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  1. Unknown User (alpepple)

     Ok , this a rough reply to this question. I am still researching, but I will leave you with what I have found out so far.

     Question: What is the purpose of this application? What does it do?


    -to provide a better experience for users and a better platform for publishers and developers. Users can select unique themes for thier Google homepages. Thier is a little youtube video that shows you the basis of this.

    -iGoogle represents Google's attempt to improve search through personalization and to encourage users to spend more time on Google sites. It does, however for you to have a Google account.

    -it can display advertising (but more engaging  and graphically rich)

    -has what is called a "canvas view"; it expands a small Gadget window that can maxamize to full-screen real estate. Canvas view allows developers to deliver richer content, games, and UI to users on iGoogle as well as the opportunity to monetize.

    iGoogle is getting quite the buzz lately within the Google site. A lot of people are seeing all that it can offere to make searching, bloggin, and sharing documents with others easily. And if you have heard the good news about it, it is very easy to get started.

    For new users who want to have their own iGoogle homepage, go to the regular Goolge website first. Up in the upper right hand corner, there is a little tab that says "iGoogle", click on it. You will follow the directions about how to get started and create your own iGoogle homepage, which is all pretty easy to create. Although, you are required/requested to have a Google account first.

    iGoogle offers a lot more than the usual Google, because it was upgraded, if you will, and improved. First on an iGoogle account, users can select a theme for their Google. This has become a "crucial" feature because the choosing of a theme can help build an emtional relationship between you and Google. These many colorful themse help uses give their own personalization-which is the main promotion of iGoogle. Second, you can add features that you want on your homepage, such as local weather, the news, movie reviews, and the newest feature "web history". Adding this feature, grants you to look up things quicker and without much hassle because it is a presonalized search of all the websites that you have visited in the past and not any additional others. And you can always delete any websites you want off of your search history. Lastly, it is easier and more accessible to share things with other users. You can share writing documents, videos, audios, other creative information, and personalized views of websites to other users or consumers.

    iGoogle's functions and offers can be closley related to the features of MySpace, Facebook, Flickr etc. Although, with iGoogle, you can share websites and links with a personalized search. iGoolge main priniciple is personalization, to make it your homepage, your information that you have looked up and shared. You can also use "widgets" and "gadgets" to make certain contents available and accessible. You can add tabs that you want on you homepage that you will use often or what you want to partcularly know about-provides a complete application access.


    Written by: Angela L. Peppler

  2. Unknown User (ctunnicl)

    Question: How does it work? Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?


    iGoogle is a website that you can personalize as your homepage with things that are important to you or your job. Through iGoogle you can set up an email address too. Some gadgets that you can add to your iGoogle webpage include games, YouTube, weather reports, jokes, quotes, movie times and local or national news headlines. To start using iGoogle and add all of these features, a user just needs to go to The next step requires the user to select "Get Started" under the search box in the middle of the page. The website guides the user through several steps with clear instructions about how to select gadgets, set up a user name and password and begin using the site. It is a very simple process. To continue using iGoogle after the initial time, users must use their user name and password to log in.