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  • What are some unique ways of using Skype?
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Unique Ways of Using Skype

The possibilities of Skype are endless. Some organizations, businesses, and colleges have found interesting ways to use Skype.

Blind Ambition   

Ed Gallagher, a blind man, was featured on the Today Show (September 29, 2008)  for his innovative use of Skype technology. Blind Ambition (video) shows how Ed uses Skype to go bike riding, ski, shop, and even sail. Ed uses a webcam mounted on his forehead through which his Skype navigator can see. He reacts to number of paces and degrees [to turn] as told by his Skype guide.

Library Reference System   

Ohio University has a Skype based reference system at a kiosk in the Athens library. Students and patrons alike are able to call in questions when they are not on campus. It is important to realize that this system could be possible in any educational settings, especially in districts that are short staffed on librarians. The process is much faster and more efficient then replying to hundreds of emails.

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