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What is Netvibes? 
According to Wikipedia, Netvibes is a "multi-lingual Ajax-based personalized start page."[2] Netvibes was founded by Tariq Krim in 2005.[3]  It is so easy to use and is available anywhere and everywhere.  Netvibes is much like iGoogle and Microsoft Live.  These personalized start up pages are organized into tabs with each tab containing "user-defined modules."[2]   These personalized modules include anything you want on your web page.  Users can put their favorite website, blogs, email, podcast, and social networks all in one place.  Some examples to put on a personal web page would be local forecasts, calendars, to-do lists, e-mail, podcast, blogs, maps, videos, pictures, facebook, basically anything you want.

You can personalize your page by creating a theme or using an existing theme.  You can also share your customized page with other individuals or Netvibes Ecosystems.  The Netvibes Ecosystems are a collection of user submitted widgets where others can look at your customized web page.  You can share information with anyone you want.  Today, Netvibes is a global community of users controlling their digital lives. [3]

^[1]^Basically, Netvibes:

-          Helps you manage your digital life.

-          Brings all your favorite things on the internet together in your own personal Netvibes page.

-          Share with your friends your favorite modules.

-          100% personally customized- no ads, no logos, no corporate control



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