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  • 5. How is Seesmic related to other applications?
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?What other websites are similar to Seesmic?       Seesmic is often called the "video Twitter" because it can be seen as the video version of Twitter.  Twitter is a social networking site that allows its users to post updates of what they are currently doing.  Seesmic has just recently added a third party application called Twhirl where users can access Twitter directly from their desktops.

?In what ways is Seesmic similar to other websites?

        Seesmic is very similar to websites that allow its users to upload any video on to the site, like YouTube for example.  It is also similar to blogging only it is through video instead of written.  It is also similar to different websites that communicate with eachother because people can comment on different videos and communicate back and forth to eachother this way.

?In what ways is Seesmic unique and different than other websites?

       Seesmic is geared towards making it easier to upload videos using a webcam.  It also has three episodic features, Seesmic Du Jour, Seesmix, and Seesmic Cafe.  Seesmic Du Jour talks about recent changes and notes of interest.  Seesmix is a review of notable topics discussed recently in the Seesmic community.  Seesmic Cafe is comparable to a comedic talk show, where hot topics are discussed.  Seesmic is also a way to communicate with other people who have posted videos.  On most websites where you can upload videos you can comment on the video through text but hardly ever through another video.  Seesmic has been quoted as being an "in your face communication" because people can now make friends that live thousands of miles away from eachother.


?How can Seesmic collaborate with other similar websites?

          Seesmic can work with Twitter and YouTube.  A user can upload a video on Seesmic, then post it on their account on Twitter.  Users can also use content from other sites like YouTube, and add them to their Seesmic account.  Any video uploaded in Seesmic can be uploaded on to any other video website, like YouTube.


Created by: Haley Bender and  Meredith Doepner

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  1. Unknown User (hbender)

    I agree with Aubrey and Kelsey where seesmic is comparable to different applications such as youtube and twitter.  I really like the fact that people have discussions through video, I've never really seen anything like that.

  2. Unknown User (ltease)

    Has anyone found anything about being able to do synchronous chats?

  3. Unknown User (flecka)

    I have not used twitter, but I agree that it is close to youtube

  4. Unknown User (hbender)

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  5. Unknown User (mdoepner)

    Laura --- this is my one reference.

    Seesmic. CrunchBase.  Retrieved November 8, 2008, from