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  1. Unknown User (kwindler)

    To get started, simply go to to become a suscriber to Survey Monkey.  The cost is $19.95 per month, however; the basic is free.  For the basic, "100 number of responses are allowed per survey" (  Basically, it is free if you only get this small amount of responses per month (  Without being a suscriber, there are some limits.  You are only allowed 10 questions per survey and many features are disabled, for example adding a custom logo and creating a custom thank-you page, among many other features (  The process to create your own survey takes you step-by-step.  Click the icon that says "Join Now for Free," and here it will allow you to pick a username and password, and you will be required to enter your contact Email address (  Then, you can click on the browser to begin creating your survey which will take you through an instruction process.  For more information on creating your account and designing your first survey, go to to view a video to aid you with Survey Monkey.

  2. Hey guys found a great site, This is the user manual for Survery Monkey .

  3. Unknown User (krowe)

    hey kylie,

    Is there any way you could find pictures on how to get started. Just to give a visual? If you try to contact survey monkey and see if we would be able to take pictures from their website for our own. That would be perfect for your part. And I think you said you found a video? Maybe we could post that too(smile)

  4. Hey guys

    This is a draft i did, dont know if it is suitable

    Survey Monkey is a software program that allows its users to create and design a survey.   Survey Monkey operates by allowing it users the option of two accounts. The first account it a basic account and allows it users to join for free and create and design a survey with the following benefits:

    -          Up to 10 questions per survey

    -          100 responses per survey

    -          15 types of questions

    -          Collect responses via weblink

    -          Collect responses via email

    -          View live results as they are recorded

    -          Supports any language, including Unicode

    -          Survey completion progress bar

    -          Automatic numbering for pages/questions

    -          15 pre-built survey themes

    -          Validate/required survey responses

    -          Randomize/sort answer choices

    -          Accessible and 508 compliant and certified surveys

    -          Limit of 3 Collectors per survey


    These benefits would be very beneficial for an educator to analyses and evaluate data from a survey.   The second account is one that offers more options but comes with a price tag. The professional account prices are:

    Monthly: $19.95 (month to month) x 1000 free responses every monthly billing cycle. Responses over the 1000 are charged $.05 every cycle.


    Quarterly: $59.85 (covers 3 months) x 1000 free responses every monthly billing cycle. Responses over the 1000 are charged $.05 every cycle.


    Annually: $200 (covers 12 months) x unlimited survey responses at no additional charge.

    Please note: We do not offer pro-rated refunds on subscriptions. If you anticipate needing the subscription for a short amount of time, purchase either a monthly or quarterly subscription.


    The professional account; however, does offer the basic accounts features as well as:


    No Limits - You can create surveys with an unlimited number of questions, spanning an unlimited number of pages. Unlike other services, you are not charged extra for long surveys.


    Create Surveys from Templates - Not experienced with survey design? Need a creative spark? We have over 50 survey templates in a variety of categories. Use one of our professionally designed templates to jumpstart your survey design.


    Create Skip Logic (Conditional Logic) - You can customize the path a respondent takes through your survey by adding skip logic. This eliminates unnecessary confusion by skipping non-applicable questions. It is a proven way to reduce "drop-outs" and overall frustration.


    Add a Logo - Branding your survey gives your survey a professional feel. You can use any logo up to 50K in size at the top of every page in your survey.


    Create Custom Themes - Every element of your survey can be customized: fonts, sizes, and colors. After creating your own custom theme, you can apply it to all your future surveys.


    Generate Popup Invitations - To increase response rates, you can create a custom popup invitation for your own website. Simply cut and paste the code into any webpage to start generating invitations. To minimize annoyance to your visitors, invitations will only popup once.


    Custom Redirect - Once your survey is complete, respondents will be redirected to the page of your choice. By default, completed surveys are redirected to the SurveyMonkey homepage. Survey Monkey


    This would be a great investment for any educational venue. It would allow students and teacher to create surveys in a manner that would encourage creativity and ingenuity and allow analyzing and evaluating skills to be used effectively.


    To use Survey Monkey simply log onto the website listed below:

    Once you have completed this log onto the following website to, which explains in detail exactly how to use Survey Monkey in a step to step process:







    1.      Survey Monkey User Manual PDF file, 2009