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Lesson Plans & Unique Uses of YouTube


This chapter gives examples of lesson plans that can include a YouTube video in them. The lesson plans come from various websites but were adapted by our group to include the YouTube video. These are just a few examples of how YouTube can be beneficial to a lesson plan. Since YouTube is very easy to use and easily searchable, YouTube videos can be included in many lesson plans. YouTube videos can enhance lesson plans and make them more interactive and relatable for students.


Simply click on the grade level for an example of a lesson plan. Each page has the original lesson plan, the link for the YouTube video, the adapted lesson plan and a downloadable PDF of the adapted lesson plan.
If you just want to see the lesson plan, simply click on the adapted lesson plan link.

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  1. Unknown User (aiovinel)

    Does anyone know how to add a PDF file so that teachers can access the lesson plans in a printable format?

  2. Unknown User (ajburton)

    Anne - I do not know how to do that.....Ill ask our group at tonights meeting though.

     Also, maybe we can figure out a way to prestent this page just saying Elementary, Secondary, and Post Secondary(and have them all link to your plan) and then the teacher can click on the level they want. This would make it look "simple".  We are told to present the information in a easy format, so hopefully this will work out.  Do you know how to do this? If not, we will have to figure it out.


    1. Unknown User (aiovinel)

      I like that idea. I was looking on other groups pages and they have a separate link for each grade level. That would probably work. Then, I could just copy/paste my info in. What do you think? See you tonight!

  3. Unknown User (shakes)

    As far as a link to a pdf.. i am not sure if we can file host through confluence.  If not, I know you can upload the pdf to a file-hosting site like Yousendit, Sendspace, Megaupload, Rapidshare, etc, and you could have a link to it there.Something to think about.