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  • What are some unique ways to use Xanga?
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yesterday at 8:30 PM

Emily Marie Trapp says:

{}e. What are some unique ways of using this application? \ You can read blogs e...
e. What are some unique ways of using this application?

- You can read blogs even if you don't personally have one of your own. It is easy to find people/ friends that use xanga.

-Very easy to start a blog. There is a featured question that you can blog about each day. There are 4 branches(besides the regular Xanga) from Xanga each dealing with something different that you can subscribe to and become a part of:

     1. Datingish- the dating community. focuses on dating and relationships

     2. Healthkicker- blogs about trying to live healthier. focuses on diet and fitness

     3. Momaroo- real moms, real blogs. focuses on mom's and parenting

     4. Revelife- Christian community, for the heart, mind, and soul. focuses on Christianity

In all four you can read the blogs, comment on others, or write your own blog in one or all of the catergories just like the regular Xanga

- After reading a blog you can recomment it, give it stars, vote on how good/bad it is, share the blog, email it, or give it eprops.

Creating a Blog

- very easy to start a blog

- when creating a blog you can choose the theme of your background and invite your friends to join xanga.

- on your site you can add: weblog, photos, videos, albums, audio, and pulse

     ~`Pulse is a mini blog where you can quickly say what you're doing, how you're feeling, or anything else. You can also send and receive these from your friends by phone.

- can subscribe to featured blogs and questions

-there is a feedback log that allows you to track your feedback on comments, eprops, connections, messages, etc.

- you can rate  your own site, others, and people can rate yours

- can join a metro

    `~ a Metro is groups of people that all live in the same area

- can add Plugz to your site

     ~a Plug is a way to publicize your site or a friends site on Xanga, it exposes you to bloggers that aren't your friends or on your subscriptions list.

      ~a Plug is a headline, image, and description and it links to a specific URL, which has to be an Xanga URL

      ~This allows your site to get noticed and recieve more traffic and comments

- can join a Blogring

     ~a Blogring allows you to meet people with similiar interests

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