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  • What is the Purpose of Skype?
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The Purpose of Skype

     The main purpose of Skype is to connect people. People from around the world can connect through many different ways. They can connect through one or two way audio, one or two way video, one or two way audio and video or through text. People can also call any telephone around the world but this costs money. Talking between Skype users doesn't cost a thing. It can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems so almost all computers are compatible. It also works with many different cell phones and mobile devices so students can use it whenever/wherever they want. It also can be used by a teacher who is teaching an online class. She can have students sit at their homes and watch and listen to her lecture and they can be anywhere around the world. Since Skype is available in 28 different languages, students can use it to communicate with other students across the world to learn their language and culture.


Skype in Business

      Skype is used for businesses that need to reach people around the country or world for as cheap as possible.  When business workers use Skype they can get more done, talk more to your clients, and cut your phone bill.  Business workers can make free calls to people when they are using Skype and if they choose to call mobile phones or landlines it is very cheap.  They can also use Skype from many mobile phones so you can use it anywhere.  Skype also allows users to make video calls so business workers can make conference calls for free anytime, anywhere.

Skype in School

     Skype is great for all teachers.  It works even better for teachers who are teaching a foreign language or are teaching a distance learning class. In a class like Spanish class the teacher could have their students talk with students from Spain or a Spanish speaking country.  The student from that country would have to be learning English so the students could take turns speaking each other's language.  Skype would also help in distance learning class.  the teacher could speak with the students and lecture them.  She/he could also have Skype up when they are at work and take call from students who need to speak with them.  

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