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How Does Google Docs Relate To Other Applications?

Google Docs is quickly becoming a common alternative to Microsoft Word because Google Docs enables people to work together on the same document at the same time, and without being in the same place. The most important thing that makes Google Docs so popular in comparison with other applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel) is that Google Docs is more accessible and dynamic than others. For instance you can open and edit "doc" files just by uploading the "doc" document to the Google docs website (without using Microsoft Word)! [2] 

Google Docs and Microsoft Word

It could be said that Google Docs works like Microsoft Word. However, its features are not as extensive as Microsoft Word. People can see this disadvantage of Google Docs, but if you remember that Google Docs' key feature is accessibility, the disadvantages will not seem as important. Disadvantages include the following: not being able to add text boxes, frames, macro support, proofing tools, and a good find/replace feature. [3] Also in Google Docs, complex tables may look different than they do in Microsoft Word. Formatting is also another compatibility issue between Google Docs and Microsoft Word.  You can copy a formatted text from Microsoft Word and paste it into Google Docs without losing formatting. That is, your text still has the same format. However, Google Docs has limited formatting. For instance, you can copy a text having "Lucida Handwriting" font. Then, you can paste it into Google Docs with the same format, even though Google Docs does not have the font "Lucida Handwriting." [2]

Google Docs has all the basic features you would expect from a Word processor, including the ability to bold, italicize, and underline text; create lists, insert tables, align text, and change font size. There is a spell check facility for over 30 different languages. It allows you to open and edit the Microsoft Word format online. If you receive an e-mail with a Word document as an attachment, you can open it without having to download it to your hard drive first. [5]

A disadvantage of Google Docs is that Google Docs is not compatible with Microsoft Word 2007. That is, one cannot upload any ".docx" file type. It rejects your request if you try to upload ".docx" files. [2]

Google Docs and Microsoft Excel

Google Docs is also compatible with Microsoft Excel. In Google Docs, spreadsheet works like Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet has almost the same interface with Microsoft Excel. Menus include almost the same items. In Google Docs Spreadsheet, you can perform calculations and create charts as in the Microsoft Excel. You can use many functions (sum, average, count,etc.). You can still copy and paste fields from an Excel document to the Google Docs Spreadsheet. It should not create errors and usually works just like Excel. The charts are like in the Microsoft Excel. You can add charts like snake type chart which Microsoft Excel does not have. Moreover, by adding gadgets to a spreadsheet, you can have a Google Map. For instance if you have a document which includes the address of the people, you may use the gadget "Google Map" to illustrate the visual version of the written addresses. However, Google Docs Spreadsheet does not have the complex features of Microsoft Excel. Again, this can be viewed as a disadvantage, but one must remember that Google Docs' key feature is accessability, which makes the disadvantage seem as unimportant. 

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