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  • How can Xanga be used in an elementary school setting?
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  1. Unknown User (bakerre)

    Q: How could xanga be used within the elementary school learning situation.

    A: This would be good for motivation activities because xanga has a lot of fun stories that will keep the attention of the students. This would be a good source for discussion for elementary students because teachers could read the articles to the students and have them discuss them with the teacher. Another fun activity elementary students would enjoy on xanga is the games. Students could learn about cooperative learning through xanga.

  2. Unknown User (pblaszcz)

    Xanga is a good tool for teachers of any grade level to share lesson plans and ideas with teachers from all over the world. This way teachers can have fresh ideas and new stategies that they may not have thought of on their own. Xanga can be used to keep classroom settings from becoming boring with giving teachers new ideas.


  3. Unknown User (kmyeoman)

    Ok, so I use to (possibly still have) a Xanga. And the only purpose I ever thought it had was for blogging. I understand how it could be used to share lesson plans and whatnot though. It's kind of neat to think of Xanga as a place of educational purposes. Xanga use to be the place where I wrote about my day, cried about my life, or yelled at my boyfriend. Now I can see ways it can be used positively for education!

    I also had a question having to do with the 'games'? Does Xanga now have 'Xanga games' or what exaclty does that mean?

    I like what you guys are doing here. I stopped by because I was intersted to see what you all had to say about Xanga. Keep up the good work and if you don't mind, stop by the "Thinkfree" page sometime (smile)