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  1. Unknown User (baker51)

       iGoogle was originally named Google Personalized Homepage and Google GI.  It is a free and fully accessible Google application that serves as a personalized home page, similar to that of My Yahoo! and Netvibes.  iGoogle users also get to select unique themes for their homepage. On the self-designed, at-a-glance information page, user can organize such content as Gmail, top news headlines, weather forecasts, stock quotes, movie show times, games, pictures, and so much more. On the iGoogle homepage, the user can use "Gadgets", which interact and appeal to the user's interests. iGoogle allows integration of all Google applications in a canvas view, that is, it permits the application full screen and functioning access, this is available for applications like Google Reader, and Google Docs. It was first released in May of 2005. Later it was renamed, expanded and rereleased on April 30, 2007.  It can be accessed in 42 languages and over 70 countries.