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                                           What Are Some Unique Uses Of Google Docs?

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There are many uses for Google docs, and if you have enough time we would really recommend playing with all the different options. We feel this is the best way to really learn how to use this application. If you are not familiar at all with Google Docs here are some unique uses:                                                                                                                          

  • You know how for Microsoft Office you can make tables, list, add or remove bullets, and do other organizational techniques? Google Docs offers the same options, and the best part is that it is completely FREE! [1]
  • If you have any trouble uploading certain files with Microsoft Office, Google Docs will take all your worries away, and it formats the file so it is easy to work with. [1]
  • Many of Google Docs options work like Microsoft Office. This makes things much easier to make the transfer to Google Docs.
  • Since this is an online program, Google Docs gives you the option to only show your files to the people you want, and protect your privacy. If you work in a large company you can share your files with all your co-workers. [7] For example, if you are going to present something you can do it right from the web and everyone will be able to follow you through the whole presentation. If you like blogging you can post your files in a blog. [4]
  • When you post a document on Google Docs it will be available to anyone right away. If there are any changes made on your document you can view who did them and when. [2]
  • Not just one person can access the same document, but you can have multiple people working on it at the same time. Also, you can chat with them while you are all working on the project... making your collaboration much easier! [2]
  • Your Microsoft Office work is saved only on one computer. With Google Docs you can access your documents from ANY computer that has an internet connection, and a browser.
  • When saving a document on a computer you are taking the risk that the computer could crash and loose all your data overnight. With Google Docs there will be no more worries because all your documents will be saved online.[3]
  • If you are the type of person who likes keeping all your files organized, Google Docs allows you to keep all your files organized in different folders. [3]
  • You can publish all your files as a web page, which makes it much easier and more accessible to other people. [6]

These unique uses help us see how Google Docs could be use in education and in a business. Sharing someone's pictures and videos safely with other people has just been made easy. Marketing manager of GoonessDirect Company, Lesley Cutts says, "We have an online store with 5,000 products and nearly 200 products are added in it every month. For those products, pictures and information are necessary, but we have difficulties because there are a lot of different products and also photographers." [5] For them it is difficult sometimes to provide the right communication for everyone. Sometimes because of communication problems, businesses have been unable to post certain products on the web. GoonessDirect Company representatives say that by owning Google Docs it has helped all the photographers add the pictures, and they can easily add comments to all of them. Maybe you don't own a big company - but with Google Docs you can make communication between people a lot easier and less of a frustrating and complicated process.

                                                                             Google Docs Spreadsheet


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                                                                            Google Docs Presentation


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                                                                                       Google Docs


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