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  • How can Twitpic be used in Secondary Education?
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Twitpic could easily be used in a secondary educational setting. 

New projects could be created through Twitpic. 

  • One project could include having students upload pics from their phone or computer daily. 
  •  This sort of project could be used for any class ranging from a photography class to a science class.
  • Once these pictures are uploaded, the teacher can check each students page on Twitter to make sure they are doing their work.

Twitpic could also be used for a secondary class like sociology. 

  • Students could look at pictures that other people have uploaded and make observations about what kind of person they are looking at.
  • Many different projects could be created through Twitpic. 
  • All a student would need is a phone or a computer, and a couple pictures to be taken.


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  1. My idea for Secondary class :
    In Sociology Class, we can teach students by using Twitpic to let them research for the various pictures on a specific topic to learn other countrys' cultures, festivals and global issues on the internet and also it can help them to understand other various cultures.By doing this, I guess we can expect good result from students both in improving researching skills on the internet and in broadening student views.

  2. My idea is ;

    The first advantage is that Twitpic is a global site and it can interchange any pictures in every world.

    Also any people in the world can comment on a picture.

    So, i think it can be used in class that learn something  ... like culture differences, opinion debate(pros and cons).

    Specifically speaking, a teacher (it can be changed to anyone) uploaded a picture that can be argued by diffrent culture's people or different age, sex ..etc.

    And then collects all the comments and teach it to the students that people's various opinion and sight.

  3. I think Twitpic can be used especially in secondary science class.

    For example, science is a difficult subject to most students I think..... So, it is good for secondary students to study science by sharing pictures related to science each other.

    ( I posted it before but not at this place..... so, I post it again here.....(smile)