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Page created by:  Michelle Anthony, Audie Bobillo, Susan David, Gary Davies, Andy Horner, Arielle Mucha, Jacob Palmer, Megan Pottorff, Kassie Smith, Julie Warren

Purpose of PBwiki

Why was PBwiki created?

PBwiki was created for many different uses, such as business, academic, and personal. For the business aspect, PBwiki helps free up time to increase productivity and improve organization. pbworks (previously pbwiki)1 PBwiki is also a helpful tool in the classroom. If students have a group project, a wiki is a great place for them to collaborate. It allows them to continue adding work, changing work, and easily undo something that someone changed but should not have. It connects teachers, students, and parents as well as gets everyone involved. It is also a way to keep students engaged outside of the classroom and provide them with a different kind of school work that they may be more interested in. pbworks (previously pbwiki)2 Through personal use, you can share files and documents, let your page be private or public, or anywhere in between, and if you receive any e-mails it notifies you to keep you up-to-date. Note PBwiki was renamed to Pbworks by the developers of the program. pbworks (previously pbwiki)3

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What does PBwiki allows users to do?

Using PBwiki in a business allows employees to work with customers more efficiently and provides information protection better than e-mailing. Also, the information will be directed to the correct audience. It allows users to share documents and files online rather than sending an electronic e-mail to everyone. This saves a lot of time and reduces the amount of e-mails going in and out, which gives people more time to do productive work. It also enables people to reverse any changes instantly because PBwiki keeps a record of any changes made. 

PBwiki is ideal for teachers to use in the classroom especially when they are assigning their students a group project. One feature of PBwiki that makes this ideal is that it is easy to embed video and audio into the site. This way, if the teacher needs to demonstrate something to the group or if the group had a question, the teacher can easily record a video or an audio clip for them explaining what they are to do or give them the answer to their question. Using PBwiki also gives a teacher accurate feedback on how much work each member of the group is doing. Every time something is edited on the wiki it documents who made the change and also sends an email to the teacher about it if that feature is set up. One other helpful feature of PBwiki is that it is a great alternative resource for teachers. pbworks (previously pbwiki)4 Featured on PBwiki are educational examples, a support center, and even personal help via email that can directly connect the teacher with thousands of other educators. pbworks (previously pbwiki)5

The following video is a great description of how PBwiki can benifit its users. It shows several people who describe what PBwiki is and the many ways in which they use it. 

Source of video:

The following is a screen cap of the program in use which can provide a visual incentive to try out the program. It shows the main page of the program and what to expect from it.

Source of screen capture:

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History and Development

Who developed PBwiki and when?

The developers of this site were three graduates of Stanford University by the names of David Weekly, Ramit Sethi, and Nathan Schmidt.  They launched PBwiki in May 2005.  Weekly and Schmidt are still with the company and serve as the current chairman and CTO respectively.  Sethi left the company and is currently working full time on his own personal finance site entitled pbworks (previously pbwiki)6 Below, the three founders are pictured with several PBwiki staff members.

Source of picture:

What were their goals in creating it?

In 2005, most wiki's were very complicated to setup and required a Linux server, along with the arduous task of installing software onto it before any type of wiki could be accessed.  Founder David Weekly, realized that most people who could benefit from the use of a wiki were unable to gain access to them due to the painstaking measures they had to go through.  Therefore, Weekly created PBwiki and issued this statement to Adrian Bye of Meet Innovators (TM), "[People] want something they can just click and sign up for in a couple of seconds and not worry about any of those servers. In other words, they want to be able to have their own private hosted wiki in about as much time as it takes to make a peanut butter sandwich." pbworks (previously pbwiki)7

Why were the name "PBwiki" and the sandwich logo chosen?

PBwiki got its name because setting up an account takes less time than making a peanut butter sandwhich. It is also very easy to use and lets its users do things such as insert videos and photos, have chat rooms, voice that, and set up community calendars among many other features. pbworks (previously pbwiki)8

Current status of PBwiki, and how has it changed/evolved?

David Weekly, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Product Officer was unsure of the direction of PBwiki and how popular it would be when it was first introduced.  Yet, to his own admitted surprise, he did not expect for PBwiki to be so popular within library sciences and education.  He states in an interview with Adrian Bye of Meet Innovators (TM), "Wikis have taken off like wildfire within the library communities where their job is collecting, organizing, and disseminating information. That's precisely what a wiki lets you do in an easy and lightweight fashion."  

Weekly also states that since educators and libraries were not exactly the target consumers he was expecting, he must constantly be morphing PBwiki in order to service their needs.  With every new edition and update of PBwiki, Weekly and others on the PBwiki team are molding their product to help its users be successful in whatever particular way that they choose to use it. pbworks (previously pbwiki)9

Ramit Sethi, the Co-founder of PBworks, joined PBworks as its first time emplyee in November 2005 and served as the VP community/marketing where he helped build the PBworks brand name, developed the website, authored newsletters, offered support, built and managed the support team, and recruited people to come work for the company.  Paraphrased from

On April 28, 2009, PBwiki changed its name to PBworks (at the same time launching a new Legal Edition). "As we've added additional functionality, such as Access Controls, Document Management, Mobile support, and now our new Legal Edition, we've gone well beyond traditional wiki functionality," said Jim Groff, CEO of PBworks. "As a result, the name 'PBwiki' no longer reflected how we think of ourselves, and even more importantly, how our users think of us." Taken from PBwiki Changes Name.

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How does PBwiki work?


How do you create an account?

Creating a PB wiki account is fast and easy. Navigate to the PBwiki home page ( scroll over to, "For Education" and click "Sign up now." This will now bring you to the page showing the various options of PBwiki. Choose the basic "free" plan and hit select your desired choice.  Next, choose a url for your wiki. An example of an url is After that you have to type in information such as: your name, email, and password to create an account. Then you will recieve a confirmation email and after you have submitted your information to confirm your account. Finally your wiki will be created and you being using it a wide variety of ways to benefit your needs. 

Source of screen capture:

What are the types of accounts?

Within PBwiki there are many different types of accounts to choose from.

Basic Plan

 The least complex is the Basic plan. The website states that this is ideal for hobbyists, personal use, and productivity. This plan does not include backups or SSL encryption (which is basic security and data integrity for communication over the internet). It includes one wiki, 2 gigabyte storage, and basic email support. This version is free and can be updated at anytime.

Professional Plan

The second type of account is Professional. This plan includes full backups and SSL, custom security, an unlimited amount of wikis and storage, full customization and single sign-on. Also with this package you receive primary email support and a less than 4 hour response from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday through Friday. This Professional plan costs $8.99 per user per month but it is free if you only have 1-3 users. You also have the option for a free trial!

 Professional Plus

The Professional Plus package is the plan designed for enterprises, mission critical projects, and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With this plan you get everything that is included in the Professional package PLUS you get live chat! It costs $11.99 per user per month to buy the Professional Plus PBwiki.

If none of these types of accounts fit your preference then you have the option of choosing an academic designed PBwiki. Within this option there are three types of accounts. The first is the Basic academic which includes 1 wiki for up to 100 users with 2 GB storage and limited customization. This is mainly for hobbyists and clubs, personal use, and productivity, just as in the other Basic package. For this classroom account there is basic email support and it is free and able to be updated at anytime!

 Classroom Package

The Classroom package is designed for K-12 classrooms, college classes, and libraries. With this one wiki, and up to 100 users there is 40 GB storage and full customization. For this classroom account there is primary email support as well as zip backups for your information. This package costs $99 per year.

 Campus Version

For the last academic account type there is the Campus version of PBwiki. This is primarily for school districts, college campuses, and library systems. This package includes unlimited wikis and up to 1000 users with the full customization and 40 GB storage space. Also, like with the Classroom account, there is primary email support and zip backups. This plan costs $799 per year.

 Public Edition

If none of these match what you are looking for than you can choose the Public edition. This plan is designed for publishing, open communities, and public wikis. Unlimited users, 40 GB storage, and full customization are all included in this one wiki.

So as you can see there are very many options to choose from. PBwiki offers many types for the many different things people are looking for!


Here is an extensive visual representation of the pricing details for PBwiki so you can view all of the options in one area and decide which edition will suit your needs.

 Professional Editions

Academic Editions

How do you post documents and other files? 

Source of screen capture:

Once you click the edit button on your main PBwiki homepage, the "Insert" tab will become available on the top of the toolbar (See above).  Upon clicking this tool, the options of inserting a link, a table, a horizontal line, table of contents, video, calendar, and more are available to you.  The process is very easy and PBwiki allows you to actually preview what your new application is going to look like and gives you the option of cancelling its insertion before you make the final decision to add it to your page.  Yet, if you do not like the new plugin, it is just as easy to delete it as it is to create it. 

In the upper right corner of your PBwiki homepage, the option is given to "Upload files" (See Below).  When you click on this link, it takes you to a new page of your wiki where you can easily upload any file that you have saved on your computer.  The file quickly uploads and is posted for all to see.  The viewers of your PBwiki simply have to click on the "Pages and Files" link located just to the right of the "Upload files," and they may view any file that you have posted and may post files of their own if they are allowed that option.


Source of screen capture: 


Can the language settings be changed?

The default language for PBwiki cannot be anything other than English. However, it is possible to type in or copy and paste other sources into PBwiki. Also PBwiki does include the ability to use Unicode, which is universal character set. This means that whatever language you are typing on your computer can be displayed on the wiki. You can also change the settings to read from right to left instead of left to right. But PBwiki is not designed to change its complete default language.

These are some websites and software from PBwiki that may help with language barriers:

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Public Edition

This package is for general public use to share and look at different wikis with premium features with an unlimited amount of users.

Unlimited users= $499/year

Source of screen captures:

                     Upgrades are available at any time!

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How is PBwiki related to other applications?

PBwiki is very similar to Wikipedia, Wikispaces, and Wetpaint. All of these sites are regular wikis where people can view, post, and edit wiki pages. PBwiki, however, offers some things that these other sites do not. Firstly, PBwiki offers a high level security that other sites cannot offer. pbworks (previously pbwiki)10 Also, PBwiki has a unique plan for educators and the education program. Many of these other sites are primarily for individual or business use, both of which PBwiki offers along with the education plan. pbworks (previously pbwiki)11

Great Features of PBwiki 

Wikis have many different types of features. The layout of the features varies, but generally they are similar.  PBwiki has many features that set it apart from others and make it unique.

Insert Video:

Most wiki's have the ability to insert "widgets" or "google gadgets" that make it possible to link to videos on youtube etc. This is a good tool; however, it's disadvantage is that you have to work in a number of different platforms to make it all come together if there is a specific video file you have that is related to the wiki.  PBwiki works with a website called "fliqz" and it effectively hosts the videos that you want that is specific to your wiki website.  You have the option when you are inserting a video, to upload it directly to the wiki page without affecting your upload limit of 2 Gigabites in the case of a free site.

view filqz:


This wiki has a feature that many others have not made available to free or premium uses of their wiki's.  To be able to place shared files in folders and have these folders listed in a navagation bar on the side is an excellent tool to assist in coodinating work among collegues.  The files that are in these folders can be renamed and even moved between folders.  Links to these files can be placed on the pages as well.

Indefinitely Private if needed:

Another feature that makes PBwiki attractive to nonprofit organizations and volunteer groups, is the fact that it can be setup for a tight working group without the concern that the site will go public.  Other wiki's like "wikispaces" are able to be set up as "nonsearchable" for a short length of time and then they go public.  Only members are able to edit the site but it is now public.  PBwiki guarantees that if you choose to set up the site in a private mode, with invitation only members, they will never make the site public.  PBwiki states, "If you mark your wiki private, we'll keep it private".  This makes it a great option for a family or small group wanting to use it to organize a trip away or a special function. pbworks (previously pbwiki)12

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Educational applications of PBwiki

PBwiki is a wonderful application for teachers, students, and parents alike. The following paragraphs highlight how this program can be used and why it is worth investing in for your classroom.

Teachers will find that PBwiki is a wonderful program that has numerous uses in today's classroom. It enables teachers to have projects that are more involved and interactive. The teacher can handle these bigger projects because of the comment feature on PBwiki. With this, a teacher can set up a wiki page devoted solely to a specific project and then he/she can comment to the students what needs to be done, how to do it, and answer any questions that arise during the project process.

PBwiki is also very useful to students. When doing projects that teachers have set up, they can talk to the teacher outside of the classroom and get answers more quickly. They can also use PBwiki when they are doing a group project and meeting in person is not an option. It frees up more of their time to focus on the actual project rather than worrying about meeting.

One of the more recent applications of this wiki page is for parents. Teachers can upload what students are working on in class and keep parents up to date. All the parent has to do is go the wiki and see exactly what is being done in the classroom. Also beneficial for parents is the chat feature, which enables teachers and parents to get together when a face-to-face meeting is not feasible. The chat feature is only available to parents and teachers.

The following short video briefly explains real life users of PBworks and the such ways it can be incorporated into education.

Elementary Lesson Plan

Collecting and Organizing Data


Target Area

Grade 5


The students will collect, organize, and formulate data into graphs using computers. This will help students read and understand graph and data charts. Students will also be paired with a partner class. They will then post their findings on a wiki page. This will help them learn what a wiki is and how it can be used.


After this lesson, students will be able to:
-          collect and organize data
-          use Excel spreadsheet and graph maker
-          upload, manage, and create wiki page        -       understand how to read spreadsheet and graphs

Time Required

1 hour


-computer stations
-wiki page-spreadsheet technology


1.      Have students take a tally of favorite foods out of five options.
2.      Have students take a tally of the number of pets students have.
3.      Have students take a tally of number of siblings per student.
4.      Post findings of each category on a wiki page shared with another classroom.
5.      Have students in pairs make tables and graphs of the other class's results using an Excel spreadsheet.
6.      After completing this task, have students post spreadsheets and graphs on the wiki page.
7.      Make students review the data. Have each pair print off their spreadsheets and graphs as an assessment.


3.6.4.-Express solutions clearly and logically by using the appropriate mathematical terms and notation. Support solutions with evidence in both verbal and symbolic work.

Posted By: Julie Warren

Adapted By:

Secondary Lesson Plan

Social Studies


Lesson Plan

1869: Report on North Carolina Schools

Target Group

Tenth Grade Economics and Civics class


Read about the past status of North Carolina education and why the Governor believes school to mandatory or not after the age of sixteen.
Relate own ideas about education and civic duty. Understand the role of a citizen within schools, communities,
state, and country. Discuss with peers facts and beliefs.


Students will be able to:
-Describe benefits of civic participation.
-Participate in civic life, politics, and government.
-Explain the distinction between personal and civic responsibilities and the tensions that may arise between them.
-Evaluate the importance of supporting, nurturing, and educating oneself in the United States society.
-Demonstrate characteristics of effective citizenship.
-Describe examples of recurring public problems and issues.


-Reading guide/Textbook
-Class PBwiki page


1. The students will read the assigned material.
2. The assessment questions about the readings should be answered.
3. Class discussion about what was read and what the students would do if they had been living in that time.
4. All students post on the PBwiki their opinions about civil duties and responsibilities of living in our free country.
5. Have the students read each others ideas and make at least 3 responses to classmates' posts.

Indiana Standards

USH 3.6: Identify the contributions to American culture made by individuals and groups. (Individuals, Society and Culture)
USH 9.4: Explain issues and problems of the past by analyzing the interests and viewpoints of those involved.
USH 9.6: Formulate and present a position or course of action on an issue by examining the underlying factors contributing to that issue
USG 1.1: Define civic life, political life and private life and describe the activities of individuals in each of these spheres. (Individuals, Society and Culture)
USG 1.7: Explain how civil society contributes to the maintenance of limited government in a representative democracy or democratic republic, such as the United States. (Individuals, Society and Culture)

Posted By
Audie Bobillo

Adopted from:

Post-Secondary Lesson Plan

Analyzing a Newspaper: Editorials
and News for ESOL Learners



Students will analyze a newspaper and examine the news section and the editorial section. They will take a close look at the type of language used when giving an opinion.


To have students identify the news section and the editorial section and to become aware of the language employed in editorials with the purpose of convincing readers.


At the end of this session, students will be able to do the following:

• Identify and distinguish parts of newspapers: editorial section and news

• Differentiate between facts and opinions

• Recognize and produce the language of opinion

• Produce an editorial using the appropriate language

Target Group:

For the purpose of this lesson, the target group levels range from 1-8:
1=beginners, 5=intermediate, 8=advanced. This lesson is level 6 .


Three one-hour class periods


One newspaper editorial and one news story on the same topic. Class PBwiki page.

Activities-Day One:

1. News Story
The teacher writes the topics of different news stories for each group on the board and elicits from the students all they know about each topic.
2. Teacher asks wh-questions in order to build schema about the topic. These questions are only meant to build schema and are not intended for an exhaustive discussion of the content. For example:

• Who is _________?

• What do you know about ____________?

• Where _______________?

• How _________________?

• When _________________?

3. Students read the news article taking note of unknown vocabulary and references. The teacher elicits definitions from students. If no students can define a word or reference, the teacher will gloss the word to aid comprehension. The teacher posts the words that were put in the glossary on the class PBwiki site so the students will be able to work on those words from home.
4. Teacher asks and writes on the board, four Basic Media Literacy Questions:

• What is the message?

• Who made it?

• Who is the target audience? How do you know?

• Why was it created?

5. Student groups of 3/4 decide on answers to these questions and report their answers back to the teacher on the class PBwiki site so that other groups will be able to see all the different groups articles.
Example - Why was it created? Possible answer: to give information.

Activities-Day Two:

1. Editorial
Students read an editorial on the same topic as their news story. The teacher takes note of unknown vocabulary and references. The teacher elicits definitions from students. If no students can define a word or reference, the teacher will gloss the word to aid comprehension. And add those words to the class PBwiki page for those groups to study.
2. Teacher refers to the same four Basic Media Literacy Questions that are on the board:

• What is the message?

• Who made it?

• Who is the target audience? How do you know?

• Why was it created?

3. Student groups of 3/4 decide on answers to these questions and report their answers to the class PBwiki page to share with the rest of the class.
Example - Why was it created? Possible answers: to give an opinion, make a judgment, convince the reader
4. Teacher makes a new page on the class PBwiki title being "Opinion"
Teacher elicits definitions of:

1. Opinion

2. Judgment

3. Convince

Ask students what language the writer uses to convince readers, make judgments, give opinions.
Teacher gives a sample answer, the introductory phrase, "I think."
5. Students re-read the editorial scanning for language the writer uses to convince readers, make judgments, give opinions. Students post their examples on the class PBwiki page.


Student are to find news paper articles on the web and post them on the class PBwiki site.

Activities-Day Three:

1. Students scan their newspaper articles. The teacher asks in what sections of the newspaper articles they find news and where they find opinions. Students find the news pages and the opinion/ editorial page.
2. Students identify and underline language that shows opinion and as a class, make a list of words and phrases on the board.

3. Writing Activity
Students in groups brainstorm current topics. Student groups write a one -paragraph editorial about a topic of their choice utilizing the language of opinion. The groups share their paragraphs through PBwiki page. The class decides on the most convincing argument.

Posted by: Kassie Smith

Adapted from:

Business/Industry Use


Effectively manage a project


Keep group members informed and increase the likelihood of successfully completing projects

Materials Needed

-          Pre-made wiki page
-          Computer
-          Wiki account for each group member
Note to users: with the professional edition a chat feature is included, making communication easier


1.      The project manager
-          Set up the main wiki page as best works for your group
-          Post all relevant information
-          Update as needed
2.      Group members
-          Set up your individual wiki page
-          Post opinions, facts, and other connected information
-          Keep in contact with other group members and get ready for the presentation


Your group project is considered a success by your supervisor

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Applications outside of education

 One of the founders of PBwiki, Ramit Sethi, talks about how PBwiki helps businesses:

How does PBwiki benefit businesses?

PBwiki is growing its focus on business customers and has made many improvements to the company and its products to serve clients needs. Clients have benefited greatly in the area of cost effectiveness, having more direct contact, and after sales support services.

According to Chris Yeh, Vice President of Enterprise Marketing at PBwiki, in the area of pricing PBwiki offers a "freemium" pricing model where customers can start with a free wiki and then pay for upgrades as and when needed. Thus clients are able to try out new tools without immediate financial obligations. In terms of sales, clients now have the option to talk with a representative from PBwiki  directly instead of just having all processes done through the web. In addition clients also benefit with the improvement in faster replies to queries by replying to clients within one business day for free accounts, and several hours for paying customers. pbworks (previously pbwiki)13

PBwiki benefits business in terms of cost savings for administration, staffing and better services offered to clients. It improves efficiency and productivity.


 Integrating wiki technology into knowledge management and collaboration can bring many benefits. PBwiki's hosted solutions provide seamless, proven scalability. 
In addition to the scalability of an organization's particular wiki, each client also benefits from PBwiki's overall scale.  It is the largest on-demand host of business wikis. PBwiki supports:

 -          600,000+ hosted wikis,  

 -          More wiki pages than the English language version of the Wikipedia

-          2.2 million visitors to PBwiki hosted wiki

-          1,800 wiki edits per hour

 With a large customer base, it creates the opportunities for members of the user community to collaborate and share best practices.

Performance and Reliability

 Wiki technology can improve the productivity of enterprises.  PBwiki has a long track record of superior performance, with page load times worldwide averaging less than 1.5 seconds.  And by building in redundancy such as multiple Tier-1 backbone providers, PBwiki delivers 99.9% uptime to its many clients.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery of important data and information is essential for enterprises.  

PBwiki offers highly redundant data storage.  Every single page edit that takes place is copied to three separate servers and all data is backed up with encrypted offsite storage, which allows full disaster recovery even in the event of a complete failure of the main production facility.  PBwiki users are also able to schedule their own backups if they have standard corporate data backup policies.

PBwiki benefits businesses in terms of information security and privacy.

PBwiki utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect information using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that your data is safe, secure, and available only to authorized users. Clients must enter a unique user name and password to access the client user wiki. PBwiki does not use "cookies" to store other confidential user and session information, but uses more advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded session IDs.

World-class "defense-in-depth" security is included in every business wiki from PBwiki, including physical security, encryption, user authentication, and application security. pbworks (previously pbwiki)14

Social Networking and Personal Use

PBwiki can be used for so much more than just business. People can use this wiki to plan trips and make certain that a group of people from different places can meet at the same time and place. People can also use it like Facebook to simply keep in touch with their friends and families across distances.

Non Profit Project Development

One of the applications of PBwiki is project development.  With the variety of features that are available it becomes an excelent tool to coordinate specific events projects.  If your organization is in a position to pay a fee of $10 a month then you have the added advantage of hiding folders that can only be seen by specific members of the wiki.

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International Aspects of PBwiki

What are some advantages in using PBwiki as an international tool?

One way that PBwiki is useful all around the world is the new mobile aspect of it. Recently, PBwiki has come out with an edition that can be used on iPhones and Blackberrys. This makes it possible for people to access their PBwiki no matter where in the world you are! If you type in your PBwiki URL to your wireless mobile phone it will "automatically recognize this fact and display a mobile-optimized interface. This allows PBwiki to provide the same speed and ease-of-use for mobile users as it has for desktop users." This can really make the whole wiki process of communication faster.

The PBwiki also works as a great international tool due to it's ease and quickness. Email is slow and not as detailed as a wiki not to mention phone calls and faxes don't always connect across the world. PBwiki's ability to quickly relay information makes thousands of miles seem like mere inches whether it is a CEO in another country or a small buisness owner down the street! One of the ways PBwiki is used internationally is through workshops and conferences where there is a lot of information that needs to be read and dealt with. pbworks (previously pbwiki)15

Teachers can use the PBwiki to have their students communicate to students in other countries. Students can develop projects and do research together all around the world! Increased amounts learning can happen if there is input from a totally different culture. The PBwiki has a great plan for academic use that can be used anywhere from kindergarten classrooms to university campuses and school districts. This could communicate between school systems of different countries. Students and teachers can take advantage of the multimedia options of the wiki which can really be a good resource when communicating with international partners. Also with the PBwiki it is restricted to the people within it so it is safe for the students to work on with out people everywhere being able to access it.

What are some disadvatages to using PBwiki as an international tool?

One main problem with PBwiki pertaining to the international aspect is that it can only truly be viewed in English. Other languages cannot be set up as the default language. So one could type a message in Spanish to someone in Mexico but the wiki page would still be in English. If there was a way to develop the wiki for other languages then it would be a lot more beneficial to people in other countries. Another complication is the cost of internet around the world. And in other countries there is not as easy to access the internet.

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  1. Unknown User (amucha)

    Hey Group 10!

    I'm excited to be your team manager for this project, and hope that we will all be exempt from this final!  Make sure you are all taking a look at and getting an idea of how this application can be used in various settings. Also, be thinking about what you would like your primary role to be (writer, webpage formatter, visual component, developing lesson plans, presenters, etc), although we will all be participating in a variety of different roles throughout the project.  Be sure to look for other sources that will be helpful in developing our wiki chapter!

    Good luck everyone!  Have a great Spring Break!


  2. Unknown User (amucha)

    Welcome to Group 10's Wiki chapter international partners! You will be a very important resource in giving information about how pbWiki is used outside of the United States.  Feel free to post any comments on this page, and any research information on the Research page, which is found under the heading "Children."  Thanks for agreeing to work with us on this project, and hopefully we will be able to arrange a face-to-face meeting through Skype or Adobe Connect!


  3. Unknown User (mpottorf)

    Hey everyone!!

    I am really excited to get started with Project 2. I think this will be a good experience!! Also, I just wanted to welcome our International Partners!! I am very excited to meet you guys!!! 

    -Megan Pottorff

  4. Unknown User (smith91)

    Hi everybody!

    I think this project is going to a good learning experience for all of us and i'm looking forward to getting things started. And I'd like to welcome our International Partners I am excited to work on this project with you!!

    Kassie Smith

  5. Unknown User (abobillo)

    Group 10 is the best!

    Hi! I'm excited to learn about pbwiki! I love peanut butter! I hope we have fun, work hard, and get an A! And hi to our International Partners from Australia! (big grin)

    Audie Bo

  6. Unknown User (jewarren)

    Hey Guys!

    I'm really excited to get to work with everyone and hopefully get an A on this project! I think this going to a great learning eperience for us all. Not to mention I am excited for the chance to work with our international partners! Welcome to our group!

    Julie Warren

  7. Unknown User (mmanthon)

    Hey everyone!

    I think you all agree we don't want to take a final in this class so let's get that A! I'm excited to work with everyone you all seem like fun! Also I can't wait to work with our international partners, I'm looking forward to meeting you (smile)

    Michelle Anthony

  8. Unknown User (ahorner)

    Hey everybody; sorry this comment is late, but I am looking forward to working with you guys and our international partners! Go team 10!!!

  9. Unknown User (amucha)

    Hey guys! For those of you who haven't made your three posts yet, remember they are due by today! Also, if you have made the posts, please start posting relevant information on the related page, under "children." These seperate pages are where we will work on our initial drafts. Don't worry about pictures and videos yet, but make a note (comment on that page) of what you think would be a good edition to your section. After the first draft is completed, we will move the information to the main page and then begin inserting media. We will talk more about this in lab tomorrow. See you then!



  10. Unknown User (jdpalmer)

    Hey Everyone.  Hope the research on your questions is going well.  I really don't want to take that final so let's get these posts done.


  11. Hello from Australia,

    I am looking forward to working with your team in what ever way I can.  I am teaching cabinetmaking in a TAFE college.  Thankyou for inviting me into your project.

    1. Unknown User (amucha)

      Hi Gary!

      Thanks for agreeing to work with us on this project! Right now we are gathering research that addresses the various topics listed under the "children" heading. Feel free to explore and get an idea of what the application does. When you come across any useful information, post a comment under the appropriate question. By Sunday we are supposed to have an initial draft completed. You can pick one of the sections to be the writer for if you'd like. A lot of group members are working on the writing portion, so I'm sure some would appreciate the extra help! Just let me know which topic you would like to be in charge of!

      Thanks again!


      1. Unknown User (amucha)


        Would you be interested in posting information concerning applications of PBWiki outside of education (business, etc.)? Also, if you could give information about how PBWiki is used internationally (ex: Australia). There are writers working on these pages (which can be found under the "children" heading), but you can go in and click "edit" to add to what they have posted. Or you can post a comment on that related page. We need to have an intial draft done by Sunday, but because this is a wiki, changes can continually be made!

        Let me know what you would like to do!



  12. Hi Everyone,

    Apologies for this late post. I have just begun to get around navigating the site. I have written to Arielle regarding some apprehensions and difficulties in my contribution and I hope to iron all of it out in a few hours over SKYPE. I seek everyones understanding and patience with me as I am sooooo not used to wiki and all the computer jargon. This is also my first web based module. I will however try to support and contribute to the groups effort as best as I can. Looking forward to chatting with all of you soon.

    Thanks and nite.

    Susan (smile)

  13. for taking the time to meet and chat with me on SKYPE. It was nice to meet some of you. Looking forward to chatting with more of the group tomorrow. In the meantime I have added a comment to "Applications to pbwiki outside of education" cause I don't really know how to add the content onto the page itself. I also don't wanna mess up the webpage and would much prefer to contribute in a supporting role rather than be the main contributor towards each sub topic of pbwiki.

    (smile)  Susan

    1. Unknown User (amucha)

      Thank you Susan! I took the information from your comment and just copied it onto the page for that section. Tomorrow I will start working on moving the information from the seperate sections to the front page! Talk to you later!


  14.  for chatting with me this morning. I really appreciate the effort of all who attended the web chat...although I could only see Andrew and Arielle, nonetheless it was  great!

     I have a couple of suggestions and inputs regarding the project presentation. I hope you guys don't mind if I post some referenced Psychological insights about persuasive communication. Reason being I think perhaps the direction of the project is not only to complete it but to present it and hopefully get some attention from the audience to either be interested in the project. I don't really know the objective of this project from a Purdue Uni students perspective or from your course outline perspective. I am just making a hypothetical guess.(sad) Unfortunately I am a Psych student, so one can imagine how my thought processes are, thus the following inputs from me. My comments follow the characteristic points under "Koolsuzz suggests". Please feel free to use the information or trash it. It really depends on where the group wants to head in this project. Perhaps it might prove an interesting read for some of you who are interseted in sales and marketing.
    Cheers. Have a great weekend.

    (smile)  Susan

    PS Arielle, I will be posting a few more comments to "Applications to pbwiki outside of education" either today or in a few days time.
    Persuasive Communication

     Yale Uni research programme constructed a model on the basis of communication theory in marketing and advertising (Belch & Belch, 2004). The key to understanding why people would attend to, understand, remember and accept a persuasive message is to focus on the:-

    1.     Communicator or source (ie group 10)

    2.     The communication or message (ie PBwiki)

    3.     The audience or receiver of the message (Uni staff & students, International students, others)

    The communication characteristics I suggest that the group focus on would likely lead to attitude change would be:

    Ø  Experts are more persuasive than non experts (Hovland & Weiss, 1952).

    (lightbulb) Koolsuzz suggests:- Having the PBWiki CEO David Weekly or VP speak directly to the audience through live chat, video conferencing or even a short taped session/interview wld make a huge impact.

    Ø  When the audience is tough or rated as fairly intelligent (especially other Professors/teachers/experts) it is more effective to present both sides of the issue than focusing only on one side (Hovland, Lumsdaine & Sheffield, 1949).

    (lightbulb) Koolsuzz suggests:- To present a balance presentation with the negatives/shortfalls of PBwiki and then to state the final conclusion for justification. So far the information posted on group 10 website and most if not all of PBwiki sites seems to be information all pointing towards the benefits.In addition comparative advertising in which a rival product is presented as inferior to the target product (PBwiki) is a common instance of using two sided messages. An attentive and interested consumer is likely to process information quite carefully, whereas comparative advertising is simply geared to making a product appear better (Vaughan & Hogg, 2005)

    Ø  Persuasion can be enhanced by using language that requires lesser cognitive effort (van Schie, Martijn & van der Plight, 1994).

    (lightbulb) Koolsuzz suggests:- KISS- Keep it simple guys. Short, sharp and to the point. Its not how much is presented but rather how attractive, effective and persuasive the PBwiki project is to the audience.

    Ø  It was found that videotape presentation brings about the greatest degree of opinion change. When the message is difficult, however, opinion change is greatest when the material is written. A difficult message profits from using a verbal document because readers have the chance to go back at will, mull over what is being said and then read on (Chaiken & Eagly, 1983).

    Ø  Psychologists do agree that the audience has to first at least pay attention to the communicators message, understand the contents and think what is being said before it begins to slowly be accepted (Vaughan & Hogg, 2005).

    (lightbulb) Koolsuzz suggests:- Some possible attention grabbers...possible great/attractive cover page or home page... physical attractive stimulus to your booth during the presentation of the project on the 22nd perhaps? Any more suggestions anyone?

    Ø  Repeated exposure to an object clearly increases familiarity with the object. Repetition of a name can make the name seem famous (Jacob, Kelly, Brown & Jasechko, 1989).

    (lightbulb)  Koolsuzz suggests:-"PBwiki" repeated again and again somewhere in the physical aspect of the presentation of the project e.g at the groups booth or T-shirts, posters, banners as well as the hosted website..idea is to keep the costs nil so DIY would be great.


    1. Unknown User (amucha)

      Thank you for posting all these ideas, we will definitely use this list as a guideline for editing the next few drafts of our wiki chapter! It will be very important for us to cut down the amount of text and incorporate other media on our page, to get our point across clearly and effectively. Thanks for meeting with us again last night! Talk to you later!


  15. Unknown User (amucha)

    Just so everyone knows, we are going to be converting the lesson plans to pdf files and making a table to link to them. This will make the page a lot easier to navigate and not so long. If you were one of the lesson plan people, could you please post a third lesson plan. Since we are making a table and it won't take up much room, it would be a good idea to have more. Just make sure you have three ready for lab on wednesday, we will be converting them to pdf files then. Thanks!


    Oh, Gary! Thanks for all that info! I'm going to take out your "Features" link and just include that info under the section about how pbwiki is related to other applications. It fits nicely in explaining advantages of using pbwiki over a different application. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks again! (smile)

    1. Thanks Arielle,

      Thanks for letting me have a part in your project.  I appreciate being able to make a contribution.  Sorry I havent been a little more proactive in the building of your wiki, I may be trying to juggle a few too many things at the moment.  Your team has been doing a great job.

  16.  Great job group 10! Cheers to all the work done so far.
    Do you need me to do anything more? I would love to chat with you again and find out how you guys managed to upload U Tube Videos...Perhaps on the 22nd April. I will be online for sure. Pls let me know exact time/start of presentation etc... Will 6.30am my time be ok?
    Just to be safe pls let me know date and time of the class presentation ie based on the U.S time/date.

    1. Unknown User (amucha)

      Hi Susan!

      We have just been putting the finishing touches on the wiki chapter and working on the handouts and poster for the presentation. The showcase is April 21st from 6-9 pm US time. So 6:30am on April 22nd your time would be fine! If you want to wait even later, that would be okay too. We have three hours there! I will try and sign on skype whenever I am online later tonight or in the next few days, I always forget to sign in. If you're on, just send me a message and we can chat. To get the youtube videos on the page, I had to put in some code and past part of the video URL. It wasn't too hard once someone gave me the instructions! haha.

      Talk to you soon!


  17. Unknown User (ehey)

    Hey guys, we put a child page up here for our review.

  18. Unknown User (mmanthon)

    Hey guys! I posted the slides that we're putting on the presentation board. I tried to post them under the children- presentation. For some reason it's not showing up under there but it keeps telling me that it's there so it won't let me repost it. I went ahead and posted it under all attachments though so if you can't find it under the children link then you'll be able to find it under all the attachments! It's simply titled PBWiki (smile)