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Google Writer was developed by the Writely Team which is part of Google Inc.  It was originated by Writely & Google Spreadsheets combined. (

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    Google Docs includes portions of Calc documentation authored by Magnus Adielsson, Richard Barnes, Peter Kupfer, Iain Roberts and Jean Hollis Weber and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, version 2.0, available at   (

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    should we put who has the copy-writes? if so here they are:

    • Copyright (c) 1995-2003 International Business Machines Corporation and others All rights reserved.
    • Copyright 2000-2004 by Kevin Atkinson
    • Copyright (c) J Ross Beresford 1993-1999. All Rights Reserved
    • Copyright 1993, Geoff Kuenning, Granada Hills, CA


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    Google Writer appeared in 2006 out of a word processing program called Writely. Writely was orginally run through the company Upstartle. Google bought the company and its program in 2005 as part of a conceived project to compete with word processing giant Microsoft Word. The official licensing of Google Writer goes a team of individuals: Magnus Adielsson, Richard Barnes, Peter Kupfer, Iain Roberts, and Jean Hollis Weber. Since its introduction, Google Writer has been successful in expanding its use, capibilities, and storage space for users.

    additional sources used: