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                                             What Is The Purpose Of Google Docs?

Google Docs is a service supported by the search engine Google where anyone with an account can create, store and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This service allows people to work on their own or collaboratively. One of the great advantages that comes with this service is having the ability to import documents from MS Office and Open Office.
"Google Docs is a Web 2.0 technology tool that enables collaboration. A great feature is the ability to save a document in a variety of formats including Adobe Acrobat's .pdf format. It's free and can be used with other Web 2.0 tools to empower the collaboration process." - Rick Lillie an Accounting Professor at California State University[1].

All Google apps users were able to use Google docs starting February 2007. Google docs has many of the same abilities as MS Word or Writer. Due to Google Docs advancing capabilities it has made a wide impact on internet communication and collaboration. It is a goal of Google to consolidate the knowledge of the World Web and make it reachable to everyone. The creation of Google Apps has been a large step in that direction. Google Docs is beginning to be seen as the most effective web applications for communication and collaboration[2].

Google Docs is a web based word processor. Google docs has the same capabilities as MS Word, only for Google Docs you must be on the web. Using Google Docs people can create and edit documents online. Google Docs gives the capabilities to the common man to collaborate with other users in real time. Accessibility to Google Docs is not limited to those who have created it but to everyone on the web, but you do have the option of restricting other access to documents that you do not want others to mess with. Multiple people are able to collaborate on the same document in real time without even being in the same country. Google Docs has the capabilities to allow international communication[2].

Through Google Docs anyone can produce documents, spread sheets and presentations. Google Docs also allows you to email your work like a document. Google like a wiki will automatically save people's work to the Google server so they can be assured that data loss will be prevented, the server will also maintain a history of corrections . The ability to tag documents to save them as archives is also available. You can view, edit and create files by yourself, with a team, or an organization. Although Google docs has the ability of collaboration it can also be for personal uses[2].

Google Docs has become an international tool. Google docs is being used all over the world to establish better work efficiency and easier collaboration. Google Docs is becoming ever more popular in educational fields. Google docs is becoming more fashionable with students to collaborate on homework and study for tests together. Not only is students collaboration with other students increased, but they now have the ability to associate easier with teachers and alumni to help them on schoolwork[2].

Google Docs has become a major help to small businesses. When small companies can not afford more expensive communication ways they will use Google Apps for inexpensive and easy communication . Google Docs helps teams of co-workers collaborate on projects easier and increase their information on presentations. Google docs help small businesses save a lot of time and increase the work efficiency[2].

Google docs is very good application so it is certainly going to be an asset to larger companies. Google Docs having the capabilities like automatic saving and revision history makes it a great tool for any type of workplace. FREE!! Yes, that is the best feature of Google Docs. Using Google Docs and Google Apps together certainly increases their capabilities[1].

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    This page is now EDITED.  There is AWESOME information here. Two suggestions;

    •Make sure that everything is in our own words. Im not familiar with where the information came from, but whosever topic this is should just verify that plagiarism will not be an issue.

    •By Rick Kellie's name (the man with the quote...good quote by the way!!) should be what he represents. Like, is he from a company? Maybe he is a principle? Or just a spokesman for Google Docs. Find out who Rick Kellie is and insert his title. Example: "blah blah blah blah" - Rick Kellie, spokesman for Google