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iGoogle is designed as a customizable and personalized homepage. It can be enhanced with gadgets that bring news, weather, current events, and much more to the user in one simple page.  It can provide users with a large variety of information in a very short amount of time. Since it is completely customizable it therefore plays to the user's likes, and desires, bringing only the information that is personally relevant and important in.

iGoogle provides the user with many different gadgets from news and weather to entertainment and games.  It can be used in almost every setting possible.  iGoogle can easily be incorporated in the world of business, by connecting all employees with Gmail, and providing the latest and most up to date financial information.  It can be incorporated into education very easily, with applications that involve foreign language, and connecting users to history, literature, art and science. iGoogle can open many doors for students, teachers, businesses, and general users, by increasing the speed and access to enormous amounts of information.  The experience is just a few clicks away.

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