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iGoogle is an amazing tool that can easily be brought into the classroom, and give it a new dimension. It is a great tool that requires no extra funding and can quickly bring the larger world into the classroom

There are gadgets that can be added for almost anything, and any subject that the students are working on. And they can be added in just a few mouse clicks! Consider a few enhancements to a lesson plan that can be easily provided by iGoogle:

Language Arts-Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary

Many gadgets exist on iGoogle to facilitate to the classes specific needs but some very useful ones that can easily be incorporated are "Quotes of the Day" "Word of the Day" "Daily Literary Quote" "Online English Grammar" and "Match Up (Word Game)."  Each of these gadgets can bring variety into the classroom, and really contribute to daily lesson plans.  Quotes of the day can be used as writing prompts.  The Online English Grammar gadget can be used to help students correct mistakes in their papers and to write with proper grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.  And to bring some educational fun into the classroom, allowing students to play the Match Up Word Game is a great way to spark some interest in Language Arts.

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There are near limitless possibilities that will allow students to go beyond the classroom.  In doing a space or universe unit, NASA gadgets can easily be added and incorporated to enhance the learning experience.  NASA offers a live video feed, and an image of the day, allowing students to see and experience new things.  Along with a space unit incorporating NASA, the "Sally Ride Science" gadget could also be used, it is designed to spark intrest in children about space exploration and science in general.

Other gadgets that offer great possibilities for the class to learn are the "Discovery News Top Stories: Discovery Channel" and "This Week in Science" both of these will bring the cutting edge of science directly into the classroom, and open new doors to students.

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There are several gadgets devoted to furthering the understanding of mathematics, and many can easily be used to help enhance students learning as well. For the teacher there is "Free Math Worksheets form MWO" which will supply math sheets appropriate for many different ages.

For students there are several educational tools that can be used quickly and easily the  "Step by Step Math Solving Calculator" can walk students through difficult math problems, and break it down piece by piece, it is great for difficult homework.  Another great tool is the "Math Dictionary" which allows the teacher or student to look up difficult math terms.

For younger students there are also several great features that iGoogle can help with.  A gadget called "Jump Grades" offers a personalized tutoring program, that assesses the students needs and then facilitates to them. (This is also available for reading.)

But there are other gadgets that will bring a little educational fun into the classroom as well. For younger students "Bee Smart Math Addition (Spider Attack)" and "Bee Smart Math Times Table" both of which provide students with great practice. For more advance learners there are a few options as well the "NumberCruncher Game" and "Math in a Minute."

Social Studies

This subject matter can easily be enhanced with iGoogle.  For current events an RSS feed can be added to the homepage that will bring all sorts of breaking news stories right into the classroom.  There are also gadgets that can be added to supply students and teachers alike with current events "Google News" "" and "Time-Top Stories" just to name a few.

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But current events is not the only aspect that can be enhanced, "This Day in History" can be added and will allow students to learn what happened of historical significance each day of the week.

Geography can also be assisted by iGoogle students can access the "'s Geography Game" which will have them put the world or certain countries or continents together.  There is also the "Geography Game:  USA Game" which has players put the US in order. Both of these games can help students learn the placement of states and countries around the world.  Another way that geography can be enhanced with iGoogle is through the Google Maps gadget that can be added.  This will allow students and teachers alike to view and zoom in on almost any part of the world they would like.

English as a Second Language and Foreign Language

There are many ways to bring Foreign Language learning into the classroom with iGoogle.  There are gadgets that include "Spanish Word of the Day" which provides students with a Spanish word and its English equivalent. But it also provides phrases for students to learn. It also allows them to hear the word with the "Audio Word of the Day." Want more examples and uses of iGoogle being used in the classroom, check out these links.

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For more information on how iGoogle is currently being used in classrooms look at the following websites:\\\\\\\\-

To Research and access more iGoogle Gadgets click the link below:

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  1. Unknown User (lhurm)

    This is a teacher's blog about how she has incorporated iGoogle into her classroom, and how it can be used in many different kinds of classrooms.  It's at least a good starting point.

    Dr. Newby has already said that if we want to have someone who has a good blog comment on ours, or we could contact them and ask some questions about the uses of our 2.0 tools.  So you can check it out and see what you think.  I think it would be really cool to contact some people who actually use the tool, and see how they have used it, and if there are any special features, or drawbacks.

  2. Unknown User (lhurm)

    Another teachers blog about how to use iGoogle in the classroom.

  3. Unknown User (lhurm)

    Here Google gives ideas on how educators could use it in the classroom.  Some of the above suggestions are pretty cool!