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iGoogle can be used in many different and unique ways. Like many other programs, users can use iGoogle to look at a calendar, check the weather, recent news, and other daily tools. iGoogle can also be used in more complex ways. The more complex ways that users can use this program include being able to check Gmail webmail from their homepage. This makes it extremely easy for a person to quickly access their new mail messages. Another great thing about this application is that it is an easily customized homepage. iGoogle provides different "widgets" that make various "sub-applications" more accessible. Some of these include iReminder which allows the user to set up a to do list. Another bonus from these gadgets is that while many businesses and schools use Microsoft Outlook as their mail service, iGoogle can accomodate mail and calendar from Outlook on an iGoogle tab. The best part about iGoogle is that it provides all of these great tools and services for free! This is a huge factor as to why iGoogle is the most helpful program to be used in schools and businesses all over the world. Below are some unique ways to use the gadgets provided by iGoogle to enhance a user's customized webpage.

In businesses all over the world, iGoogle is a great application for all employees. Many of the widgets that iGoogle has can allow fast access to programs that employees use on a daily basis. For instance, a few of these helpful widgets include Google Notebook Scratch Pad, iSuggest, iReminder, Timesheet Recorder, Callwave Text Messaging, and Google Calender.
-Google Notebook Scratch Pad: This can be used to take down quick notes during meetings or at the user's desk. Using iGoogle, a user can tag entries, export these entries into
Google documents and send them through Gmail.
-iSuggest: This gadget can be used to look up other websites that are related to the ones that a user is searching for. This allows more research done for the user without doing any extra work.
-iReminder: A useful gadget that can send reminders to a mobile device, an e-mail address, and sometimes to other programs.
-Timesheet Recorder: This allows users an easy way to keep track of time, minute by minute.
-CallWave Text Messaging: Using this gadget, users can send text messages through iGoogle instead of typing it out on their mobile device.

In the classroom, besides the gadgets, iGoogle is a great resource for students to begin researches and to find any general information. The search tool on iGoogle is extremely easy to use and perfect for all ages to use. Not only is this site helpful for students, it is extremely helpful for teachers. For teachers, they can use this tool to search for information they may need for lesson plans, use gadgets, and keep all of the applications they often use throughout the day in one place. The ease and convenience of the iGoogle homepage is ideal for teachers. One exmaple is that users can have their mail from Microsoft Outlook and many other mail accounts in their main page by using special gadgets. A teacher can easily create a class iGoogle account and homepage. This would allow for students to have easy access from home or school to whatever the teacher wants them to be able to view. Some gadgets that may be helpful in the classroom include the following: To-Do-List, Notebook, Word of the Day, Top Stories, iReminder, Enhanced Bookmarks Gadget, and Make Your Own Gadget.

-To-Do-List: This allows a teacher to not only create a daily reminder list on her own homepage for herself, but also create one on her student's homepage to keep track of daily tasks, the lesson of the day, and homework assignments that are due.

-Notebook: Students can type quick notes while doing research or other work on the internet or computer.

-Word of the Day: Students can expand their vocabulary by using this gadget that takes up a very small amount of space.

-Top Stories: This is a fun and unique way that students can get acquainted with current events.

-iReminder: Teachers can create a lesson plan ahead of time on iGoogle and have it sent to their e-mail for whenever they need it.

-Enhanced Bookmark Gadget: Allows teachers to create a list of web links that may help enhance their students' learning.

-Make Your Own Gadget: Teachers can create their own presentation or content to share with their students.

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