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  • Project Roles and Responsibilities.
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There are many roles and responsibilities within this project, both primary and secondary:

  • Researchers
  • Writers
  • Developers
  • Visual Artists
  • Evaluators
  • Presenters


Contact Information:

Amanda Roberts        elementary education
Corryn Brown           math education
Mary Beard               Consumer and Family Sciences Education
Tyler Haney                Social Studies Education
Adrienne Schenkel          Elementary Education
Jordan Nelson           Liberal Arts Undecided
Reid Hart-Hults              Elementary ed
Dan Tao                      Educational Technology
Fangfang Cui       Preschool Education
Dandan  Wang             Media Education

Roles & Responsibilities

Researchers:  Everyone

Writers / Developers: Reid, Kelsey, Jordan, Mary, Corryn (IPs are needed for international aspect.)

Visual Artists: Tyler

Evaluators: Adrienne, Mary, Corryn

Presenters: Everyone

**As you can see, there are many jobs here, so everyone is going to have to take part in anything that needs some extra work.  With that being said, evaluators will most likely be needed for writing and developing.  I (Amanda) am chipping in on a little bit of everything.

Here are the more specific jobs we have decided on:

  • Examples: Mary
  • How Does it Work: Amanda
  • Lesson Plans:
    • Elementary: Kelsey
    • Secondary: Corryn
    • Post-Secondary: Tyler
    • Business: Reid
  • Unique Uses: Jordan
  • Purpose: Adrienne
  • Relationship with Other Apps.: Tao Dan / Fangfang Cui / Dandan Wang
  • Title & Developer: Amanda
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