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  • How can Twitpic be used in a business setting?
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Twitpic could easily be used in a business setting.   By taking pictures on a phone and sending them to Twitpic this tool can be very helpful.  Many people working for different businesses find information or inspiration while traveling or in their everyday lives but don't have a camera ready.  By sending pictures to Twitpic via cell phone, they have it already uploaded onto a website where they have a collection of pictures that they need.  They can later extract any of them off of the website to use somewhere else later. Twitpic can also be used to hold pictures of workbooks or slides and then can be shared on Twitter.

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  1. Unknown User (abanales)

    Twitpic could be used in a business setting by taking pictures of the business itself, load them into twitpic, this way people around the world can see where that certain business is located

    1. Unknown User (gstipati)

      Good idea!

  2. My opinion is...

    Twitpic can be a very useful platform to marketing products in global business market. By exposing their products on twitpic, lots of people in the world can see them and they are getting familiar with their products and the company gets more benefit. (As long as it doesn't contain sexual harassment, Violence or something negative.)

    Also, for advertising their companis or for campaign activity, twitpic can be a good platform to expose their pictures. For example, these days, the issues about melamine is a globally serious problem and we have the right to share the information on which product does contain the melamine(toxical material) and which doesn't.  

  3. I think it can be used in investigating the popularity about their(business) produts' design.

    also, it can be used in the contest field that thinking about general person's design or ideas on the products.

  4. my idea,

    when business setting,

    Enterprise use Twitipic, everyday write photo diary. photo is their product.
    another idea is use the 'how to use product!' they presentation use by photo.
    for eg. Food enterprise, They upload photoes using their product food reecip. and also other person uploading
    (smile) .