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Hi guys! I'm Hope, your project leader! This project is going to be a lot of work, but with so many of us it should still be manageable! Plus, if we do super good on it, we won't have as much to do around finals time (big grin)

Here is what I sent to all of you in your emails. Just a few reminders about things that we need to get done. I would shoot for Tuesday to finish this stuff so you can start on the next weeks requirementsby Wednesday!

Post stuff over Confluence, save anything that you post in Word as well and, if you are having trouble posting, just save it in Word and we'll put it up later.
Here is a list of things to do within the next few days:
1. Review the Project II Goals, Plan, and Outcome on BlackBoard
2. Mark in your calendars that we have a mandatory presentation practice
Tuesday November 25th from 2-5 and December 4th we have our presentation from 5-9
(both in Stewart 310)
3. Review the project schedule.
4. Login and explore Confluence ( A good way to learn
the program is through the tutorial videos. There is a link to these on
5. If you are having trouble with Confluence, you can go to the Digital
Learning Lab in the "lowest" basement of Hicks. The people running that lab,
especially Kevin O'Shea, have expressed that they are more than willing to help
us with this project so use them!
6. Post research information on our Confluence page titled "Research on

In order to not have to take the final, we have to get a superior rating on
this project (94%). To do this, we have to meet the requirements at the end of
each week, have a good final Wiki chapter, and have an excellent presentation.
Email me with any questions you have!

Good luck!!


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