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  1. Unknown User (arhill)

    Igoogle can relate to other applications in the fact that Igoogle allows the user to create their own home page by selecting things that the user finds to be entertaining. Such as news, music, entertainment, games, cooking, sports, and business just to name a few.  By allowing this igoogle can now relate to other web applications such as YouTube, T.V.,  iTunes .   It is allowing the user to be able to access their favorite websites through their home page.   By doing this it is cutting out a lot of the in between work.  IGoogle can relate to any Google application. Also it is related to other applications in the fact that iGoogle allows the users to use it for mail, gathering information, even having a better way to organize web files. IGoogle is making it easier for people to use. It relates to other web applications such as Yahoo and Windows live.  Igoogle is determined to become the best and is making it easier for their users. IGoogle is enabling people to work together, even if they are not in the same place. Most people use web applications for things like mail. G-mail is making it easier for its users. To join G-mail someone can get an account by sending a request from their mobile phone or by having a user invite them. When using Yahoo mail or Windows Live mail beta you have to get on a waiting list to join. They are trying to make themselves better than any other web application out there.  The people at google had a meeting talking about how to become better then Facbook. Facbook is becoming one of the largest internet sites out there today for College students. Google is noticing this and they want to become better. It's just another way that google is trying to better themselves from other web applications. It relates to other web applications such as Yahoo. They are both very similar search engines and are going head to head to become the best. But in reality Google is taking the time and money to become the best.