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  • How is Google Writer related to other applications? Can Google Writer be used in conjunction with other applications?
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A similar application to Google Writer is an application called, Zoho Writer. Like Google Writer, Zoho Writer also allows their users to share their work with others, edit the document and save it on the web page. Both applications are also subsets of larger applications. For instance, Google Writer is a subset of Google Docs and Zoho Writer is a subset of Zoho. A large difference in the visual affects of the applications is that Zoho Writer is actually set up to look like a word document on the internet unlike Google Writer which appears to look more like an e-mail. The Zoho Writer is easy to access because Google has allowed it's users to use their account information to access the Zoho application.

Google Writer can also be used in conjunction with other applications as well.  People can import documents from word processors like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect onto Google Writer, and they can also export documents written documents on Google Writer into different word formats such as PDF files or Microsoft Word documents.  The import/export function of Google Writer is one of its most beneficial features, because people using different applications can all post their work on Google Writer.  Anyone who uses Google Writer can invite only people they want to see their work over the internet, and they do not have to worry about the hassles of using multiple applications with different people.    

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    Good information, Katie! : ) 

    Could you please provide the citation though? Thanks!