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                                          How Could Google Docs Be Used In Education?

                                                                            The unique features of Google Docs lend themselves to Educational and Business use!



  • Multiple users on different computers can edit the same spreadsheet at the same time. Changes appear on users' screens within one second - group work made easy! [2]
  • Communication between teachers and students/colleagues is enhanced through the built in Google Talk technology, which allows users to chat about assignments or projects while working on them! [1]
  • Users can share their documents, spreadsheets, or presentations with 200 people anywhere in the world - not only is this above the average students in a classroom or business meeting, but this also allows the opportunity for projects to be done internationally! [2]
  • Not only does Google Docs perform the basic functions of Microsoft Word, but users can also access the internet which allows students and coworkers to access their documents from any computer connected to the internet! [3]
  • If a student is absent from school, or a coworker is absent from a meeting, they can access the needed information and complete their work from home on their computer!

We have tons of ideas for teachers and coworkers on how to incorporate Google Docs into their classroom and workplace! We have separated our information for you into four groups; Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Post-Secondary Education and Business. Get ready to enhance your learning environment with an efficient and user-friendly tool! 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Table of Contents

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[2] The Cool Cat Teacher Blog (2005-2007). Pushing the Limits and Its Limitations. Retrived November 23, 2008, from:
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  1. Unknown User (lweldon)

    These are just my intitial brainstorms - We can further break things down and add things to each sub-category (Business, Elementary, Post-Secondary, Secondary). Lots of ideas came from this video: Teachers and Principles Talking about Google Docs on

    -Teachers could use the spreadsheet to record attendance in real time (We know how frustrating that can be!)

    -Teachers can create a document or spreadsheet with student's homework assignments for the night, online, and where parents have access! Teachers and parents BOTH love this kind of communication!

    -Students could keep a "reading log" where they record how many pages and from what book they have read that week, and teachers would be able to to view this easily on GoogleDocs. This way, too, students can finish a few pages at school or at home and get online and record the pages wherever they are! This would be so easy for students, even in Elementary School, with the correct instruction.

    -Teachers/Staff can work on projects together (upcoming choir show, upcoming field trip information, developing new lesson plan ideas) in real time with coworkers!

    -This would most definitely cut down the number of meetings Teachers/Staff attend in a week! Less meetings = less stress = better teachers(big grin)

    -Teachers/Staff can EASILY share documents/spreadsheets with one another; maybe Ms. Weldon has a GREAT idea or lesson plan to get across the concept of gravity and free fall - she can just share this online with other science teachers on Google Docs!

    -Peer review for students has been made easy; students' essays will be online for peers to access and make suggestions in real time! AND from home or at school!

    -Work on projects in real time with group members - again, from any location! This might save some hassle with getting group members together at a certain time and date.

    -No worries about saving and transferring documents from home computers to school computers - goodbye flashdrives! (Just had to add that in there, but this applies to all areas!)

    -Start working where you left off, at any computer! This makes students more likely to get more done in less time since they will no longer need to plan out which computer they need to access a certain document, or forgetting to bring their flashdrive to school!

    -Students can publish documents online..which leads me to my next point

    -More motivation to do well if students, teachers, parents, and peers have access to their work!

    -Saves time, reduces paperwork (as I learned from "Teachers and Principles Talk about Google Docs" video)

    -collaboration, communication and ease of saving - what every business, industry and school system needs!

    I will be doing more research and getting more sources throughout the day! This is a lot of basic ideas, dont be overwhelmed! Talk to you guys soon.

    these ideas were brainstormed using information from

    1. Unknown User (crossk)

      There is great information here! Thanks for to everyone on this assignment for posting information. We will need to break everything up into the four-subsections (as some already have been), but we are on our way to a great start!

  2. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Jana -

    How do you want to do the lesson plans? Colleen is doing the Elementary one I think.

    1. Unknown User (jmszabel)

      I can do whatever! I was just going to let everyone else pick what they wanted and I can do whatever is left.

  3. Unknown User (lweldon)

    Okay, well to be honest I really don't know how to create the lesson plan..I know they said we could just alter the ones we have into using Google Docs or use another lesson plan we find online, but as far as the workout we did over lesson plans, I didnt do very well (at all!). (wink)  Do you know more about how to do the lesson plans? ORif we do one for Business? Its kind of crunch time since its due Friday! AHH. Well I will do Secondary Education for my lesson plan...but if you have any tips on how to do it,Im all ears!!!!

    1. Unknown User (jmszabel)

      ok I will even though I'm right there with you...I'm lost too haha

  4. Unknown User (lweldon)

    So I just put this information into our own words. If everyone could work on getting the sections of our question into our own words that would be great!

  5. Unknown User (crossk)

    Doing great! Let me know what I can do!



  6. Unknown User (crossk)

    Hey guys!

    Please keep in mind--we don't really need a Lesson Plan for business and industry. The information that is on that page is pretty good!

    Remember to put everything in your own words!



  7. Unknown User (crossk)

  8. tebrikler, güzel bir çali?ma olmu?