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  • How Is Google Docs Currently Being Used In Education?
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                                         How Is Google Docs Currently Being Used In Education?

Teachers and students access, share, and edit their documents thanks to Google Docs' sharing features. Google Docs help to increase group works' effectiveness and peer editing skills. In addition to this, Google Docs supply the stated goal of The National Council of Teachers of English, which support writing as a process and advocate multiple reviews and peer edits.

Teachers use Google Docs to both announce upcoming assignments and to check the students performance and progress on a current assignment. There is no chance to loose someone's assignment. There is revision history, which shows who participated in which assignment and when. Students do not have to save their work because Google Docs does this every minute. Students having experienced this, believe that they are more organized and on top of their assignments since using Google Docs. Students have the opportunity to work with their peers from different locations. Because Google Docs is internet based, students can access their files from any computer with internet. Users can update their documents from whenever and wherever they want. Students can easily get feedbacks from their teachers, parents, and tutors too.

Google Docs is being introduced to schools all around the world, with great success. Google Docs increases the interaction and collaboration among students and their support systems. By being able to share ideas and information anytime and anywhere, Google Docs' users claim it to be a very useful tool that brings together the campus community. Google Docs also provides communication among the users through a chatroom at the right side of the screen. Users can talk about their work with others simultaneously. This unique asset will be most important when students and teachers work on collaborative projects.

Additionally, the students' and teachers' documents in Google Docs are private to themselves, or accessible to any one they choose. Users also have the option of publishing their work online, through Google Docs.

Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs 


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