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  • How could the application be used within an educational situation?
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How could the application be used within an educational situation? For example, generate multiple content area lesson plans for each of the following areas:

1) Elementary

2) Secondary

3)Post Secondary

4) Business/ Industry can be used in the post-secondary education by teacher and students whom need to collaborate on a group project. (Ben Hewitt) can be used in the secondary to post-secondary to have an online debate using two blogs. One blog supporting the topic and the other blog disagreeing with the topic.  Students would be able to express their thoughts and feelings without participation in the actual class. (Ben Hewitt) would allow high school english students write and publish any kind of writing project. The project can then be shared or edited by international students gaining insight from other cultures. (Kyle Bischoff)

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  1. Unknown User (jdstadle) could be used in a secondary educational setting in several ways. Similar to what we did for our "online discussions" in EDCI 270, educators could generate a lesson plan that required students to read a book or an article and then discuss what they read using - similar to how we use Blackboard at Purdue.  Because is "completely customizable and can be used for almost anything", teaching students how to use WordPress should be fairly easy. In return, educators have a great blogging website for students to use for online discussions.  (Jessica Stadler)

  2. Unknown User (gallaghe)

    wordpress. org can also be used in business and industry. With this blogging software you can open a blog up to an idea and others in that busines or industry can comment on and make slight adjustments. Also alot of business is done internationally and with businesses can interact others from different nation and they can share their thoughts on this blog.(Jordan Gallagher)