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  • What is the purpose of Survey Monkey?
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  1. The purpose of Survey Monkey is to allow people to create professional surveys online easily.  It allows users to design survey, collect responses, and analyze the responses of the surveys the users create.
    The surveys that Survey Monkey has have twenty different types of questions that users can use.  The surveys are also customizable with different colors and font options.
    The surveys can be about any subject the user wants.  The website allows you to create email lists and send the URL of surveys through email or websites to make it easier to get responses.

    More will go up as I find it.

  2. SurveyMonkey allows the creators of the surveys to view survey results in real time.  Surveys can be used by companies to guage customer satisfaction or poll visitors to a website.

    Surveys can be used in education for involving parents, student ice-breakers, learning-style assessment, and classroom voting.

    Results of surveys on SurveyMonkey can be shared instantly with others.  The results are shown in real time.