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  • Google Notebook can be very useful in an elementary setting.  The program assists the teacher in organizing lesson plans that may involve multiple web components, and helps them organize material based on semester, week, or subject.  Also, Google Notebook allows a teacher to select only the parts of a websites that he or she would like to use for their students.  They can also save favorite websites or instructions in one place and be able to reach them from any computer.  Finally, the teacher can share her notebook with the students possibly in a computer lab.


  • In secondary education, Google Notebooks can help the teachers and the students.  For example, the teachers can use the notebooks to create their lesson plans.  They can save sites and their information easily on Google Notebooks.  Also, they can revisit the site very quickly if needed.  They can also collect information and publish it on a website so it is viewable to all of their students. The students can get simple instruction or examples from their teacher this way.  As for the students, Google Notebooks is a trouble-free way of always having the opportunity to access your information.  They can always get into their notebooks on any computer without the need of a flashdrive.  Also, for students who like to take notes on a computer, Google Notebooks is perfect.  The section headings and labels make their notes easy to read and navigate through.  The notebooks work well for group projects.  Students can share the notebooks they have created based on the project with each other just via the internet and Google Notebooks.

Post Secondary (College)

  • College is a time where most of your homework, notes, and lectures can be online.  Therefore, Google Notebooks is a way to organize all of your assignments.  You can take notes on Google Notebooks and simply be able to go back through them and organize before a test or quiz.  You can also label them and quickly access them if needed on any computer connected to the internet.  Also, if you have a research project due, you can search the web and any important information you find you can just highlight the information you need and add it to your notebook.  In addition, if you are working in a group you can either publish or share your notebooks therefore they are visible to all of your group members.  


  • Google Notebooks can be a free useful tool for any company.  For instance, if any company deals with research, the ones who are doing the research can place their information in the notebooks and share within their departments or supervisors without having to take information out of the notebooks.  Also, they can publish their work and distribute their research via the web if needed. The employees can also use Google Notebooks as a tool that allows them to take their work home if needed.  They can access the information that they have worked on at their home computer. 
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  1. Unknown User (kmculy)

    I think that this is really good information. I think that it is just enough, but not too much because I do not think we want to have a bunch of stuff on our Wiki as I am afraid people will not want to read it.

  2. Unknown User (mpfohl)

    I believe the part about saving pages for projects is the best thing about this application. I used to have a million things saved in my favorites folder, but now I will use notebooks exclusively.

  3. Unknown User (cthofer)

    Great information guys! I'm glad we found so many different uses for each type of education.  Keep up the good work!