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                                                How Is Google Docs Used Around The World?

                                                        "What is new and upcoming for Google Docs around the world? Here are things you can do with Google Docs around the world."

Add a table of contents to your documents

From the "formatting" heading, you can style your documents' titles. Also, if you want to add a table to your documents, you can do this from the "insert" heading. Also there exists a good facilitative feature of Google Docs. It likes a thesaurus or encyclopedia. You can look up any word which you want to search after choosing the word in the document.

Google search integration 

In Google Image or Text Search, you can search any word through the "Tools" menu.   

Slide Zooming

To view slides as smaller or larger, you can zoom in and out.

Great Useful Features!

Autosave for forms

This property is very useful, and it also saves your time and energy. Any changes you make to your document are automatically saved.   

Insert videos into your presentations

Through the "Insert Video" button, you can easily add any video to a project. 

Offline access

This property is very useful. With this feature, you can edit your documents without an internet connection. The changes are automatically saved to your browser as offline. Google Docs takes these changes when you connect to the Internet.

Most of Google Docs now in 40 languages

Google Docs supports many languages, so it is universal. Now, Arabic and Hebrew language additions exist as new feautre.

Save presentations as PDF

You can save and copy your documents in PDF format.    

Renaming docs and folders

Through the "Rename" option, you can easily rename your documents.   

View Google Docs on your mobile phone

To view your documents on your phone, you can access the website through your phone's web browser.

The Big Advantage : Language Options

The language option is a big opportunity for the Google Docs users outside the United States. Google Docs provides approximately 40 language options. Everyone does not have to know English, and for this reason, many users now have less trouble with using of Google Docs. For instance in Turkey, students can use Google Docs easier thanks to the Turkish language option. Also, most university students in Turkey have started to use Google Docs for their group project. Students do not need to be in the same place to work together anymore. Every group member does his job and shares with others. Moreover, students can work on the same screen. For example, two or three group members open their Google Docs documents, and then start to work on the same page. By doing this, everyone sees what is written in real time. Also, one can edit or delete his/her contribution.These features are available to students all around the world. Since most users are familiar with Microsoft Office, interface of Google Docs does not seem like a new strange application. This feature makes users happy when using Google Docs.  

My Experiences With Google Docs

The first time that I used Google Docs, I felt that Google docs seemed so complex. Since I use many applications and software, I thought that I could learn how it works. It's interface seems like the mail applications such as yahoo mail, gmail ...

I have researched about Google Docs so that I can use it. When I upload a word document, I see it in Google Docs in the same format. Then I learned that it can be used without Microsoft Word Software. It is very very helpfu to the user. Thanks to this feature (viewing a word document without Microsoft Word), I wont have trouble with Microsoft Word. I think many people in my country will like this feature of Google Docs. I learned that more than one person  can work on a word document on Google Docs. This is very useful. In our university classes, we work as group and most time we write reports about our project. When writing a project, we divide the report for the group. After every group member finishes his or her part, we combine group members' parts, and we finish the report. However, we can not see the whole report until each group member is finished. For this reason, it is somtimes unsatisfying. By Google Docs, this problem is eliminated and the report works much better.


Before working on this project, I did not use Google Docs! For this reason, Google Docs is a good topic for me. This project has inspired me to learn more about Google Docs.
When I opened Google Docs for the first time, I faced an interface like Yahoo mail as Emre said, so I was not afraid, in contrast, i was glad.
As Emre said, in our university, we study generally as a group and we do projects and write reports. We divide the reports into parts for the group members. As Emre said, Google Docs is very beneficial and useful for us since we can see and complete the reports in Google Docs easily. Everyone can see the whole report through Google Docs. In brief, I like it.
In addition, everyone who wants to change the documents, can make these changes on the documents. For better studying, this is very good feature of Google Docs.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Table of Contents

All information adapted from: New Features in Google Docs. (2008). Retrieved November 14, 2008, from Google Docs:
Images adapted from 

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