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  • What are some unique ways of using Survey Monkey?
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  1. Unknown User (amaines)

    One unique way of using Survey Monkey was for the company Kineo, they said, "The surveys are very quick to create and with a choice of 15 different question types you have plenty of control.  You can fully customise your survey with the professional version, adding logos and branding it to match your requirements is a doddle. Once you have created your survey you can make it instantly available through a web link. once the survey is up and running You can analyse your results online, download them to a spreadsheet and make them available to others via a link. It's quick and easy to create reports with as much - or as little - information as your sponsors want."

    There was a business that wanted to ask the attendee evaluation for a national meeting Envision, and in a week they had 40% of their attendees. "Survey Monkey lets you build online surveys using predefined question types. Once you've developed your survey, you can send it via email or paste an URL into a web page. Respondents click and type their way through the survey, and when they're done, they're directed to a web page of your choosing. You can analyze the data in real time as the responses come in." "Survey Monkey has several sending options, including the ability to send reminders to only people who have not yet responded. In this mode, you can also associate a set of responses to a particular respondent. When you're achieved your response goal or hit your deadline, you can close the survey for final analysis."

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    Teachers can use this website to see when the best available time to schedule a meeting or just when the best time everyone was free.

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    Another way of using Survey Monkey is for teachers to personalize their own workshops and survey monkey was found easy and great to use. "One of the recurring themes in the educational literature for academic librarians is 'personalizing' library workshops and making your sessions as relevant as possible."

  4. Unknown User (amaines)

    From my research i have found the unique ways that most people use survey monkey has to do with big companies and a lot to do with educational stuff. Teachers can use the website to see when the best available time to schedule a meeting is or just find out a time everyone is free. Survey monkey can be used to pre-test or do a pre-class survey. In this case a librarian wanted to see how many students understood the research skills in the library. And after doing the survey she was able to customize her library class. For more information on how easy she thought this website was go to this site.  Another unique way of using this website was done by a major company who wanted to do an attendee evaluation hosted by 450 participants and just in a week they had 40% of their attendee, a response rate that rivals that of any professional research firm. More information on this go to Teachers can use this to see what their students know and what still needs to be taught.