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  • How can Twitpic be used in an educational setting?
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Twitpic could actually be a very resourceful tool for an elementary teacher.
Many teachers like to team up with another school in either another town,
state, country, etc. in order for their students to have a "pen pal" that they
can write to. Not too long ago, the only way to do this was through actual
letters. Students would have to mail their letters and then wait for a response
back from their "pal". This meant that there was often a very long wait before
the students would receive any kind of response.

The way technology has developed in our world, and in the classroom. It is now
much easier to have and keep in contact with a pen pal. Teachers can set up
email accounts through the schools for their students and ideas and information
can be exchanged very quickly and easily between the students. Pen pals are a
good opportunity for students to learn about people of a different culture or
area of the world. They can learn all about geographical, cultural, and
language differences through this type of communication.

Twitpic can now add another new and exciting level to the pen pal program. The
teacher could bring in a camera to take pictures of their students or to allow
their students to use. The students could then take pictures of themselves and
others working. They can take pictures outside, around the school, or pretty
much anywhere that they want that could show their pen pals what school is like
for them on a daily basis. These pictures could then quickly be uploaded to
Twitter or Twitpic and can be seen almost instantly by the pen pals.

Twitpic is just another form of technology that can be integrated into a
classroom for interesting and exciting use. The students would love having the
opportunity to look at pictures of the other students and would be amazed at
how quickly and easily it can be done.

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  1. Unknown User (pmessick)

    One way that this web 2.0 tool could be used in an educational situation would be in a science class. Each student would be assigned a bug, tree, or animal to take pictures of. When the pictures are taken they would be loaded onto twitpic. In class, for the next few weeks the teacher could go through the pictures. and teach the students about the bug, tree, or animal. I think this would give the students a sense of ownership in what they are learning. It would also keep them interested

    1. that's good idea! science class needed many picture!

      your idea adopted in class, students who hated science subject have some interest

      i think (smile)