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  • Lesson plans for post-secondary.
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Lesson Plan 1

          Students:      Any Student

          Environment: Standard classroom.  Teacher has access to the internet specifically Facebook, guest speaker has access to the internet specifically Facebook, and

                              the teacher and the guest speaker are friends on Facebook.  Also, the classroom is equipped with a projector.

          Objectives:    Guest speaker is from a different culture, but is not able to physically come into the classroom to tell about his or her culture.  The teacher is now

                              able to bring the guest speaker into the classroom via Facebook Chat.  The teacher can schedule a time for the guest speaker to be on Facebook

                              Chat during the classroom time.  The conversation is shown on the projector so that all the students can see what the guest speaker has to say

                              about his or her culture.  Also, students can give the teacher questions to ask the guest speaker.  This gets the students to interact within the

                              classroom with someone outside the classroom.

          Example:      Students:      Hearing Students

                              Environment: Set up as in the lesson plan.

                              Objectives:    Guest speaker is from the Deaf Culture and is not able to come to the classroom, let alone communicate with the students.  Students

                                                  are taught first-hand about the experiences in the Deaf Culture.

Lesson Plan 2

          Students:      Students have never met each other before, so they do not know anybody in the classroom.

          Environment: Standard classroom.  Outside of the classroom, all students have access to Facebook.

          Objectives:    The teacher wants to build a closer community in the classroom.  Students are broken up into groups of 4-5 are assigned to get to know his or her

                              group members via Facebook Chat.  In this method, students can work individually on their own time.  This allows more flexibility in schedules, and

                              makes it an easy way to better know someone.

          Example:      Students:      Students attending the same class.

                              Environment: Set up as in the lesson plan.

                              Objectives:    The students in one group all live across town from each other, so it is a big hassle to all meet in one place physically.  They are now

                                                  able to get to know one another by chatting on Facebook in 4-5 different locations.

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