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  • How is the application used in foreign countries? Are there unique features that may be more relevant to those outside of the U.S.?
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  1. This is harder to pin down than it should be however I am investingating a couple of areas within Australian education that may be relevent to the application (or the other way around)

    The first if in the area of adult literacy. While I am yet to pin down ANYONE to talk to my theory is that a program such as Google Lit Trips could be ussed in an adult education classroom to make to focus of the reading lessons more relevent to adult learners. They would be able to share experiences about the areas their story was traveling though and could also encourage further investgation of areas or subjects that interested them. is a report stating the importance to reading in adult education specifically in teaching English as a second language. It focuses on the migrant workforce and ways to encourage all students to gain the appropriate knowledge for gaining empolyment and access to training. I believe Lit Trip's relevance here as in other ESL courses would be to provide a link to the students original countries. This link would provide motivation and a comfort zone of familiar places/ locations for students attempting to learn English. Readings would have to be found that were based in spacific areas but this could also be incorporated into a student reseach project encouraging students to find books that were relevent.

    Another avenue I am investigaiting is the use of Lit Trips in remote communities. There are several Distance Education departments dealing with remote education and again, I haven't been able to pin anyone down to talk to however my thoughts are that a program like Lit Trips would assist in broadening a student's understanding of global geography and also where they physically fit in relation to the stories they are reading.

    I noticed that the Possum Magic Lit Trip was geared up to introduce other cultures to some of Australias unique icons This could also work for any other culture. An already created Lit Trip could be used by the teacher to demonstrate significant cultural icons/places in other states/countries or students could follow their own research and create their own Lit Trip.

    I'm sorry this is still a work in progress however I am determined to nail someone to their desk tomorrow and hope to have some relevent examples to add.


    1. Unknown User (lmitchel)

      This is great information Emma! It's great to see that you already have lots of progress here. As you can see everything looks a bit messy now that we've added a draft page. If you get the chance, just copy and paste whatever information you feel that you want to be put on the "draft" of the wiki onto that page. It doesn't matter if it's still a work in progress. Joseph Gardner, one  of our group members, has the role of taking everyone's research and basically "writing" it by making it sound better. Feel free to change anything you see as well.

      Thanks for the effort so far!