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!conf.jpg!Who Developed Google Docs?

Google Docs is a merge between Google and Tonic Systems. Tonic System is originally located in San Francisco, California. Tonic System is a company that "develops automation products, and solutions for document management" [2] .Both Google and Tonic System want to help people work together on their project online, for free. Tonic System is no longer accepting any new customers or selling any of their products, but they will maintain their already existing accounts with all their partners. Both teams have a lot to offer to Google Doc, Spreadsheets, and Presentation. We will be seeing great things from this team towards this new, free online tool. [2] They will be both working on Google Docs and making it better for student, teachers, and business people. [1]


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[1] Schillace, Sam. (2007, April 17). We're expecting. Retrived November 7, 2008, from
[2] Google has aquired Tonic Systems. Retrived November 11, 2008, from

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  1. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Ahmet, This is gonna be a tough one because I've been reseraching a lot and I still can't find good and reliable information about who created google docs. I think I'll have to bring my dad on this one because he really likes all the technology stuff.... Let's keep the good work!!!! (thumbs up)

  2. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    I think what we are going to have to do is maybe do some research about Tonic system, and who they are, what they do, and how they are involved with google. Maybe that will help... just let me know!

    1. Fantastic job Juliana! Actually I couldnt reach reliable information but your research results are very good. I'll make some research about Tonic System  thank u!

  3. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    No problem!!!! You have been doing a much better job than I. So, congratulations to you!!!! (big grin)

  4. Unknown User (jcaldero)

    Hey Ahmet... this is the "finished" product for this page. Feel free to add or take anything that you dont like. Hope you like it!!! And Kevin if there is something that you dont like about it... like wording... please change it... I'm a little bad when it comes to that! (smile)

  5. Unknown User (lweldon)

    This page is EDITED. One thing though: insert the "source" within the parantheses next to the quote. Either put the website or the author of where the quote came from. Awesome job!!

    1. Unknown User (crossk)

      "source" is done!