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Education & Learning Through Confluence

What general ways can Confluence be utilized for learning?

Confluence is a web-based wiki that functions much like the well-known Facebook.  It is easy to navigate and store data through attachments. With the use of labels, users can quickly access any information needed.  Taking time to understand the concepts of a program can take away from the actual substance of the material needing to be learned, so this simple program was designed to optimize features while limiting guesswork in program mechanics.

Ways confluence can be used: 

  • Message forums to share ideas
  • Online announcements
  • Access to offline data and other materials
  • Starting point to other learning programs
  • Organize materials for class, whether a student or teacher
What features of Confluence help learning to occur?

Confluence is an effective program because of its versitility.  Confluence has easy to grasp concepts that make simple work out of sharing links of other websites, attaching offline work, and organizing data in tables.  Confluence pages can be directly exported to Microsoft Office and versions of Confluence contain features called "Plugins" to further work with familiar software. 1

For more information on Plugins, consult the following website:

Confluence also uses features called labels.  A creater of a page can label that page using keywords.  Other users can then search for those keywords and any page that contains that label will appear.  It makes short work out of searching for the information a person wants to view.2

Confluence can also be organized into chapters, making it an ideal program to launch a large project, much like the one seen here.  This makes it easy to organize, which makes requested information fast and easy to find.

What other materials would a person need to utilize Confluence for learning?

To use Confluence, one would need access to a computer and an Internet connection.  To use some of the other features, an individual may need to have Microsoft software installed on their computer, but running the basics are as simple as a trip to the computer lab or sitting at home on your own computer.

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[1] Confluence Enterprise Wiki Plugins. Retrieved November 20, 2008, from Atlassian Web site:

[2] Working With Labels Overview. Retrieved November 20, 2008, from Atlassian Web site:

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