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  • f. How could this applications be used within an educational or learning situation?
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Bla Bla could be used in a education situation in many ways.  It could be used by students that are working on a project.  They could check off different steps as they complete the tasks.

Bla Bla List would be especially helpful for a project being completed in an internet classroom.  Students could use the list to distribute work for a project in a way that the information could be shared and added to by everyone.

Bla Bla could be used by a teacher to keep track of the assignments they assign and are going or planning on assigning.  They can create a list of assignment and check off the assignments as the students complete them. 

A teacher could use Bla Bla to make a daily lesson plan for the day's class.  They could add the plan and check off the parts of the lesson as the class completes it or goes over it. 

This concept could also be used to incorporate technology into the classroom.  If each student has computer access, the class as a whole can check off what has been accomplished during the lesson and what is left to be done.  This would replace the usage of writing on the board in some circumstances. 

Bla Bla could be used as a communication tool between teacher and students.  An example of this would be for a teacher to post all assigned readings for the semester or year onto Bla Bla List, also allowing for students to add onto the list books that they would like to be given the opportunity to read as well.

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