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  • How is Confluence related to other applications?
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How is Confluence related to other applications? 

A related application called Office Connector allows Confluence to be used with Microsoft applications. This way, users who are familiar these programs will be more comfortable working on Confluence. You can transfer Word documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoints from the program onto Confluence and you can edit them in their respective Microsoft programs and save the changes to your Confluence page 1. To learn more and to view an informational video, visit the following site:

The following links allow you to explore Office Connector features:

Through SharePoint Connector, Confluence can be bridged with Microsoft Office SharePoint. This way, information from the two applications can be accessed by users simultaneously and securely. On top of this, documents from SharePoint can be embedded and edited within and Confluence. Also, searches conducted within either program yield results from both applications 2. To learn more and to view an informational video, visit the following site:

The following links allow you to explore SharePoint Connector features:

Office Connector and SharePoint Connector are just two of Confluence's plugin features. Users can pick the plugins that best suit their needs 3. To learn more about Confluence plugins, visit Atlassian's plugin overview. Also, the Plugin Library provides a list of all of the available Confluence plugins.

Following is a list of the most popular Confluence plugins:

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  1. Unknown User (kkhall)

    Beside the ability to insert links to other applications on pages, confluence doesn't seem to do much to work with others.  It doesn't really need to, though.  It doesn't provide a platform for uploading or sharing videos that I have found, but beside that it can do everything I can think it would need to pretty much on its own.

  2. Unknown User (hmparker)

    Confluence has things called "Plugins" which are applications, including Microsoft applications, that can be used with Confluence. I think that you have to buy a "Confluence package" that has these so I don't think that the Confluence that we are using does, but maybe we can contact Atlassian Software Systems to see if they will let us sample it for the next few weeks to use in our project.

    Plugins inlcude- Office Connector, SharePoint Connector, Gallery, Calendar, Tasklist, Gliffy, Theme Builder, Balsamiq Mockups, Chart, SQL, WebDAV, + others that can be accessed in the "Plugin Library"

    "Integration with Microsoft Office gives users a familiar way to create content and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations."

    "Edit pages directly from Microsoft Office. In turn, embed and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly on Confluence pages." (the quotes are all from the Atlassian site)

    You can watch videos that tutor you on how to use Plugins and you can also access textual explanations.


  3. Unknown User (kkhall)

    Confluence does not export pages to word or a pdf very well, so if you try to do it, keep it simple.

  4. Unknown User (hmparker)

    Thanks for helping me with formating Sarah!!!!