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  • What is the purpose of Qik?
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Qik is a technology that has many purposes and is being used every day throughout the world. Qik allows you to stream your live videos straight to the internet. In a matter of seconds, people are able to see you live. This technology provides an inexpensive way to capture events, instead of investing in a costly video camera. During a live stream, internet viewers can interact with you by sending in text chat messages that are displayed in real-time on the handset. This allows viewers to feel more involved in filmed events and to interact with the person filming by asking questions and making comments or suggestions.  You can stay contacted with distant family and friends.  If you have grandparents that live out of town, you could take a video of your daughter's birthday party and stream it to Qik for them to see right away.  They will be "attending" the event even though they are thousands of miles away.  If you go on vacation, you could use Qik to post one of your exciting adventures for all of your friends to view.  Companies are using Qik to advertise their products and for letting consumers know about new resources.  Many people use Qik for interviews and to broadcast news.  It is a great way to broadcast live breaking news.   Educators could incorporate Qik videos into different lessons.  These are just a few ways of how Qik is used; you can use it for whatever you want.   You can view other people's videos and even participate in a live chat.  This technology enables you to share moments of your life with others.  The developers have made Qik reliable, fast and secure and they are always thinking ways to innovate.

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