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How You Can Use JIng

 Dowloading Jing for Apple and Windows

What Is Jing?

Jing was launched by TechSmith Corporation in 2007. Jing is a Web 2.0 application that can be used to capture pictures and record audio and video. You can also add text to both screen captures and videos in order to better demonstrate what is on your project. After creating your project, Jing makes it easy to share on the web instantly through IM, email, Facebook, etc. Jing can be downloaded for free on a Windows PC or on a MAC. There is also an advanced version called Jing Pro that can be downloaded for $14.95/year. The Pro version allows you to upload your videos on YouTube, use WebCam videos, and much more! As you can see in this screen capture below, Jing has features such as arrows and text boxes for easy instruction or to draw attention to certain areas of an item.

Along with each of the tutorials and videos that Jing has to help you get started and understand the way Jing works, they’ve also come up with a Flash-based simulation that allows you to actually see examples of ways you can use this website.  The great thing is, they provide the simulation for PC or Macs! Here’s the link to get you to this option! Flash Simulation

 Jing is also comes in a variety of Languages.

How Does It Work?

To use Jing, you will need to download it onto your computer. To do this, you will need to follow this link: and click on your operating system under "Download Now!" This action will walk you through the completion of the download. You will then need to create a user name and password with a valid email address.

While Jing is simple to use, you might need help once you download it. The sun that appears on the edge of your screen is how you access all the functions that Jing has to offer. This is what the sun will look like:

To take your first capture, simply drag your mouse over the sun until the three circles appear. Click on the one that has the shape of a cross that says "Capture." The word "Capture" will show up in a dialogue box. A yellow cross will appear on your screen. Your mouse will be located where the two lines cross. Click on where you would like to begin and then, while still holding down the mouse, drag your mouse across the area you would like to select for your capture. The area of your capture will be in color, while the rest of your screen will be in a gray-scale. Once you have the area selected, you will need to choose via the icons on the bottom left-hand corner of the capture whether you would like to simply take a picture or record a video.

To move the sun launcher to another place on the edge of your screen, simply click on the middle of the sun and drag it to your new location. The sun launcher will only relocate to certain places on the edge of your screen.

The middle circle of the sun launcher will allow you to view previous captures and videos that you have saved for easy access. The circle with the gear icon will allow you to set preferences, close the sun launcher on your screen, get help, and send feedback about your Jing experience.

If you still need help, the following links will take you to tutorial videos on the Jing website that will provide you with more information. 1

Once you get the basics figured out, you can go to these help videos to perform more advanced operations. 2

Here are some sharing applications:

Do not worry about locating Jing once you shut down your computer. Every time you restart your computer, Jing will always be on your desktop waiting for you, unless you did not download it properly. All you have to do to access Jing is to put your mouse over the sun on your desktop. However, if the sun icon bothers you, it is possible to hide it and bring it back up later. For detailed information on changing these settings, go to

Twitter with Jing!  Through Jing you are able to add visuals to your everyday online conversations.  The pictures that you snap and videos you record through this website can easily be updated and added to your Twitter account to share with friends.  Before you know it you could be using Jing in more tweets then you know!   --- (

Jing Pro vs. Free:

Here is an easy to read chart, showing the differences between Jing Pro and the Free Version.  Although Jing pro does cost ONLY $14.95 a year, it also seems to come with a few great additional features.

Jing Pro vs Free Version Feature Comparison


                       Free Version

              Jing Pro ($14.95/year)

Screen Capture & Editing (in PNG format)

Screen Capture & Editing (in PNG format)

5 Minutes of Screen Recording

5 Minutes of Screen Recording "Free Account"-
2GB of storage/bandwidth for online sharing "Free Account"-
2GB of storage/bandwidth for online sharing

SWF Video

SWF or MPEG-4 Video


Unbranded Videos


Share Instantly to YouTube


Recording from Webcam

Special system requirements for Jing Pro
To encode MPEG-4 video on the fly, Jing Pro requires a little more horsepower. You'll need at least this...


  • Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • Microsoft .N
  • ET Framework 3.0
  • 3.0GHz Pentium 4 processor
  • 1GB RAM


  • Mac OS X 10.4.11, or 10.5.5 or later
  • Webcam requires Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 or later)
  • QuickTime 7.5.5 or later
  • 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • 2GB RAM

Requirements for free download:

To subscribe to the Jing Newsletter go to the following website:

To contact a Jing representative go to the following website:

How Jing Relates to Other Applications

Jing videos that you create on your computer screen can be uploaded to YouTube. Youtube is another popular Web 2.0 application that allows anyone to share their personal videos on the internet. 3 If you are looking for more ways to edit your photos, videos, or images, Jing allows you to export your images or video to Snagit or Camtasia Studio for further editing. 4 Jing Pro can be purchased, and it offers more flexible and customized features. The Jing that can be downloaded for free is used for more simple day-to-day activities that can be quickly edited. 5 works closely with Jing to store any image or video captures in the form of a URL. can also be used in "keeping your Jing's organized and allowing viewers to comment on your content."

New to Jing!

Jing has added a new button! The Twitter button! Now you can use your personalized videos and screen captures from Jing and instantly post them to your twitter!

Here is a link to a video to show you how to add Twitter to your Jing!

Overview Video of Jing


A video if offered on the Jing website that allows you to view to main idea and objectives to the Jing website. Below is the link and a screenshot of the website:

Jing Website Link

Unique Uses of Jing

Here are some unique ways to get more out of Jing:

  • Collaborate on a project
  • Share a snapshot of a document
  • Narrate your vacation photos
  • Capture that pesky bug in action
  • Show Dad how to use iTunes
  • Comment verbally on students' homework
  • Post tidbits from your life on Twitter and Facebook 
  • Send home an audio/visual of teacher evaluation of your student to his or her parents
  • Capture an emergency snap shot of your screen to quickly save your work
  • Wish someone a happy birthday and send an e-card, without having to pay for a card
  • Send work with audio/visual information to a sick student or a student spending time out of the country
  • Make a very detailed Christmas list to send to your Mom and Pops 7

This is an example of a video Christmas list using Jing, made by a team memeber.

A great example of creative use of Jing is Jing Art. Jing Art is a blog where users post screen captures of artwork they have created using Jing. The following picture is an example of artwork posted on the blog. Click on the following link to view more artwork on Jing Art.

Real World Application

Educational Lesson Plans        

As a new application, Jing is a great tool for students to get to know. Jing can be used to enhance students' learning experience in many ways.  It gives students a different way of learning.  By showing them how you could use a program like Jing, it would get the students' attention and make all of them want to use it. Therefore, by using Jing, students will be more interested in learning.


In this lesson, students will listen to six Jing presentations related to Native American culture. Students will then be expected to use Jing to create their own presentation on what they learned.



In this lesson, students will learn how to label plant parts. Students will capture a picture of a plant and label the parts using Jing. Then, they will give a presentation on what they learned (STEM).

Plants Parts.docx

Plants Parts.pdf

This lesson is designed on a PowerPoint presentation.  Students will individually go through the four story elements using Jing exercises and discussions to actively participate in each story element.  This is an example of how a teacher can use Jing to explain the four story elements of any story.   

Where the Wild Things Are.docx

Where the Wild Things Are.pdf

In this lesson, students will study and learn about different paleontologists and impact on their discovery with dinosaurs.  Students will be tested and assessed by the creativity and information within their project and by having a well rounded presentation with the inclusion of Jing.

Dinosaur Jing Lesson.docx

Dinosaur Jing Lesson.pdf

In this lesson plan, students will study and learn about the different types of ladybugs all around the world.  Students will also use Jing by being able to share each other papers and pictures of their individual ladybugs.

Understanding Ladybugs.docx

Understanding Ladybugs.pdf

 This lesson plan is for a history class using the jing app.

jing lesson plans.pdf

jing lesson plans.docx


In this lesson, the students will create a Rube Goldberg machine. Then, they will use Jing to point out its various adjoining parts to the rest of the class. They will also be able to use Jing to show and tell about how the principles of physics apply to each part (STEM).



In this lesson, students will use Jing to take screen captures of maps of Latin America and South America. The students will label the countries on these maps demonstrating their knowledge of the geography of Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish speaking countries.docx

Spanish speaking countries.pdf

In this lesson, the students will use Jing to label all the muscles of the body.  They will take a picture of the human body and use the tools on Jing to name muscles by using text boxes and arrows that point to each muscle.

The Human Body.doc

The Human Body.pdf


In this lesson, the students will find a real-world application of optimization. They will use Jing to record a video of the situation and demonstrate how to do the math involved (STEM). 



In this lesson, students will be able to share their ideas and designs to their instructors.  Students will use Jing to record an on-screen video chat that can be annotated, chat-synced, etc. so that the viewer will understand their design cleary.



In the following lesson, the students will refine their editing skills and receive well-edited papers ready for revison. They will use Jing to clearly correct and leave feedback for their peers and professor to review.

Peer Editing.docx

Peer Editing.pdf

In this lesson plan, I incorporated a way to use Jing for students in the 9th grade. They will learn the benefits of sleep and why it is important. The lesson will involve using Jing and applying it to what they have learned about sleep.

 Ashley Ayres Word Doc: sleep lesson plan (jing edit).docx

Ashley Ayres PDF Doc: sleep lesson plan (jing edit).pdf

How Jing Can Be Used in a Business/Industry Setting

On a link on the Jing homepage, there is a section with quotes on how Jing has "changed lives." Dawn Sadler of "One Media" shares her experience about training co-workers using Jing.

_“I specialize in online marketing for home builders and we frequently work with sales teams to migrate their registration cards to an online CRM model. Since our clients are in diverse locations, I needed a way to train agents on the technology without spending a lot of time on the road. The task seemed impossible, until I found Jing. The challenge for us and anyone involved in New Home Sales and Marketing Management--is always how to focus time at each community to effectively coach, encourage, and inspire sales teams. Too often, precious time is spent with administrative items, forms, and training that facilitates a process but does not inspire action.  Thanks to Jing, I now have a simple and easy alternative to having to personally train every agent, saving everyone the time and travel involved in a traditional training session. In just a few minutes, I recorded both the visual and audio for the first step of the training session and emailed it out to all agents. Now I'm able to use Jing to provide tutorials for many different scenarios 24/7, keeping agents spending less time on administrative details, and more time focusing on building relations to drive sales.”7

Dawn Sadler is able to train coworkers without traveling to see them (thus saving gas, time, and money!). Now the company can train without meeting in person.  This cuts back on training time and gets employees working in the field more quickly.  This way, managers do not have to travel everywhere to personally train each worker by hand.

This user, Carol Palmatier, found Jing helpful with its video share technology.  Here is her story as posted on Jing:

_“I run, a virtually-based company with staff and freelancers scattered literally across the world. Jing, Jing Pro and Camtasia Studio have saved us a huge amount of time and money by changing the way we communicate with our users, new customers and our in house staff. The best part about these products is how easy they are, no training needed and no big learning curve…so simple. Because of the scope of the company, conference calls and online meetings were difficult to schedule, but Jing allowed us to easily document complex data operations that would otherwise be virtually impossible to illustrate with words alone. Staff and customers can now just follow along with a video. Jing and Camtasia easily let us create professional video tutorials that make learning our service a breeze. With Jing Pro and Camtasia, we were able to make our service so simple and obvious that our customers are up and running in no time. We also use the videos in our internet marketing efforts, posting to our YouTube channel, Squidoo, Twitter and Facebook, all for next to nothing in cost! Awesome products, we love them and can’t live without them! Keep them coming!"_

Carol Palmatier uses the video-share technology to show non-local members what she is talking about without trying to explain her visuals.  It is more effective when your audience can follow along with the same visuals that you have. Jing has also helped Palmatier create "video tutorials" for the newbies, and it seems to be effective and efficient.

As for how to use Jing in the professional world, it makes business meetings with major companies that are not even on the same continent possible. In movies, companies often make business deals with one or more international "partners" that are on the phone or have pre-recorded messages that are responded to in group emails. Using Jing, all parties can webcam and literally talk to each other and be seen by their business partners.  In Batman: Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne and his assosciates used a program like Jing to contact their Japanese partners (before making a surprise trip to visit them in person).  Using Jing, they could have showed their partners all of their records, graphs, and visuals using web-cam, video screen-sharing, file sharing, email, labeled screen shots, pre-recorded video displays, etc..

Jing has the ability to connect the business world in seconds, while miles or even continents away. It is accessible to anyone who has a computer with internet and is easy to navigate for first time users. Finding free internet wi-fi can be difficult.  However, "" a part of Jing, makes it easy for users to find free WiFi locations via Jing.  Here is one user's story: 

"When I first got my MacBook, I typed "Free WiFi" into Google, and got pointed to, a directory of WiFi locations. Recently, a friend of mine who is a nurse for a Sacramento-area hospice and visits patients all over town, was given a WiFi-enabled laptop. She asked me "How do I find WiFi locations?" I wanted to not only tell her the site address of JiWire, but also show her HOW to use it. Jing saves the day!"

This quote was taken off the homepage site of Jing, and is displayed to show people how advanced and helpful Jing can be.   7

Educational Values

There are many stories of how Jing can be used for educational value.  Shauna Hedgepeth has brought Jing into her math classroom for her 7th grade class.  She wanted to upload her teaching videos but had trouble because YouTube was blocked by her school and TeacherTube took 5-10 minutes to upload.  So she used Jing, which worked right away.  The students in her class wanted to then use it to show how to do math problems and to correct homework! It can also be used to teach the students how to use certain software like PowerPoint.  You could make a video of all the steps you need to take in order to create a PowerPoint.  If you have a picture and want to teach your students the different parts of it, all you need to do is upload the picture on Jing and label each part with all the different tools Jing offers.

Here are some comments from people that have used Jing in their classrooms:

  • “Something like Jing though, which runs on Windows as well, will be very useful. Rather than trying to demo everything live in class I can do the old Blue Peter trick of "Here's one I made earlier." It will also mean I can record a good demo and reuse it whenever needed or make it available to students to watch in their own time.”  - John Hegarty

 Here is John Hegarty's story:

  • “Instead of typing your fingers off, you can show people what's on your screen...instantly.”  -Anonymous

Here is Shaunas full story:

  • Click here to view a video of how Jing could be used in the classroom:

  • "In my Project 1, I found that this application was very easy to use.  I did my project on the book Where the Wild Things Are, and taught second graders the four story elements. The four story elements are main character, setting, plot, and theme.  Main character and setting are easy concepts for second graders to understand, however, explaining plot and theme would be difficult. I found a hard time trying to come up with ideas on how to explain plot and theme and I was not sure of what kind of activities I could incorporate. Then I was introduced to Jing. This application is very easy to use, and it is awesome!  I used Jing to help the kids work through plot and theme exercises. I found that I could use Jing to target visual and auditory learners. The students could listen and see what plot and theme were. I also used Jing to help students think critically about questions that I provided them with. Overall, Jing is a great tool to use in the classroom.  It helps the students become more active in the learning experience."

    - Jennie Nahlik, EDCI 270, Purdue University

  • JING TRANSFORMS MATH CLASSROOM! This article gives an example of how a math teacher used Jing in her classroom.

Here's the link:


How Jing Is Used Internationally

Going beyond the fact that Jing is designed for both PC users and Mac users, and the fact that it could be used as a better means of communication worldwide, Jing can also be used as a means of transferring information internationally that is better understood visually and orally. This fact is illustrated in the following example on a global scale:

Another international use of Jing was demonstrated by our International Partners from the EWHA Women's University in South Korea. These students conducted a survey to show the use of Jing in South Korea. Here are their results:

Jing survey: Jing_survey.doc

The students from EWHA also filmed the following interview with a student that has used Jing in the past for his assignments.

How To Ask For Technical Support


Many users may experience technical difficulties while using Jing and would like some help.  Well here is how you can get to the "Technical Support" section of the Jing Website:

1) Go to

2) On the bottom of the page under the column "Learning & Support" there is a choice entitled "Technical Support." Click there.

Below is a screen shot of the "Techinical Support" section just so are on the right page.

Success Stories of Jing Users


Below are some stories of real life Jing Users and they have successfully used Jing how they have benefited from the program.  I hope these stories help you!

Success Stories Link










Here's a link to our brochure of Jing: Jing

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