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  • How does Google Writer Work? What does one have to do to start using Google Writer?
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  1. Unknown User (ryee)

    Katie, these look amazing! Excellent work, I am really impressed! (big grin)

  2. Unknown User (bdbennet)

    Google Writer works like any word processing program. Users can type, save, and share documents and use them for anything they deem necessary. Google Writer allows for users to store up to 7 GBs of information through their G-mail accounts. The truly unique thing about Google Writer is the ability to share with other users. After a user is finished with typing their document they can go up to the right-hand corner and decide if they want to "Share" "Save" or "Save & Close". If one decides to "Share" they are brought to a screen that allows them to do many things. Some of the things include E-mailing the document as an attachment, publish the document as a website, or sharing/collaborating with other Google Writer users. This can be especially helpful for group projects. As long as you have your group members e-mail addresses you can decide on allowing them to collaborate on you document (meaning that the other user can actually go into you document to make changes) or you can allow them to be viewers of your document (they can review the document, but cannot make changes). This process can greatly increase efficiency and productivity whether that is in the classroom or in the business world.

    Those pictures look great!