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  1. Unknown User (gstipati)

    Twitpic is one of many websites that help make twitter easier to use.   There are still many more that are currently being developed.  Twitpic has teamed up with Google maps to show where a picture has been uploaded and who has uploaded the picture (which can be found on the login page).  There is also a timeline that shows the picture, what time the picture was uploaded, who uploaded it, with what device they used (e.g. phone, Twitpic, or any other Twitter application), and the caption that the person included.  A person can opt out of having their picture posted on a timeline by changing their settings.  When uploading a picture, one can browse through their pictures, click on it, and hit upload.  After it is uploaded, one can type in where the photo was taken, add a caption, and put down tags that will allow people to search for their picture.  After a picture has been uploaded, people can comment on the photo on Twitpic and one has the option of uploading it onto their twitter web page.
    I found this information but creating my own Twitter application.

  2. Unknown User (abanales)

    Twitpic is a web-page that is nation wide. People from all over the world can load pictures to a primary account called Twitter. Through twitter, people then go on to Twitpic and tag their pictures from the place they are loading them. This will be shown in the map. Viewers will then be able to see pictures and comments from other people. Other than posting and tagging pictures, account members can add comments such as where they are going, coming, eating, hanging, playing, and other daily social and personal things.

  3. Unknown User (kjones01)

    I found a brief concise explanation of how to operate twitpic.

    And here is a webpage of how to upload pictures from your phone.