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This page should cover some of the unique uses for which Google Talk Video could be used.


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  1. Unknown User (jsnelson)

    Google Talk Video has a variety of unique features that it can be used for.
    Google Talk can be pasted into your personalized blog or webpage by interesting a code into the HTML
    When you are chatting with friends you can share videos and photos just by simply pasting in URLs for them into your chat.
    Your Google talks will also be archived in your Google account, and while chatting you can "go off the record" where nothing you say will be archived.

    Google Talk Video can also be used in a variety of interesting ways, and situations. These unique uses allow people to communicate and work together in situations that wouldn't normally be possible, especially when face-to-face communication isn't possible. This can benefit anyone in allowing communication whether its family members, business partners, friends, or any other forms of relationships between people.  All these people can use Google Talk Video for communication, such as catching up with family members, saying hello to a friend, holding business meetings and conferences, as well as sharing your opinions on blogs, debate your opinion. These means of communication would only be able to be accomplished face-to-face with out an application like Google Talk Video. This kind of application has made communicating so much easier. Along with businesses being able to use this to hold meetings and talk to employees and clients, this can also be incorporated in the classroom, by allowing students to work with other people that aren't actually in the classroom, but from anywhere in the world, as well as letting students communicate from their homes to work on projects when they may not be able to meet face to face.

  2. Unknown User (robertam)

    Did you use any outside sources to find any of this information?  If so, then you need to cite them.

    1. Unknown User (jsnelson)

      I used outside sources for the first part which i sited but the rest is just ways I thought of that I think it could be used.