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  • Research (G) What are some examples of it being used to illustrate it's current educational value or potential value?
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Michelle Trzynka

Wikia is being used in the education facet in different ways.  It is being used for educational institutions to give information about the school.  This might be considered informative or even advertising.  There are also sites specifically for students to edit, however students are not limited to these.  There are also sites that are related to different subject matters such as math, language, psychology, and journalism.  Additionally, there are Wikia pages that are specifically for teachers and administrators.  These wiki pages offer information and links to information about professional development, public school issues, available software, integrating technology, digital devices, and more. 

Wikia Education. (2009, March 10). Retrieved March 31, 2009, from Wikia:

Emily Hey:

Wikia has a section named "Students Wikia" where students can discuss different topics about their school. High schools and colleges are participating in this. Students can write about a wide variety of topics ranging from the school's history, the food, or different projects assigned. On Duke's wiki, a group of students posted their ECE 164 final report. This area of Wikia could have a lot of potential to be used in schools. Purdue University currently lacks this type of site.

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3. Post Secondary

Wikia has a webpage designed to help distance learners.  This page allows for students to post ideas or topics, and others can reflect on the original postings.  The wiki is relatively new and does not have very much information on it yet.  Citation: Date Viewed: 3/31/09 url:

                                                                      -Matt Riney (I also posted this in part F, it fits both criteria)

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