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  • How can this application be used in an educational learning system?
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iGoogle can be very helpful in elementary and secondary level learning situations.  On iGoogle, gadgets are available for students.  Countdowns can be made for assignments, daily reminders, or simple lists can be made available for students to view the upcoming agdenda.  One of the most useful features about iGoogle is that it allows students and teachers to communicate effectively with each other.  Teachers will be able to reminds students in class of events or homework that is due, but incase students were to forget they could always check their iGoogle.  The same situation for teachers applies as well; if a teacher were to forget to remind their student's of something during class, they could send out and urgent message through iGoogle to remind them, or have a countdown for the assignment posted previously on iGoogle so the students could be constantly reminded.  This application would also be helpful for the students to communicate with each other on questions, concerns, or just general comments about subjects.  At the elementary level, students don't often exchange phone numbers with each other for help on daily assignements.  With iGoogle, the students could contact their peers at anytime if they had a question or concern regarding an assignment.  

Not only can iGoogle be very beneficial to students and teachers, but it can also be fun!  iGoogle has applications such as video chat, photo albums, and you can even personalize your iGoogle to have the settings to make it easy to navigate to your specific interests!  Learning is always better and easier when it can also be enjoyable and fun!   

One of the main educational learning areas iGoogle can be used is in post secondary education. IGoogle allows teachers to create a site for any specific class that they wish. On this site, the teacher can place the students' assignment, they can also create a notebook which allows the teacher to write notes for the students to access or they can also make changes to the assignments. One way teachers can use iGoogle in their classroom, is through educational distance learning. This type of learning occurs when the teacher and student can be in different places at different times, or when the teacher and student are in different places at the same time. A second way teachers can teach through distance learning by using iGoogle is by hosting online seminars that the students must participate in. One other way teachers can use distance learning through iGoogle is done by having a guest lecturer during their class, or by allowing the students to see live demonstrations that the teacher has done. Another way teachers can use iGoogle is by having students do online office hours with them instead of having them come to their office to talk to them. Teachers can also connect with other colleagues by using iGoogle to discuss ideas.

A different way iGoogle can be used in post secondary education is shown through the students. Just like the teachers, the students can also benefit from using iGoogle in the classroom or at home. IGoogle also offers an easier way for groups to communicate when working on projects. Some of these ways that students can communicate is through voice or video chats with students within the group. Through this, other students that are in the group will be able to hear and see what they other students in the group are thinking. Another way iGoogle allows groups to work in ease is through the sharing of websites, notes, ideas and or resources. Instead of having to get together to work on things, students now have the opportunity to work on iGoogle to come up with what they need to do.

Another area where the IGoogle application can be used is in businesses and industries. In these two areas, the "business" can create a personal webpage for their business. This then allows the workers to communicate back and forth with each other through Gmail or by chatting. When this is done, the workers are able to receive immediate feedback from other workers in the business. A different way that iGoogle can be used in businesses is during faculty/business meetings. Instead of handing out papers for the people taking place in the meeting, the person in charge of the meeting can do a presentation by displaying it on iGoogle. When this is done, anyone within that business can see what went on during the meeting, and the meetings now can be run more efficiently and with ease.   

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