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Michelle Trzynka

Wikia is being used in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  This page was created in order to unite the community as well as provide basic tourism information about the city such as places to dine and drink.  Anyone can post information on this page, as with any other.  Citizens of the Vancouver are encouraged to update the page with information about events and activities in the area.  They can also share about the lifestyle, or about the arts in the area. 

I think this is a good idea for cities who want to publicize and attract visitors.  It would be helpful for the viewer of this site to get the inside "scoop" as to what the people who live there have to say about the city.

Wikia Travel*. (2007, May 1). Retrieved March 31, 2009, from Wikia:\* (*)

I'm not sure how this is, there suprisingly isn't much information on how it's used as such in other countries, but there is a wikia travel, which is a wiki dedicated to travel guides.

Wikia's are also useful for travelling abroad to just about anywhere in the world. As Wikia Travel (n.d) states: "It's a free travel directory that you can edit*"* It also gives advice for many travelling destinations which are divided into continents.


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