsander)

      Again, I will not and did not want to  hold your hand mitch, FIND SOMETHING TO DO.  There are plenty of lesson plans that need to be done, plenty of planning that needs to be done, and oh ya this site is due next week tuesday.  Please dont tell me there is nothing for you to do.  However, because you feel, even after our conversation, that it is my job to delegate work and make sure people get it done, I will personally give you an assignment.  I want you to create a Elementary and secondary lesson plan by 1159pm tomorrow.  Your grade will now be based on the the exact assignments I tell you to do. So if both of those lesson plans aren't emailed to me by 1159pm tomorrow night your grade will be affected. I am now holding your hand. This is what you wanted and now I dont want to here complaining.  I found out today that I will be assisting the grading of all group members.  The rest of the group will be graded on their participation and initiative, you will be graded on these personal assignments.  Looking forward to seeing those lesson plans. If you are confused about them, look up work out 1 and read your text book. If you have questions, it would be smart not to ask them an hour before they are due. Also if you do not send your schedule to Summer by noon tomorrow your grade will also be affected. You have had Matt asking for it and now Summer. It takes five minutes, please get that done.

      1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

        Fair enough. Can I post them in the Children you made because otherwise they should be deleted. Actually, you will have them tonight before I go to bed. Also, do you want them formatted in a final draft or just an informational draft? Finally, what do you want me to do with this site? What did Newby say it should look like?

        To summer and matt

        Class 9:30-11:20, 12:30-5:20
        Class 7:30-11:30 Swing Lessons 9-10PM
        Class 9:30-10:20, 12:30-3:00, 4:30-5:20 Swing Dance 9PM-12AM (which is why I don't want to get up early on Thursday)
        Thursday: NOTHING (also why I don't want to get up at seven though this week I have an exam at 8PM)
        Class 9:30-11:30, 12:30-5:20

        1. Unknown User (chsander)

          Do not post them in chidren. Follow the same format that I had started with the wiki.

          1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

            So you want me to make a label right? The thing above the children. OK. Why didn't you just say that in the first place? I thought it was the design person's job to design the website, and mine to make it work. Who's is it to put it all together? Like actually post it all on there.

            1. Unknown User (chsander)

              No not the labels. You have to go in and edit the page.

              1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

                OK. So then what are the labels for? Never mind. Got it. Ok, the lesson plan will be up later this weekend. I don't have time to figure out html stuff until then. Also, if anyone has any cool ideas for lesson plans please let me know soon because I am having a tough time with this one since the site is so simple. Finally, could you let me know what you think should be on the wiki? Thanks!

                1. Unknown User (chsander)

                  That would be a good thing for the computer expert to look up and tell the team

                  1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

                    I'll look it up this weekend and post it, but may I ask what the teem needs it for? I am just curious.

                    1. Unknown User (chsander)

                      Mitch wouldnt you be the one to tell us if it is important to know about or not?

                      1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

                        I know what I need it for, but OK. If anyone else plans on editing or designing this page (the wiki) you will need to know how to use basic html which I will post how to use sometime this weekend before monday so that we can make sure this page is done before tuesday. If any of you have any more ideas of what you think is important to put on the wiki or have design suggestions, please let me know. The wiki is what you see at the top of this page above the "children". I believe (Chris let me know if I am wrong), that this is what we will be graded on for a major part of our project.

                        1. Unknown User (mdosborn)

                          I am supposed to know how to do html, because according to my role (Chapter Manager) technically this is all my jurisdiction. Take that however you want but lets just do the thing and do it well

                          1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

                            Thanks Matt. I will do my best to get it working, and I don't mean just trying it once. I will be dilligent and try many times, and if I still get stuck, I will ask you for help. It won't be until Sunday though I think, so if you have a chance to look at it Sunday night, that would be great!

  62. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Just a suggestion, I noticed some of the other sites weren't exactly creating brand new lesson plans, just altering their workout 1's to incorporate there wiki chapter, whatever it was.  I understand if you guys would want brand new ones, but to spare time and energy this could help us out. 

    1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      Thanks. I was planning on doing that. I will have to change mine quite a bit but I can make that work.

  63. Unknown User (jkostry)

    also read what Ashley C. Robbins wrote ^ there about the teachertube/youtube use for delicious.  This could be used to incorporate videos that teachers could want the students to watch or videos for businesses, etc. 

    Also, for additional ways to use delicious, check out this URL:;&nbsp; It talks about how tagging your bookmarks allows for other users to see your interests, how bundling allows you to quickly access sites about specific topics, and about how you can give other users private names (even tho thats not that important).  At the end of that page is a video showing how delicious has upgraded.

    Matt, I got a majority of my information from this page on delicious:;, just so you have it for the references page.  Everything else I answered of the children was pretty much me just answering it the best I could and as original as I could.

  64. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Mon --- 730-820, 930-1020, 1030-1120, 1230-130, 430-520

    Tues --- 1030-1145 130-230

    Wed --- 930-1020 1230-120 430-520

    Thurs --- 1030-1145 130-520

    Fri --- 930-1020 1230-120 330-520

    Theres my schedule summer in case u didnt have it.  this week i have had two exams already but one is on thursday from 8-930. 

  65. Unknown User (jkostry)

    whoa random site I stumbled upon:  About top ten reasons to use delicious.

    lemme try this again lol

    1. Unknown User (mdosborn)

      that was a really good link, especially when it didn't work, im kidding but seriously it didn't work at all

  66. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    To quote summer from before, does anyone have any ideas for the presentation? Summer, can you post on here what you were going to talk about in your meeting? That way we all can see it and talk about it. Summer, as well as everyone else, here are my ideas about the presentation. First of all we need to have several plans based on what we can get from iTap. Best case scenario: two smart boards, three computers, projector, the works. While this would be amazing and probably make us look uber impressive, I fear that we may not get all of those items. Chris, I know you said that you would get it, and please keep trying, but if not, we can make it work. Personally, I feel that this is a little overkill. While we could use all of the materials, I think it would be best to have two or three ways of presenting. I think that we should have one thing, like a projector if we get one, or a laptop running a power point that talks about delicious. We can have this set up for bystanders to watch while we are occupied or we can have one person presenting with it at all times. If we get another computer, we can set it up so that it shows the webpage and everything you can do with it. We can use that as an interactive tool or have someone guiding the person with that. If we don't get the second computer, we can make a very professional looking posterboard (think industrial roundtable) that describes everything to do with delicious. This may be our best bet. realistically you want to keep things simple. While technology is flashy, a more personable and knowledgeable person is more impressive and honestly, anytime I talk to those IR people, I learn more from them than I ever do from their boards or their pamphlets. Finally, we should have someone with the bookmarks handing them to people and talking about what is one them. Matt, if you want to dress up and get people to come to our place, then that would be pretty amazing and very effective. The key is to have energy and be short and concise. We need to sell our product. It isn't that flashy in and of itself, so we really have to make it look cooler than it is. So to be completely prepared, I think that we need a power point that tells everything about delicious or a big informational posterboard, and this will be our main attraction and focus. Then we need someone who knows the website to show firsthand what it can do, and finally someone to give out the bookmarks and tell what it can be used for. This way we say what it is, connect it to something tangible, and finally say why it is the most amazing application. Summer and I can make any technological situation work so we can work details out later. We just need roles for everyone so let us know what you want to do. Do you like this method of presentation? Summer, let me know what you think as well as everyone else. Please Please post about this today (Wed Nov. 12). Hope this helps and I will stop talking now.

    1. Unknown User (chsander)

      Regardless Mitch we will still have the meeting and I expect you there. Summer has these roles all worked out and will be leading the discussion Thursday morning. I apologize if allowing you an extra hour or two of sleep is low on my priorities list.

      1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

        1. Unknown User (chsander)

          Actually it is my decision. I was also told to have an evaluator that will be checking up on all of you. The entire group will not suffer because of your lack of cooperation. Summer, Matt and I have made a plan and will execute it Thursday morning. I will not allow you to bring laziness into this group, we are finally starting to get on a run and will continue forward with or with out your help.  As for talking to our TA, dont worry we will be having a nice meeting with her and Mr. Newby. You have taken this way to far and should consider relooking up what a tyranny really means. Also I am glad you have finally learned how to post on here but 90 percent of your post is an argument with me, as is 90 percent of your collaboration time with the group.  This group has worked to hard for me to allow you to continue this nonsense. We have turned the corner and are heading toward a superior rating, either jump aboard or we will talk about having you added to another group.

  67. Unknown User (wagnerma)

  68. Unknown User (chsander)


     First off I apologize for this stupid back and forth commenting going on between mitch and I. I should of ended it after the first one and again I apologize.  Second off the meeting is still on regardless what you have read from Mitch.  We will go over alot and hopefully this will get you guys out early from lab since I know some of you have things to do this weekend. Do not let this issue with mitch and I distract you guys from our goal of a superior rating. I do have to say that I have been extremely impressed with the work that you guys have done and the huge turn around we have had this past week.  As for the participation scores that Matt gave you guys, dont feel discouraged at all. That was your score for the first three weeks and we can all agree we didnt do well. But this last week I would have to say that most of you got 10s.  Summer has been doing a great job on starting to organize the showcase and I cant wait to see the feed back from you guys during our meeting.  After looking at the other groups I think we have increased to top five. Keep it up guys!

  69. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    Alright, enough of this stupid crap! I won't be at the meeting but I hope everyone else is. Mitch, naps are God's gift to the tired people (i take them all the time). We can do this, this project is not supposed to make us all best friends, so let us just do it and not have to take the final. My grade outs have been harsh, I know, but if you want to know how I would grade myself...3 out of 10 because I haven't really done anything yet. I didn't participate in the group discussion very much in lab and I apologize. I have posted quite a few times here on confluence but they have not been extremely relevent. I would love to get the reference stuff done but can't because I don't have any of the references from the two researchers. Not a big deal but I have a hellish weekend and would like to be done by then (I have my praxis exam on saturday morning, all 3 parts and I have an all day work session at the house on sunday).

    Please, let us just work together and stop with the petty crap.

  70. Unknown User (jkostry)

    matt- i posted a site where i got some references ^ there plus another link to a page that has the "top ten reasons to use delicious".  Mitch sry about the link, i fixed it and it should be working now.  ill be at the meeting.  take down these argumentative posts becuz they are just making us look bad.  argue thru email cuz it sure isnt "superior" on here.  colleen if possible, look for research and give references to matt asap.  im going to bed gnite guys

  71. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    OK! Soooo, I would just like to apologize for what I have posted on here, which has now been subsequently edited and not deleted because you can't. I suggest that you do the same for the sake of professionalism if you said anything about it. Chris and I needed to work out some kinks in our group mentality, and I have realized what needs to be done for the group. I'm sorry for putting you all through that, and if you were fortunate enough to have not been involved, I'm sorry for all of the dashes you are now reading. I promise that my remaining posts are and will be nothing but informative, positive, and will only help the group dynamic. I strongly feel that those remaining are very important for the upcoming weeks and I would absolutely love your input. I know that you may not trust me right now, but I can assure you that I will be nothing but optimistic and willing to help from here on out. I have realized what you have all done thus far and cannot allow myself to diminish your astounding accomplishments, and am sorry for stealing your thunder. It has been a pleasure working with you and I know that we do have a tremendous group. I only hope that from here on out, I can contribute towards making this project the best. What happened was that there was a miscommunication in the purpose of my role, as simple as that sounds. Had that not happened, there would not have been any issues today, and we would be much farther along than we are now, and for that I truly am sorry. I can only ask for your forgiveness and acceptance back into the group, but I do not expect it. I wish to start with a clean slate, and be a team player. So with that being said, let's kick some @$$!

    PS: don't forget to post me some very general or advanced (if you have them) ideas for lesson plans as well as what else should go on the wiki. Thank you all, and again, I am very sorry.

    1. Unknown User (chsander)

      You heard the man TIME FOR SOME BTFU GUYS!

  72. Unknown User (careyc)

    okay so i can make it to the 830 meeting tomorrow. where will we be meeting? also mitch you can just go on the iprint website and get what we put on the bookmarks then. John we tried making it more interesting but the website wouldnt let us and on the back of the bookmarks it had under the main title who the bookmark is directed at. Also im sorry for not putting the rest of the username my bad. Chris i was wondering when and how i should get in contact with the teachers and other people you want me to be talking to. I feel i should be starting that but i have no clue who you want me to be contacting and i was wondering if we could talk about the specifics you want me to be discussing with them. And i will bring a copy of the bookmarks to the meeting tomorrow so everyone who hasnt seen them can and then we can order them after if everything looks good.

    1. Unknown User (chsander)

      Colleen, I will have their emails for you tomorrow during the meeting. See you there.

  73. Unknown User (careyc)

    okay so i just tried again to change the bookmarks and the most i can do is change the background into like clouds or something. So i dont no what u guys want to do

  74. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys! First of all, Matt- I'm really sorry I scheduled a time when you're unavailable but I know you'll be fine with us filling you in. As for the presentation, I agree that the smart boards and all the computers would be awesome; however, we  will work with what we can get. I think the power point idea is a really good one since this class is a technology class and our project 1 was a power point. Tomorrow morning we will go in more detail of what presentation day will look like and how things will be run. I have assigned everyone roles for the big day! I'm really glad to see that our entire group is back on track! I'm really excited to see everyone is motivated and pushing for the superior rating! Let's keep up the good work guys! I'm proud of everyone!

    I'm not sure who all has taken a look at the bookmarks, but the design templates were scarce and it was extremely hard to get information on them because you had to manually move words so that they fit across the bookmark.. if that makes sense? We would type 3-4 words.. add a detail line add 3-4 more words etc. and once we got to a certain line it started typing over what we already had. If anyone else has any other suggestions or possibly a different website that you know of that has custom designs, let us know and we'll get them done ASAP. We need to have them complete tonight.

    I will see you guys bright and early! Please come prepared and optimistic! (big grin)

  75. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Glad everything is straightened out.  I talked to Mitch today and we will have lesson plans done by sunday.  He said he was going to try and get them done but if he needed help I would glady assist considering im not planning on doing anything this weekend besides watch a disappointing Purdue football team LOL.  Oh well.  Anyways ill cya guys tomorrow morning, I gotta get to studying and killing myself now! (smile)

  76. Unknown User (jkostry)

    oh yeah, on top of this page could we add the "Delicious" logo or something?  Instead of the big PURDUE at the top

  77. Unknown User (bschalli)

    Good to hear that the group has come together now. Lot of groups a moving fast to get it done. I don't see any of your work like lesson plans up yet. I like the fist page but you should ask permission to see if  you can use logo on home page. BOILER UP!!!

  78. Unknown User (bschalli)

  79. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Lesson plans, as far I as I understand, are being worked on by Mitch and will be up by sunday I believe? 

  80. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Good job guys! keep it up and see you in the morning

  81. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys! Our meeting was productive today. I'm really glad to see that everyone was giving great ideas and suggestions. Getting a head start on the showcase should be a nice advantage and  a huge relief. I also think the wiki is coming along great and it looks really good! We're all doing a great job communicating and doing our part in the group. I really felt like a team this morning! 

  82. Unknown User (chsander)


    I also wanted to comment on the meeting. Outstanding job showing up and overall a very productive meeting. Remember the things we talked about and great job.  Also, if I can do enough damage on the wiki today, I might be able to get us out of lab after the TA is done giving her intro speech!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Unknown User (chsander)

    Well guys, Im starting to get pretty pissed off. It seems that even if you type code in the code section, it just makes it so its like you typed it in the regular section. For example I looked up how to make a link in wiki markup and they said just type the link then an exclaimation point and then the word you want as the link. For example:!nfl that should of gave me nfl as a link on our page. Instead the wiki just put!nfl on our site. Im ready to throw my computer out the window

    1. Unknown User (jkostry)

      hey man dont throw ur computer lol.  i kno u want alot of it done now but if we cant get the links up, we'll just have to go to oshea about it.  He'll know what to do.  I agree tho great group meeting I feel like we are really starting to put stuff together.  Summer that was a well prepared meeting on ur part as well.  I am mad that the coffee machine didn't work at first tho >(sad)

  84. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey guys i hope your days went well and for john and mitch that you did well on your exams! so tonight i am going to try to finish the bookmarks/try to improve them as much as possible. Also, i am making the papers that will have the information that is going on the poster that i'm making this weekend. Do we need to have a powerpoint made because i can do that this weekend pretty easily? just let me know. John are you still available to go get the board tomorrow cuz i have class at 830,930,1230,230, and then our lab so i can go with you if you still want me to after my 930 class?

  85. Unknown User (careyc)

    okay so i went on to again and there is no food background that would fit the bookmarks. I tried all different ones but they were all the same dull look. I then went on the web to look at more options for bookmark making companies and could not find any that worked either. So the options are keep looking or order the boring ones. what do you guys think we should do?

  86. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Colleen, I would be more than happy to help with the poster and powerpoint. Just let me know a time this weekend! As for the bookmarks.. we can probably take a look at them in lab tomorrow

  87. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Sorry for not getting back to u sooner colleen...i literally passed out last nite and just woke up not too long ago lol.  I feel like this past week has just made me so tired BUT it is over and I am feeling quite relieved.  Whenever you want me to pick u up to get that posterboard is fine just call me 5742504511....i hvae class at 1230-130 and then 330-530 so it mite be easier after 530 if thats at all possible with you?   I don't really have anything to do this coming week so I am available for help with anything at pretty much anytime guys (preferably in the afternoon, I enjoy my sleep (smile) ).   Anyways, BOILER UP!!!

  88. Unknown User (careyc)

    i forgot i have a spanish exam tonight at 600 so if there is anyway you can go tomorrow i think that would work best. Let me know (smile)

  89. Unknown User (huang101)

    Hi guys,

    It is glad to see all of you are trying to make contribution to your team. I believe you will have more and more great ideas if keep discussing. However, we're running out of time.

    My suggestion is, form the outline for your wiki chapter and  synthesize all of your thoughts within the chapter. Don't try to make things perfect at the first time, because it is almost impossible. But don't worry, we'll have time to improve it in the following two weeks.  

  90. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Colleen I'm not doing anything today so feel free to call me when you want to get that posterboard.   Number is ^ there lol

  91. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey guys i finished the powerpoint and i didnt no if you wanted me to email you guys a link to it so you all can see it to add comments and corrections. let me know.

  92. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys, for the bookmarks did we decide that we wanted to do what we worked with in lab? Just wondering so I can get it done ASAP! Let me know what you guys think

  93. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    Hey guys! It's great to hear from you all finally. My weekend was a lot of fun and filled with so much dancing. My legs are killing me today and will feel even worse tomorrow. Oh well. So, the wiki looks a little different but not much. I was wondering what you would like me to add to it Matt and Chris. I don't have my lesson plans anymore since they were only on a hard copy, but if you would send them to me, I would gladly attempt to put them on our wiki sometime tomorrow night for Tuesday. I would also be more than happy to try and work with the rest of it, and after tuesday, if we are really stuck, I will ask my CS friend to take a look at it.

    As for the book marks, I think that they looked awesome in lab. My only suggestion would be to jazz it up the background with a few more pictures since you can't have the colored background AND the pictures. Other than that just make sure all of the writing is clearly legible like dark enough or light enough to read depending on what you need.

    Colleen, that is awesome of you to do the power point since it wasn't even really your job to do in the first place. If you could send it to us all that would be great and summer and I could make suggestions on how to change it or use it for the needs of the showcase.

    Summer, could you let me know what more you would like to me to work on for the showcase next? Thanks!

    Seriously, AWESOME job everyone! See you tomorrow!

  94. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Uhm there is some writing and some strange coding at the top of this page?? whats up with that lol

  95. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Dang, no one has posting anything in a while.  Anyways, we all just got that email from Yemin telling us that we need to score 94% to be considered "superior" so lets finalize this and get that grade.  Honestly, I feel like we still have a lot to do.  Some things to think about:  Logo on top of page, Table of Contents, Hyperlinking within the confluence, additional pictures?, posterboard (which I kno Summer and Colleen said they were working on I think?), references, and anything else to make our page look "nice".  Chris when do you want to meet with Kevin O'shea?

  96. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey everyone! I agree with John's ideas about making our wiki page better. Do you all want me to schedule another meeting outside of lab time to work? I think it really helped last week. Just let me know how you all feel.

    Colleen - We need to set up a time this week to meet and make the poster and work on the bookmarks, I really think we need to get those finalized soon since we'll need to place our order and have plenty of time to get them shipped.

    Have we heard back from our letter yet? 

  97. Unknown User (careyc)

    yes we do i am busy tomorrow in the day but i can meet at night? let me know.

  98. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    I think we should just work on the wiki on our own. Just try to play around with it and see what you can do. Try not to delete any information, and please please add to it! If you can't figure out what you did and it got messed up, just let me know and I will take a look at it. If you can add the information, even generally that I put in the coming attractions, Please do so. Also, if anyone can figure out how to link stuff, that would be awesome! I will keep trying to work on it tomorrow, but at least it looks clean now. Later!

  99. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Good job putting in the table of contents!

    Colleen- I can meet today after 6:30 or tomorrow any time before 12:30 or after 2 just let me know what time will work best

  100. Unknown User (careyc)

    would you like to come over at 730?

  101. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Mitch good job updating the wiki chapter even tho thats primarily someone elses job....  Now we have to figure out the linking which I believe Chris and I will do after we meet with o'shea.  Chris, where have you been LOL?  and Matt as well

    1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      Thank you, although I really just rearraged what was there. I didn't actually add anything, but it was my job to figure out how to use the technology and I thought why not learn and make myself useful in the process. Thanks though!

  102. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    Sorry guys. I did the best I could. The stupid images are really mean. I will try more tomorrow. Oh and please add a lot of stuff and links to places on the page would be great! Later guys!

  103. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys! Colleen and I are meeting to work on bookmarks and the poster tonight at 7:30. Just letting everyone know how our progress is going

  104. Unknown User (careyc)

    yea mitch really good job on the page it looks great!

  105. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Does anyone know where chris and matt have been? They havent posted on here in a while and matt is in charge of the wiki chapter.  So....???

  106. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    I was wondering the same thing...

  107. Unknown User (careyc)

  108. Unknown User (chsander)

    Sorry guys, I know i have been gone but I have had some medical and personal issues that had to be dealt with and that I would rather not talk about.  Great job on the wiki so far, and I have learned how to code "better" but no promises. I do happen to know how to set up the table of contents as links on the page and will attempt to do that in lab tomorrow.  Great job and see you guys tomorrow

  109. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys! I found some other similar applications to at

    Matt- Put this down as a reference. 

  110. Unknown User (jkostry)

    BACKGROUND-- "Delicious (formerly, pronounced "delicious") is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.  The site was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. It has more than five million users and 150 million bookmarked URLs.  It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California."   --(

     HISTORY--"The precursor to Delicious was Muxway, a link blog that had grown out of a text file that Schachter maintained to keep track of links related to Memepool.  In September 2003, Schachter released the first version of Delicious. In March 2005, he left his day job to work on Delicious full-time, and in April 2005 it received approximately $2 million in funding from investors including Union Square Ventures and  Yahoo! acquired Delicious on December 9, 2005.  Various guesses suggest it was sold from somewhere between US$15 million and US$30 million." -- (

     ADDITIONAL INFORMATION-- Other similar applications or web services include: BlinkList (, OYAX (,, Digg (  (Use Summer's link about for reference website.)

    Well theres some information.  Thank you Summer on the suggestion for the wikipedia page that was very helpful (smile). Colleen, when do we need the card stock by? 

     Let me know what else you need guys.  I will be busy tomorrow until we meet.  I will also be late to the prep time at stewart becuz of classes but ill get there asap.

  111. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey guys sorry i wasnt in class today i passed out and then had to go to the hospital. Chris i am emailing you the bookmarks tonight. John the monday when we get back would be great so i can print them then. Sorry again.

  112. Unknown User (mdosborn)

    Hey, thanks to everyone that came today. Just so everyone knows. I reserved that room in the DLC for us to do our presentation run throughs on Wednesday the 3rd at 8 p.m.  This should be fine for everyone so I cant wait to do this and get it done. Also, I will have our 'mission statement' done this break, so I will email it to everyone so that you can start trying to learn it for the showcase.

  113. Unknown User (careyc)

    chris the bookmarks arent working and im going to kill my computer!!! it sent me the email back for some reason so if you didnt get it let me know but if u did let me no too so i dont have to resend it. the thing i sent u should only be the plain version for online if u want the pretty ones it will take me til tomorrow night cuz they are being a pain in the butt!

    1. Unknown User (chsander)

      I havent got anything from you colleen

  114. Unknown User (sbwahl)

    Hey guys! The page is improving a lot! Good job on the links and adding information. Remember to change the font color like the group told us in their peer evaluation.  There are a lot of colors goin on!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  115. Unknown User (chsander)


     I spent alot of time on our page but could not finish because you guys didnt give me what I needed.  Where are the bookmarks, original powerpoints, and the other things we wanted for our sites?  Colleen, Im pretty sure you owe me most of the stuff missing.  Come on guys I need that stuff.  Also I am officially a CODING expert added some cool stuff, including a search bar and participation log.  The participation log is basicaly saying who has worked on the site not left comments on the site.

  116. Unknown User (jkostry)

    WOW chris fantastic job on the page.  You must have put a good deal of time into this.  What do you need from me rite now? 

    Also, I just gota new cell number 5742618014 so everyone write it down or something. 

  117. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Chris i just noticed that you dont have the history i proved ^ there in the wiki chapter and that was one of the things we got counted off for pretty bad in that evaluation.  Colleen or whoever is doing bookmarks i will give a ride to get that paper just let me know a good time in advance.  I am broke as hell right now so i wont be able to pay for the paper (sad) hope thats not an inconvenience....    ill keep checking on here today for comments but if someone needs help with something let me know.  I am kinda busy today but im willing to assist as best as i can.  we still need links on the site and references as well

  118. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    Chris, did you ever get the lesson plans typed up yet? I can't expand on them until you get them up. Also, I heard we have a meeting on wednesday. I have class until ten thirty and another one at twelve thirty, but I will be there after my first class to practice. Summer, how are things coming along? What would you like me to help you with? Well, good job everyone, Chris the site looks great!!! Do you still need more help with it? Well, take care and I hope to hear from you soon (smile)

  119. Unknown User (careyc)

    when is the meeting that everyone is talking about and where is it going to be?

  120. Unknown User (chsander)

    Guys meeting is at 8pm on wednesday at the DLC.  If you dont know where that is give me a call and I will meet with you guys somewhere and we can walk down there.  We have the room till 12pm so plan on staying untill I feel the project is done.  This is the last stage and last meeting so the meeting is mandatory.  Everything wrong with the project will be fixed.  Also Colleen bring the bookmarks so we can see what they look like.  Summer you need to bring those boarders, posters, and the delicious banner you were going to make.  Basically everything that we need for the presentation and everything that we will use (other than the smart board)will need to be present for the meeting.  Please dont forget anything, this is our one and only group run through.  If their are problems call me or text me.  Write a comment on here that you read this.  Thanks guys.

  121. Unknown User (chsander)

    John go ahead and plug in the history and background on the site.  Just follow the coding thats already in place, shouldnt be hard at all.  Let me know if you have problems.  Mitch we will do the lesson plans wednesday at the meeting.

  122. Unknown User (careyc)

    hey i have no clue where that is (the DLC)

  123. Unknown User (jkostry)

    Yeah I'm a little clueless on where DLC is, is that the room our presentation will be in thursday? cuz i thought that is what we planned.  chris I think i have time to post stuff up today between classes but if i dont, im sure we can do it tonite at the meeting. Someone bring a laptop because my computer wont pick up wireless its weird...

  124. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    The DLC is the digital learning center at the basement of hicks. John, I am going to work on the website today by rearraging stuff and combining a few of the headings to make it more like Yemin and the ppl from Canada want it, but we could for sure use some more information. I will try to post what you wrote earlier too. Later!

    1. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      Yemin Huang:

      Your wiki chapter looks amazing! Please don't forget to add the references
      at the bottom of your wiki page (smile)

      Here are some suggestions:
      1. modify the hyperlinks: some links (eg. international, current educational
      value) in table of content
      2. where are the lesson plans?
      3. change the front. The front in some sections make me feel confused. For
      example, in "step by step" section, the size of "step one" is much bigger
      than the section title "step by step". My suggestion is, make the front size
      smaller than the section title.
      4. do you want to merge some sections? I noticed that you have many
      sections. Some of them are quite short(eg. unique uses). Some of them are
      similar. Do you want to combine those sections into one? For example, you
      might consider to combine "educational use" and "educational value".
      5. order of the sections. Think about this, if someone who have no idea
      about "Delicious" review your wiki chapter, what is the first thing she/he
      wants to read? I will want to know about what "Delicious" is, rather than
      the "international". Different people will have different ideas for the
      order. You can discuss that with your team members.

      Canada People:

      Web 2.0 Wiki Chapter Review

      Student Name (First Last) : Teri Butt

      Student Number (no dashes) : 300105670

      Date Reviewed (mm/dd/yyyy) : 11/28/08Web 2.0 ApplicationWeb 2.0 Application's Name :

      Team # or Group Name : 31Content Analysis: Rate the Wiki Chapter's ContentFor the questions below, please click on a rating in the left?hand cell between 1?Poor and 5?Excellentand then in the right?hand cell explain, justify, or describe your rating.1. Content is relevant and cohesive throughout the wiki chapter1 2 3 4 5Everything is well written but I would like to know about what the

      application is and the history before you are explaining about not having

      an international partner and educational uses.

      2. Relevant media (graphics, video, and screenshots) are incorporated1 2 3 4 5Great screenshots on how to get going.

      3. Lesson plans for elementary and/or secondary school are included1 2 3 4 5There is a listing for them, but they are not set up yet. Listed only as

      coming attractions.

      4. Business and/or industry uses and characteristics are discussed1 2 3 4 5Discussed how they could use this application for teaching examples. I

      know that this is explained as a bookmarking application, but are there any

      other uses??

      5. International uses, characteristics, and differences are discussed1 2 3 4 5They implied that they have no international partners and were only able

      to generated guesses on uses.

      6. Application's purpose and utility (usefulness; how it is used) are discussed1 2 3 4 5Went into great detail to show you how to use it as well included step by

      step screen shots on how to get going with this application.

      7. Application's target audience is described; the typical user is identified1 2 3 4 5There was no discussion on target audience.

      8. Overall comprehensiveness or completeness of analysis and chapter discussion1 2 3 4 5They were able to communicate throughout the wiki chapter on what this

      application is useful for. I would change the format on how the application

      opens so that I understand what the application is before I am being told

      about uses.Structure and Format: Rate the Wiki Chapter's FormatFor the questions below, please click on a rating in the left?hand cell between 1?Poor and 5?Excellentand then in the right?hand cell explain, justify, or describe your rating.1. Attractiveness and visual appeal (colors, fonts, layout) of the chapter1 2 3 4 5The chapter had functional appearance. I am wondering why there are

      different coloured fonts throughout the paper??

      2. Usability, learnability, and ease of navigation (headings and hyperlinks are used)1 2 3 4 5The chapter was easily usable with a table of contents at the beginning,

      which were hyperlinked to different sections of the paper. The headings

      made it easy to navigate, and at the end of each section you were able to

      go back to the top, all good features of web sites.

      3. Free from spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors

      1 2 3 4 5There were some spelling and grammatical errors. It would be advisable to

      send this through a spelling and grammar check before you post on line.Feedback and Commentary{*}For the questions below, please provide a paragraph response.*1. What did you like about this wiki chapter? What is done well, in your opinion?

      I really liked all of the screen shots that took you through how to get set up. One of the most

      confusing things that are associated with a new application is what you are supposed to do to

      get started. With all of the screen shots, you can have a level of expectation of what you are

      going to see that will make it much easier to use.

      2. What are the weaknesses of this chapter (not the application)?

      The biggest weakness that I find with this application has to do with how the chapter opens. I

      feel that it should have opened with a history of the application and section explain what the

      application is. When the chapter started explaining about international and educational uses

      before I knew what the application was, I became confused. It is important that readers

      understand what they are reading about before you teach them how to use this application.

      3. How would you improve the content (i.e., what editing or additions are required)?

      First off, I would describe what the application was before I started explaining uses. Second, I

      would get all of the font in the same colour or I would explain why it is not in the same colour.

      Third, there are some spelling and grammatical errors that need to be corrected.

      4. How would you improve the formatting (i.e., layout and structure)?

      I would have all the text the same colour, if there is no reason for it to be different. As well, I

      would open with the history and what the application is before I started to talk about uses.

      5. Please provide any additional feedback that would help the team revise their wiki chapter.

      This is a great start to a wiki chapter, there are only a few changes that I would make and they

      are listed above. You may want to go back through the chapter with a thesaurus and see if you

      can find any other words for application and bookmark as these are used heavily throughout the


      Let's make sure we do all of this stuff!!! Good luck and I'll see you at eight.

    2. Unknown User (wagnerma)

      OK, so I went through the reviews and I made a list of the stuff they wanted us to change and a plan that I believe will work. Here you go:


      What is Delicious and What is it Used For?

      -target audience

      -information from ppt

      How it All Started:

      -post John's information from comments

      How to Get Started:

      -maybe talk more about the screenshots

      -info from ppt

      Educational Value and Uses:

      -lesson plans

      Info from ppt

      Business Value and Uses:

      -business plan

      -info from ppt

      Unique Uses and Other Yummy Information:

      -more on international

      -more other uses (Be creative) 

      Re-do order

      Combine Educational Use and Educational Value.

      Combine other sections.

      Check colors of fonts and font size

      Make sure table of contents matches new order and title headings


      Find other words for application and bookmark

      OK. I looked and there aren't any other words for bookmark and none of the ones for application applied.

      I'm going to try to change some of it today, but I dont' really want to mess with it all that much. Chris, I really need you to change the structure in case I mess up the code. I don't think we should spend the whole time working on this tonight. I can help for a little bit, but I have a ton of time to work on it tomorrow. I know it is right before the presentation, but if you could change it before tonight that would be awesome! Also, I won't have the presentation memorized by tonight because I just got it yesterday, but don't worry. I will be more than prepared for it by tomorrow night, so please don't hold us forever just because I don't know the presentation. Well, See you later.

  125. Unknown User (careyc)

    problem with the bookmarks- so i just got my computer back from the itap people and it works now. the bookmarks werent erased which is a good thing. however, we still dont have to paper to print them on and secondly my printer has no ink. I will bring one page tonight and it wont have color cuz im printing it from the school lab computers but i was hoping someone else had a printer and i can email them to you so you could print them off. thanks a million and sorry for the inconvenience. see you all tonight

  126. Unknown User (wagnerma)

    OK. So I re-did the website. I hope you like it (smile) I still think that we need to go more in detail in the step by step section. Also, I need the lesson plans. And I think we should talk more about the features of delicious and how to use them. I feel like we don't describe all of the intricate details of how cool delicious really is, plus it will get us more content. Oh and we should probably have a references part too. Also, I edited the power point and I will send it to you all. All of that information is already on the site. If you could all edit the site and add more or whatever, please do that! If anything, just post whatever you think or want to add or change on a post here. See you soon. Drive carefully because it is supposed to be snowing pretty hard by then. See ya!